Ridgeline Townhouse/Condo

The name of the development is "Cedar Ridge at Hurst Townhomes." The county calls it a condominium because I don't own the land my place sits on, only what's inside the walls. Also, there are no ridges nearby.

It's a very quiet, clean neighborhood. It doesn't really feel like a condo complex. It's very "homey." The HOA does a great job on landscaping and exterior maintenance.

The front of my building. You can't see my place from the street.
Looking north, at the end of the street are a playground, the mailboxes, and the swimming pool.
Looking south, an elementary school.
Another view of the front of my building. Photo taken facing west.
The south side of my building. It's the one with blue trim on the right. My garage is the last one in the back.
To get to my front door, you walk around the north side of the building. This is a view of my neighbor's front door. You can see my bedroom window upstairs, set back a ways.
My front door. It's hard to get a good angle on it. This is as far away as I can take a picture.
What you see when you first step inside.
Looking to the left from the front door.
Looking towards the front door, from the door to the garage.
Fireplace and stairs.
A hallway between the fireplace and the kitchen leads to...
...a half-bath.
The dining area.
The kitchen. Remodeled by the previous owner. Only the microwave doesn't work.