Day 2: Indio, CA to Wilcox, AZ

Sunrise over Indio, California.
Looking back west at the early morning sunlight on the mountains near Indio.
The "Welcome to Arizona" sign. I was so proud of myself for slowing down behind this truck to get the shot, but between the glare of the sun and the bugs on the windshield, it didn't turn out so great.
The sign actually says Tonapah. I swear it does, really! My dad was born in Tonapah, Nevada, several hundred miles to the north. I can't explain my fascination with re-used names. I just find it funny, I guess.
The thriving metropolis that is Tonapah, Arizona (which apparantly constists of a couple gas stations and maybe a restaurant or two). The real Tonapah (in Nevada) is a functional military town of noticeable size.
A very nice place to stop and eat. I wanted the cactus with my car to prove I was there. The mountain in the background was meant to be pretty, but the stupid sapling tree was in the way.
Only in Arizona can you see track housing being built amongst Saguaro cacti. Surreal.
A cool looking mountian is Picacho Peak. The map says there's a rest stop here, but it's just a state park entrance. I didn't feel like paying to eat my picnick lunch, so I moved on.
These rocky hills, west of Wilcox, Arizona, remind me of the ones east of San Diego on I-8. Or is it the other way around?

last modified 4 September, 2006