The "Welcome to Arizona" sign. This time of year, it's also the "welcome to the pacific time zone" sign.
Downtown Tuscon. I was driving again, so I don't have much to say.
More Civilization
We appear to have gone backwards in this shot to take in the downtown from a distance. Not sure how that worked, but here it is.
Why three shots? Searching for the perfect one, I guess.
Ruggedly cool looking butte.
Mmmm, Succulent
Saguaro cacti. State plant if I'm not mistaken.
More cacti past my ugly mug. Brighter sunlight = hat!
Prickly Picture
More catuseseseses.
Can't remember if this is the Gila river in Gila Bend or the Colorado river in Yuma. The only mishap we had on this trip was a flat tire on the trailer in Gila Bend. We had been looking for an excuse to delay our progress, as we would have gotten to Yuma too early to check into the motel, so it morbidly worked out.

last modified 4 September, 2006