Nightsolo's Fallout Party Members



Hit Points: 50
Armor: Leather Jacket
Best Weapons: .233 Pistol, 10mm SMG
How to Get: Shady Sands: in the building just east of the entrance. Ask about his injury and say you're sorry, then ask him to join. He'll want $100, but you can tell him he can have a piece of the action for free.
Notes: He can give you directions to the Hub and Junktown.


Hit Points: 35
Armor: none
Best Weapons: 14mm Pistol, Ripper
How to Get:After you rescue her from the Raiders Camp, don't return her to Shady Sands.
Notes: If you want to keep her, you can never go back to Shady Sands. You can't talk to her while she's following you, so you can't change her combat options. You can still Steal to change her inventory. She's actually pretty useless in a fight, and damn near impossible to keep alive through the whole game.


Hit Points: 60
Armor: Leather Armor
Best Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
How to Get: Junktown: Accept Killian's quest, then go to the Skum Pit bar at night. Agree to help clean up Junktown.
Notes: Best armor of any NPC


Hit Points: 50
Armor: none
Best Weapons: can only use his teeth
How to Get: Junktown: feed some meat of some sort, or put on a Leather Jacket and walk around him
Notes: Has lots of Action Points. Takes a lot of damage. If you ask Phill about the "Traveller" who owned the dog, it sounds a lot like Mad Max. Right down to the one-armed leather jacket, the dog, and the accent.


Hit Points: 39
Armor: Leather Jacket
Best Weapons: 14mm Pistol
How to Get: Boneyard: Library. Tell her you don't plan on staying there long.
Notes: Can lockpick. Despite what she says, she can't really use an SMG.

last modified 25 July 2007