Road Trip September 2015

Started out in Albany, NY. Headed East on I-90.
Took lots of pictures of driving through corridors of trees, as you will see...
The only picture I took in Massachusetts.
(The "Welcome to" picture didn't turn out, sady)
The first rest stop in Maine on I-95. It looks a lot like the Sierra Nevada to me, and was a real surprise.
More conifers.
As I continued north, the trees changed to more deciduous.
And then the trees were alternating coniferous zones and deciduous zones.
I wanted a shot of a typical scene of I-95 in Maine. I didn't notice the highway patrol car on the left until after I'd taken the picture. I guess the officer didn't mind the photo.
After I-95, I was relegated to this type of road east of Bangor. I missed a couple of turns on my way, and a 2 hour drive took 2.5 hours. My goal was a state park which closed at sunset, and I reached my hotel just as it was getting dark, so I decided to just call it a day.
Quoddy Head State Park's website says it doesn't open unitl 9am. So I slept in and arrived right at 9am, only to find that this is how the fee is collected. Doh! I could have been in Bangor by this time!
Looking back at the parking lot (my rental car is the black one on the left). As you can see, I could have easily walked down here last night.
The lighthouse at Quoddy Head. There's a visitor center inside, but I didn't go in.
On second thought, it's just as well I didn't come out here last night, seeing what a nice day it was, and how pictures probably would not have turned out nearly so well.
Close up of the reason I came all the way out here.
The corner of that fence is as far east as I could go.
Looking due east across the Bay of Fundy at Nova Scotia.
Back on the road, some typical eastern Maine Scenery.
The night before, I considered my experience of getting lost on unmarked roads, and took the time to write down some directions. I still managed to take a wrong turn somewhere, but at least the scenery was pretty.
My cell phone camera doesn't do the place justice. It's really very pretty this time of year.
Portland, Maine, as seen from I-95.
More Portland.
Entering New Hampshire from Maine. In the opposite direction on this bridge there's a "Welcome to Maine" sign, but that picture didin't come out. So I took this one in the hopes that I'd make up for it.
Upon crossing the border into Rhode Island, there wasn't a "Welcome to" sign, so this is the first indication that I was in the state. Those are exits for Pawtucket.
The capitol dome in Providence.
A few exits later, I made a pitstop at a gas station, just to say I set foot in Rhode Island.
At a service area on the New Jersey Turnpike, I noticed this sticker of a university, named after my niece.
The BRIDGE across the potomac, taken from the New Jersey side. Very impressive span. I was going to take more photos, but the driving was too busy to get my phone out.
After this, I stopped in downtown Wilmington, just to say I've stepped foot in Delaware. Sadly, I neglected to take any pictures. In my defense, I was tired after three days of driving.

last modified 1 October, 2015