Name Armor Class Where to find
Leather Jacket 8 Vault 15, locker on Level 2; Junktown: Killian; Hub: Beth
Leather Armor 15 Raider Camp: Raiders; Junktown: Killian; Hub: Beth
Metal Armor 10 Raider Camp: Garl; Hub: Beth, Jake; Boneyard: Gun Runners
Tesla Armor 15 Cathedral: Tower Level 4
Combat Armor 20 Hub: Jake or kill guards; Boneyard: Gun Runners
Brotherhood Armor 20 BOS: Talus
Power Armor 25 BOS: kill guards, Kyle's quest, Talus' quest
Hardened Power Armor 25 Boneyard: Miles can harden existing Power Armor
Children of the Cathedral Robes 0 Hub: Church armory, or kill Jain


Note: Min Str refers to the minimum strength stat you need to weild the weapon.


Name Damage Min Str Where to find Notes
Brass Knuckles 2-10 1 Junktown -
Spiked Knuckles 4-15 1 Hub: Kane; Military Base: patrols around the area -
Power Fist 12-29 1 BOS; Junktown: Gun Runners; Cathedral: Tower Level 4 Uses Small Energy Cells
Rock 1-4 1 Shady Sands: Shelf in Aradesh's house -


Name Damage Min Str Where to find Notes
Knife 1-11 2 You start with one. -
Combat Knife 3-11 2 Hub: Beth, Irwin's House -
Throwing Knife 3-6 3 Raiders Camp -
Sledgehammer 4-10 6 Shady Sands: east of farm -
Super Sledgehammer 14-39 5 Hub, Old Town: Jake -
Spear 3-15 4 Shady Sands: gift from Aradesh -
Club/Police Baton 1-7 3 Hub: Beth -
Crowbar 3-15 5 Vault 15 -
Vibroblade Ripper 15-35 4 Boneyard: Gun Runners Uses Small Energy Cells
Cattle Prod 12-23 4 Boneyard: Gun Runners; Cathedral: Lasher Uses Small Energy Cells


Name Damage Min Str Where to find
Spear 3-13 4 Shady Sands: Aradesh
Throwing Knife 3-6 3 Raiders Camp
Molotov Cocktail 8-20 3 Raiders Camp
Grenade (Frag) 20-35 3 Vault 15: lockers
Grenade (Plasma) 40-90 3 The Glow; Boneyard: Gun Runners
Pulse Grenade 100-150 3 Hub: Old Town, Jake
Rock 1-4 3 Shady Sands: Aradesh's hosue

Small Guns

Name Damage Min Str Ammo Where to find
10mm Pistol 5-12 3 10mm You start with it.
10mm SMG 5-12 4 10mm Vault 15: Command Center locker
Desert Eagle .44 10-16 4 .44 Magnum Raiders Camp
9mm Mauser 5-10 3 9mm Junktown: Gizmo
14mm Pistol 12-22 4 14mm Hub: Old Town Jake, Heights Guards
.233 Pistol 20-30 5 .233 FMJ Hub: Irwin's quest reward
Red Ryder BB Gun 1-3 3 BB's Junktown: Killian's store
Red Rider LE BB Gun 25 3 BB's Bob's Used Cars special encounter
Shotgun 12-22 4 12 gauge shot Raiders Camp: fridge
Combat Shotgun 15-25 5 12 gauge shot Hub: Old Town Jake or thugs
Hunting Rifle 8-20 5 .233 FMJ Junktown: Kenji; Random encounter
Sniper Rifle 14-34 5 .233 FMJ Hub: Old town
Assault Rifle 8-16 5 5mm Hub: Old Town

Big Guns

Name Damage Min Str Ammo Where to find
Rocket Launcher 35-100 6 Rocket Hub: Old Town
Flamer 45-90 6 Fuel Hub: Old Town
Minigun 7-11 7 5mm Boneyard: Gun Runners; Mutants
MP9 Sub-Machine 5-12 5 5mm Vault 15: locker

Energy Weapons

Name Damage Min Str Ammo Where to find
Laser Pistol 10-22 3 Small Energy Cells Brotherhood of Steel
Laser Rifle 25-50 6 Micro Fusion Cells Mutants
Plasma Pistol 15-35 4 Small Energy Cells Necropolis: Sewers; Boneyard: Gun Runners; The Glow
Plasma Rifle 30-65 6 Micro Fusion Cells The Glow; Boneyard: Gun Runners; Mutants
Turbo Plasma Rifle 35-70 6 Micro Fusion Cells Boneyard: Miles
Alien Blaster 30-90 2 Small Energy Cells Alien special encounter
Gatling Laser 20-40 6 Micro Fusion Cells Military Base: Lieutenant; Cathedral: Nightkin; kill BOS


Note: Risk refers to the percentange chance you'll get addicted.

Name Risk Effect
Stimpak 0 Heals 10-20 hp
Super Stimpack 0 Heals up to 75 hp, but eventually lose 9
Buffout 33-100 +3 STR +3 END for 6 hrs; then -4 STR -3 END -4 AGL for 12 hrs
Mentats 33-100 +2 INT +2 PER +1 CHR for 1 day; then -4 INT -4 PER -3 CHR for 4 days
Rad-X 0 +50% Radiation resistance for 1 day, then -25% 2 days in a row
Rad-Away 10-25 Removes 25 rems radiation poisoning
Psycho 50 +50% damage resistance -3 INT; after 6 hrs +1 INT -25% damage resistance; after 6 more hrs +2 INT -25% damage resistance
Antidote 0 Removes 25 points poison

Useful Items

Name Where to find Used For
Bag Desert Put stuff in it to help you organize your inventory. The easiest way to get stuff out is to drop it to the ground, then pick it up.
Fruit Junktown: fridge near entrance Restores some HP
Water Flask You start with some Prevents getting thirsty in the desert.
Tool Junktown: Killian's Store Boosts Repair skill when equipped
Lock Picks Raiders Camp: fridge Boosts Lockpick skill when equipped
Electronic Lock Pick Hub: Theive's Guild quest reward Boosts Lockpick skill when equipped
Flare You start with some Use, then drop to increase the brightness in the immediate area
Yellow Pass Key Glow: Level 1 corpse Access elevators on Levels 1, 2, 3
Red Pass Key Glow: Level 2 corpse Access elevators on Levels 4, 6
Blue Pass Key Glow: Level 4 corpse Access elevators on Levels 5, 6
Dynamite Vault 15: lockers Use to set timer, then drop to blow stuff up, unlock doors
Plastic Explosives Boneyard: Tyne; Military Base: Level 4 locker Same as Dynamite, but more powerful
First Aid Kit You start out with one Increases First Aid skill when equipped
Doctor's Bag Shady Sands: Razlo's house Increases Doctor skill when equipped
Motion Sensor Hub; Random Encounter Lets you see all critters on PipBoy map when equipped
Geiger Counter Junktown: Killian Lets you see how irradiated you are
Stealth Boy Cathedral: Nightkin; Special Encounter Increases Sneak Skill when equipped
Book (various types) Lots of places Increases skills up to 91%
Key Cards (various colors) Places with electronically locked doors Unlock said doors. Useless if your Lockpick and Traps Skills are really high.
Backpack/Bag Junktown: Killian Holds stuff to help you better orgazize your inventory. It does weigh something, though
Psychic Nullifier Cathedral: Living Quarters Equip to counter the Master's psychic attacks

Quest Items

Name Where to find Used For
Brotherhood Tape Glow: Level 1 dead Brother Give to Cabbot at BOS to gain entrance.
Bug Junktown: take Killian's quest Plant it on Gizmo's desk to get audio evidence against Gizmo
COC Badge (black) Open doors in the Cathedral Cathedral: Morpheus
COC Badge (red) Open doors in the Cathedral Cathedral: Lasher, Ton, Sister Francis
Chemistry Journals Hub: Downtown Mrs. Stapleton Give to Miles so he can upgrade your Power Armor.
Junk Necropolis: Sewers 3 Parts for the pump in the Watershed
Junk Boneyard: Warehouse Parts for the pump, give them to Miles in Adytum
Military Base Key Military Base: locker near Lieutenant Arms nuke at the Cathedral
Mutant Transmissions Hub: Lair, dead mutant Give to Rutger at Far Go Traders to solve the missing caravan quest.
Necklace Hub: Heights, Hightower's strongbox Steal it for the Thieve's Circle quest
Radio Junktown: Lars Military Base: Draw off guards, remotley trigger computer
Rope Shady Sands, Vault 15 Use to descend broken elevators, or into the Glow(You need 3 total in the whole game.)
Scorpion Tail Shady Sands: Caves Razlo makes Antidote from it in Shady Sands
Security Card Military Base: Level 4 Technitian Use it on the computer in front of the guy you stole it from to set the timer.
Small Piece of Machinery BOS: Rhombus's locker or Michael a.k.a. "Systolic Motivator." Kyle wants it to repair some Power Armor
Tape Military Base Guard Use it to get the code to the front door.
Tape Recorder Junktown: take Killian's quest Put in active slot and talk to Gizmo until he confesses
Urn Junktown: Steal from Skum Pit Bar Give to Vinnie to join the Skulz
Vats Computer Control Key Miltary Base: tech standing in front of computer Operates Vats Computer in Military Base
Vree's Experiment Disk Brotherhood: Level 3 Vree Give to Master in Cathedral to convince him to suicide.


Books are found in far too many places to list them all. Mrs. Stapleton in The Hub has five (5) each of them to sell.
Name Effect
Big Book of Science Increases Science Skill
Dean's Electronics Increases Repair Skill
First Aid Book Increases First Aid Skill
Guns and Bullets Increases Small Guns Skill
Scout Handbook Increases Outdoorsman Skill


Use them to download them into your PipBoy, then read them there.
Name Where to find Effect
Alpha Experiment Disk Glow: Level 5 locker History of the FEV.
Brotherhood Tape Glow: Level 1 dead Brother History of a BOS expedition into the Glow.
Delta Experiment Tape Glow: Level 5, locker Background on the FEV.
Tape (encryption decoder disk) Military Base: Vats Level 2 Lieutenant Nothing.
FEV Disk Glow: Level 5 locker Experiments with FEV.
Mutant Transmissions Hub: Lair, dead mutant Give to Rutger at Far Go Traders to solve the missing caravan quest.
Vree's Experiment Disk Brotherhood: Level 3: Vree Autopsey of a mutant.

Useless Stuff

Name Notes
Beer -1 PER
Booze -1 PER
Fuzzy Painting sell it
Iguana-on-a-stick nothing
Nuka-Cola You can get addicted to it
Lighter sell it
Box of Noodles sell it
Cat's Paw Magazine a.k.a. You Have No Idea - sell it
T-51b Repair Manual sell it
Flower sell it
Keys found in Killian's store, sell them
Small Dusty Box of Some Sort (probably a TV dinner) sell it

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