Day 7: Oklahoma City, OK, to Fort Worth, TX

Uncle Riley put me up in a spiffy Mariott. This is the view this morning out the back. Still Seattle-like out there.
Not a Parrot
Upon closer inspection of the pool, there is a duck in there. As Riley said, "...must be the world痴 cleanest duck."
Right Side
Typical southern Oklahoma scenery, out the right side of the car, of course.
Left Side
Out the left side of the car, ス mile later.
The most interesting terrain in Oklahoma is a few miles from the border. Probably also the highest point in Oklahoma.
I was expecting a welcome to Texas sign here, but instead I知 greeted with porn. Come to think of it, I suppose that is a welcome to Texas.
Fully Clothed
A mile later is the official "Welcome to Texas" sign. Finally a shot of a state sign that looks decent.
Some baby spiders apparently made a home in the passenger side door jam of my car. Immediately after this shot, I disposed of them. I hope I got them all. I知 afraid the wind may have blown a couple of them into the car. Nasty little fuckers.
Not quite the end of my trip. I decided a Super 8 in Fort Worth would cost less than the Holiday Inn Express I値l be staying at starting tomorrow. I値l figure some way to kill 4 hours tomorrow between checking out of the Super 8 and checking in to the Holiday Inn. Some sight seeing may definitely be in order. Maybe with pictures. We値l see.

last modified 4 September, 2006