Day 3: Wilcox, AZ to Pecos, TX

I think this is supposed to be some pretty hills in eastern Arizona. But it's really too blurry to tell.
The "Welcome to New Mexico" sign, with a nice squeegee mark through the middle of it. I did manage to anticipate this one and slow down behind that tanker truck to get the shot. I'm getting better at this taking-a-picture-while-driving thing.
Standing water in New Mexico? You bet. Though I'm sure this lake is accidental. They've been getting tons of rain in this part of the country lately.
The continental divide, at 4,500 some-odd feet. Hard to tell between the bugs on the window, the glare from the sun, and the motion blurr. I'm surprised there's only one of these in the southern part of the country. Up north there's two. Maybe I have to go further east than Texas?
"There's Cell Phone Coverage in them thar hills!" Actually, this is down in the plains of New Mexico, but I thought it sounded cool.
See that cloud in the middle of the shot? From further away it looked very much like smoke from a volcano. From here it's either the head of a bunny, or a hand holding up two fingers (peace? victory? two what?)
I have never before seen an Exit Number Zero, but here it is, Anthony Texas on I-10. Too bad the picture is so blurred.
From right to left: Anthony City Limit, Left Lane for Passing Only, Texas State Line, Flying J, possible porn billboard? I don't remember and the picture is too blurry.
The "Welcome to Texas" sing. Darn, I thought I was getting better at these. At least I slowed down behind the garbage truck to get the shot!
Just to the right of the reflection of the map is the bridge to Mexico. And of course, the country of Mexico on the other side.
Ahhh!!! Who's driving my car!!!??? Just kidding. Here's a very nice looking thunderstorm in the distance. You can't see it in this shot, but I probably parked too close to the entrance to this rest stop, It took me about 2 minutes to get back in my car as other vehicles came roaring off the interstate.
Yes, the lights on the sign are flashing. In fact, the road up ahead was totally blocked off, and all vehicles did indeed have to roll through a California-style inspection station. I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture of the station itself, though. Also, there was no station on the other side of the road. So just what were they looking for?
I was really tempted to stay on I-10 and take it all the way to its eastern end. Of course, I'd have to find another job when I got there...

last modified 4 September, 2006