Day 4: Pecos, TX to Euless, TX

Sunrise in Pecos, Texas. Beautiful sight of an oil derek at dawn.
Here I was fretting over whether or not I wore enough sunblock with my short-sleeve shirt, when it turns out I was driving towards, then underneath, this huge grey weather system all day. I didn't even need my sunglasses!
"Got any questions about propane, or propane accessories?" An odd thing to see in a state known for its oil. In El Paso, there was one of these signs, except there was a blank spot below "propane" where another fuel could go. I wonder what "     " fuel is...
There's a purpose to this shot, I just can't remember why it was interesting. Surprisingly well-manicured grass, perhaps. I do remember seeing a strange bug at my table here. It looked like a giant winged ant. The thing must have been at least an inch long.
It does indeed rain in Texas. All the way from Abiline to Euless, in fact. I didn't take any more pictures today, as they would have turned out much like this one.

last modified 4 September, 2006