Day 4: Cheyenne, WY to Larkspur, CO

Icing Conditions
The "Bridges May be Icy" signs are ubiquitous in Wyoming. Thankfully, none of them were. Especially with weather like this!
Taken a fraction of a second after passing the "Welcome to Colorado" sign. I had been looking for it, but itís a brown wood sign with white letters, and quite difficult to see from a distance. So, this shot is a fraction of a second into Colorado.
Right Side
Out the right side of the car, just north of Denver. Rocky Mountains in that direction.
Left Side
Out the left side of the car two seconds later. I swear I had no idea that truck was going to be in the shot. Thereís nothing but flat farmland to the east, behind the FedExEx trailer.
Rocky Mountain High
Home of Bob and Jane Urschel. Great people, beautiful country. Nice dogs, too.
Just a short drive today. Kind of an odd relief, really. A nice break halfway through the trip. I didnít take any pictures through Denver simply because of the thick traffic. As it was I was looking for a park to stop and have lunch, but didnít find one. Instead I drove a mile past the Urschelsí exit to a rest stop for lunch. There I hung out for an hour so as not to be too early.

last modified 4 September, 2006