Day 2: Ontario, OR to Evanston, WY

Typical blurry southern Idaho. Not much to look at, but then, I wasnít looking at much because my hemorrhoids were bugging me all day.
I did notice that it was overcast just about all day. It even rained in a few places. Must be that cold front that passed through Seattle a couple days ago.
One of the prettier areas in southern Idaho. At least as far as you can see from the interstate. Which is pretty far, actually.
Buggy Rain
Some rain drops on the windshield and storm clouds in the distance. Not as many bugs on the windshield today, thankfully. Theyíre a pain to clean off!
Rest Stop
A rest stop. It was a little further than I would have liked, but thatís the story of my day. (more later)
The sign above and behind the left-most hopper car says "Texaco" on the top, and "Eat" under it. The camera didnít get close to having that in focus. But the sign did remind me of once upon a time in my Lego city, when I had a sign above the restaurant that said, simply, "EAT." Mine had an arrow pointing down to the building, though. At the time, my sister thought it was the funniest thing ever.
'Round the Mountain
More open road, more clouds. There may be a snow-peaked mountain in the distance there. I was surprised at how chilly it was along the whole route.
Darwin Award (obscure reference)
Same as the previous shot, just 20 seconds closer, and possibly a bit better framed. Also, no power lines.
Right Side
Another study on "whatís out the side windows?" The first being out the right, and the second out the left.
Left Side
Nothing to see here, move along. Really I have no idea what I was going for here.
Mormons Ahead
Welcome to Utah! Finally got a shot of a state sign. The Idaho one, in the middle of the Snake river, was blocked by a truck. I must learn to time these things better.
To Continue, or Not to Continue?
Rest stop in Utah, about 10 miles north of Ogden, where I was originally going to stop. But I figured it was only another 80 miles, and it was only 2:15, so I continued on. I spent about 10 minutes walking around to stretch my legs, kill time, and come to the decision to continue (and give my hemorrhoids a rest).
More typical Utah countryside. Or is it? I had no idea at the time I took the shot, but there appears to be a large rodent in the lower right portion of the frame. I saw at least a half-dozen of these today. What are they? prairie dogs? Gophers? Who knows. I know I didnít see any dead ones along the side of the road, so they must be smarter than coyotes, opossums or domesticated cats (I saw one each being attended to by carrion birds during the day).
Salty Dog
Past the glare is The Great Salt Lake. Really. The weird free-standing roofs cover picnic areas in a park of some sort. It looked like a fee was required, so I didnít stop there. That and I had already stopped about 10 minutes earlier.
Heavy Finger?
Another random shot. Iím guessing I accidentally hit the shutter button while the camera was on and pointed straight up.
Neat looking rock formations past the bugs on the windscreen. And a train, too. I saw lots of those today.
Pier 547389
I was a bit late getting the camera out, but there was this canyon with a nice series of geological formations like this one. When all lined up about Ĺ mile before this shot, they looked like docked ships. Or beached ships. Or at least a half-dozen ships lined up next to each other in some manner.
The "Welcome to Wyoming" sign is on the other side of this truck. Believe it or donít, but Iím still pissed off about it.
Fin. I ended up in Evanston, Wyoming for the evening. That last 80 miles was rough. I should have stayed in Ogden, despite the early hour. I was tired, my car was tired. I noted some odd performance when I got here. The engine temp was cooler than normal, and the idle RPM was a little higher than normal. I can only guess at this point that it was a combination of the altitude and the longer day. Google Earth says itís 434 miles, but it seems longer than that.

last modified 4 September, 2006