Nightsolo's Short Fallout Walkthrough


Quest 1:

You have 150 days to find a new water chip for your vault, Vault 13. You are told to start looking in another vault, Vault 15. When you first start the game, you are outside the entrance to your vault. They will not let you back in until you have the water chip.
  1. When you leave the caves, head towards Vault 15. On the way, you’ll come across a town. This is Shady Sands. Click in the green circle to alter your path from Vault 15 to Shady Sands.
  2. Go to the house just to the east of the entrance. Ask Ian to join your team. You may need to barter with him to get 100 caps, which is his fee. Or you can convince him if your intelligence is high enough. Ask him where Junktown and The Hub are.
  3. Get a Rope by bartering with Seth or taking one from the farm to the east.
  4. Go to Vault 15. In the actual entryway to the vault (just past the large, broken, round door) there is a small locker in the E wall. Search it. When you’ve killed everything (using a knife on the little rats, and a pistol on anything bigger), use the Rope on the broken elevator. Go down.
  5. Kill everything again. There is some ammo in the large room N and between the elevators. There is a large locker in one of the rooms which contains Rope and a Leather Jacket. Put the jacket on to increase your armor. Use the Rope on the other elevator and descend.
  6. Kill (you get the idea). There’s more ammo in the first room on your left (E). Search all the lockers. At one point the display monitor will tell you that your way is blocked and you’ll have to search elsewhere.
  7. Go to Junktown.
  8. Go to the Skum Pit Bar. Talk to the guy who's singing. Ask where Necropolis is.
  9. Go to Necropolis. Feel free to kill all the ghouls in the entrance area. Go down any sewer hole. Exit that sewer area in the NW corner. Talk to the leader of the ghoul rebels. Tell him you’ll find the parts to the pump. Follow the sewer to the NW corner and exit the area there. Go up the ladder in the NE corner. Go outside the building you came out of. You can talk to the leader of the ghouls again if you like. Just E of the leader, there are 2 ghouls standing around. Go S from them and up the ladder you find at the end of that branch. Go in the BIG building just north of where you come out. Talk to Set. Take his job. Go back to the watershed. Kill all the mutants. Repair the water pump (big machine in NE corner of building).
  10. Free the ghoul in the middle cell. Go down the hole in the E cell. Kill the white ghouls. Go into the vault. Feel free to kill everything in the vault. Go to the 2nd level. Search the locker in the room in the NW corner. Go to the 3rd level. The water chip is in the one functioning computer, which is in the E most room.
  11. On your way back to Set, tell the ghoul leader you got the pump fixed. He may give you some stuff. Talk to Set and get your reward. Now you can go back to Vault 13.
  12. Go down to Level 3 and give the water chip to the Overseer.

Quest 2:

No, that wasn’t the end of the game. The Overseer asks you to take care of the mutant problem next. But you’re still to weak to just jump into their turf, guns blazing. You need to level up a few more times.
  1. Go west and a little north to find the Military Base, kill all the mutants outside. Search the mutant closest to the door for an encryption holodisk. Read it. You can now open the door. Clear out every level of mutants and robots. On the 4th level, there is a room in the NW corner with a bunch of computers in it. One of them is the master computer.
  2. Establish an interface with it, then use it to download as many logs as you can. Execute one of the commands. This will set a timer for the self-destruct of the base. Choose the right one or you won’t have enough time to get out.
  3. Next stop, Boneyard. Go N, then E. Find Nicole (you may have to go at daytime to find her) and ask her about the Children of the Cathedral and if there’s anyone that can help you.
  4. Go to The Cathedral. Find and talk to Laura. Ask her to open the door she’s talking about. Go upstairs. Go up the flights of stairs, killing everything on each level. Search Morpheous for the key to the locked door downstairs.
  5. Go through that door, kill the mutant there, and go down the stairs. Go to the SE corner of the "basement" and try to open the crack in the wall. Or use some explosives. Or wait around a while, and a robed guy will come out and ask you what you’re doing there. Kill him and the beasts inside the now open wall. There is a vault in the caves there. Go in and kill all the mutants inside. Free the prisoners on the S side of level 2. Now there are three ways to finish the game.
    1. Kill the Master. He’s the overseer in this vault. When you’re talking to him, don’t piss him off or your chance-to-hit will go negative. When he gets pissed off and you end up fighting him, I recommend using plasma grenades on him.
    2. Talk the master into telling you his flaws.
    3. Set off the warhead on the 4th level. Your lock-picking skill needs to be really high to get past the elevator door, and the door in front of the elevator on the 3rd level. You either need a very high science skill, or a special key from the locker near where you killed the Lieutenant in the Military Base. Use it on the computer in the bomb room.


Congratulations. The ending scenes are scripted based on what you did during the game.

last modified 7 August 2007