Bathroom Remodeling

I remodeled my upstairs bathroom. It took several weeks. I learned several lessons, including to have all the tools and new materials ready to go before starting. It was tough having no toilet upstairs, but every time I wanted to complain, I remembered when my sister lived in a cabin in Alaska with no running water...

A hint of what it looked like to start.
Here I've taken the mirror out.
Removed the counter top. This sucker is heavy!
Removed the vanity, and took it downstairs. Lighter than the counter, oddly.
Removed the toilet and chiseled the tile out. The bucket is to contain a slow drip from the hot water shutoff valve. Thankfully it was slow enough that I could leave it while I was working and out of town four days in a row.
Another shot of the tile out. I started by using a prybar, but realized it would take me all day. So I rented an impact hammer and it took 10 minutes. Totally worth it.
Got the tile layed out and spaced. I left the tub/shower in place because it looked ok. Now, with all the new paint and stuff, it doesn't look that great.
Tile has been set in mortar, and this is what the grout looks like. Don't worry, I got it washed off. Mostly.
Got the vanity in. I had to wait another week for the counter top to arrive.
Showing the new blinds and light fixture. No mirror yet, but it shows the nice paint job.
All done. Counter top, faucet, mirrors, and all.
New toilet. Uses a third of the water as the old, and it's more comfortable to sit on. The vanity is wider, so it wouldn't work to have the toilet paper holder sticking off the side, hence the holder next to the tub.
My new mats. The towels match. I can't really get a shot of them, as the angle doesn't work for taking a picture.

last modified 17 May 2011