I took two weeks of vacation and visited Ireland with my dad. Septemeber 2-10, 2013.

Awesome place. We made a somewhat whirlwind tour of the place, but it left stuff to go back and see again some time. I look forward to it.

Day one, I drove us from Dublin airport to Cork. Along the way we stopped at The Rock of Cashel, which translates as Castle. Only it's not a castle, it's a cathedral. St. Patrick's Cathedral, to be specific.
A scenic view along the west coast somewhere.
Same spot, different direction.
Dad wanted his picture taken.
Leaving Ballinskelligs.
Little Skellig, covered in birds.
Closeup of the birds swirling around the little island.
View from the top of Skellig Michael, looking back towards mainland Ireland.
View from inside one of the beehive rooms.
Another view from the top of Skellig Michael, looking back towards mainland Ireland.
Looking back at the beehive rooms. The one with the backpack next to it is where the inside view was taken from.
As far as my phone can zoom, and while balanced on a little boat in open water. The left side of the Little Skellig has this cool arch over a smaller rock. Hard to see here, I'm sorry.
Dad standing on Skellig Michael on the easy part of the way up.
Skellig Michael as we were leaving. You can just make out the dock dead center. The easy ramp to the stairs goes up to the left from there. The 600 stairs are not visible from here.
A portion of the Irish coast that reminded me a lot of the Shell Beach area in California.
View out the right side of the boat on the way back in. It was about an hour's ride. I must have been getting bored.
View out the left side of the boat on the way back in.
The last view of the Skelligs before we passed behind land.
Another blurry zoom on my camera phone. This is a ruined abbey on the mainland in Ballinskelligs. I'm still unclear as to who built it, but supposedly the monks of Skellig Michael settled here when the abandoned the island.
Near Westport is the mountain where St. Patrick spent 40 days and nights. There's a chapel at the peak, but we only got about a quarter of the way up before it started to rain, and we turned back. There were some real pilgirms hiking that chilly day, as well as some insane athletes in shorts and tee shirts. As you can see, a cloud was hanging over the peak. I suspect that it was cold enough for snow up there.
The oldest harp in Ireland. It's in the Old Library of Trinity University in Dublin.

THE Book of Kells is there too, and even if photography were allowed, it could never do it justice.

The plaque next to the harp.

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