A whole lot of nothing around Midland, home town of George W. and Laura Bush. Kind of explains a lot about the man.
The first sign of a change in the terrain. After two half days of driving, finaly something interesting.
...Them Thar Hills
This is where the Great Plains end and the Rocky Mountains start. Totally flat to the east, behind us, and in the right half of the picture, and totally mountainous to the west, in the left half of the picture. Just in case there was any doubt, they put in a chalk line to show where the transition happens (actually, it's a dirt road, but it's a great deliniation).
The Hills and Me
Dad was so excited to finally see mountains he took another picture. Nice touch with the mountain in the mirror, as well. Not sure why I had to be in there, though.
Cars on the outskirts of El Paso.
A special shot for Shifra. I will be shocked and dismayed if anyone else understands why this picture was taken.
Downtown El Paso. I didn't get to see much, as I was driving. Kind of reminded me of a dry Seattle, though. The white text on the hills in the background is in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. It says something to the effect of "La Biblia es la verdad, leela." (The Bible is truth, read it)
Border Town
The border of El Paso, Texas, USA, sits next to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and the empty desert of New Mexico, USA.
This shot really shows off the border well.
A Smokin' Good Time
Random factory. Not sure which "state" it's in.

last modified 4 September, 2006