Hallway/Stairs Repainting

I repainted the hallway and stairs area, including the closet. You can't see them in these pictures, but I also replaced all the hinges on the doors. This place is in danger of becoming classy.

The stairs, as seen from the living room. Well, maybe the new light fixtures aren't that classy.
Looking up the stairs towards the bathroom.
Looking downstairs, from the bathroom. I added the doorstop for the closet door. It's close enough to the ground that I don't think anyone will trip on it.
A blurry picture looking from the bathroom, towards the front bedroom. You can sort-of see the brown switch cover. Home Depot sells unpainted wood ones. I painted this and the outlet cover on the wall next to it.
Looking from the front bedroom towards the bathroom. All the trim is the same shade of brown - it's just the flash that lights up the near trim and makes it look lighter. The actual shade I think is somewhere between what you see here.
Looking from the back bedroom towards the stairs and closet.
Yes, I painted the shelves, too. This was the hardest part of the whole project. Because 1) the time I spent in here was equal to the time I spent on the entire rest of the area, and 2) because it was hard to turn around and paint the door frame while not backing into the fresh paint on the shelves, and vice-versa.

last modified 19 September 2011