Nightsolo's Fallout 2 Character Creation Opinions



Some Stats can be increased permanently in game. Each one has an associated Perk. Strength, Perception, Charisma, and Intelligence each have a Memory Module that can be used on the computer at the Brotherhood of Steel base in San Francisco. Hubologists in NCR and San Francisco can give you a "Zeta Scan" which has a chance of increasing or decreasing your Luck.


You get to choose up to two of these. If you raise a stat with Bruiser, Small Frame or Gifted, you can redistribute the extra point(s) manually, so you can think of them as extra generic stat points.
My picks: Small Frame and Fast Shot.


You get a certain number of points to spend every time you level up. You can tag three of these to start, and a fourth one with a Perk.
A small cheat: if you usually play on a difficulty set to less than "Hard," set it there before spending Skill Points or reading a book. It will lower your skill to less than 100% while on hard, thus you only spend one point per percent. When you set the difficulty back to "Normal" or less, the skill will be higher than it would have been otherwise.
My tags: Lockpick, Speech, Gambling, Small Guns.


My picks: Bonus Rate of Fire, Gambler, Quick Pockets, Sniper, Tag!, Living Anatomy

Special Perks

These can be gained through your actions in game.


These don't affect anything, except a few people's reactions to you.

last modified 6 August 2011