The "Welcome to California" sign. After moving away 2.5 years ago, never did I imagine I'd be back. Oh well.
How Low Can You Go?
The last bit of the Mojave desert, under sea level, before heading into the mountain passes.
Can't remember the name of this town, the last gas for a long while. Most expensive, too.
Rocky Mountains Version 2.0
The hills here were composed of nothing but heaped rocks. Very odd looking.
Rolling Hills
Rolling because they're just rocks... never mind.
Ready for My Closeup...
... of the rocks. My face just happened to be in the way. Not sure if I'm red-faced with embarrassment, it's a reflection from the red hat, or I didn't put the hat on soon enough.
And no henge to speak of.
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
And these aren't rolling, so there's actually some vegetation here.

last modified 4 September, 2006