Nightsolo's Fallout 2 Endings

I know I warned you about spoilers in the intro, but...

City Ending How to Get
Arroyo The villagers join with Vault 13 and prosper. Happens no matter what you do.
Modoc The town dies. Have the people of Modoc kill the Slags, or don't do anything.
The town prospers and they feed the region. Get the people of Modoc and the Slags to make peace.
The Den Becomes a safe place for slavers. Don't kill Metzger, but do kill Big Jesus in New Reno.
Becomes feared as a center of slavery in the region. Don't kill Metzger or Big Jesus
The town prospers and expands Kill Metzger.
The town fades away. Kill both Metzger and Becky.
Vault City Citizens flee to NCR and become second class citizens. Destroy the Gecko power plant or do nothing.
NCR's military occupies the city. Fix the reactor, but don't kill the Raiders
Westin takes over the NCR, who makes peace with Vault City, and marries Lynette. Fix the reactor, kill the Raiders, take the Holodisk to Westin and back to Lynette, and expose Moore as a spy.
The city stagnates, and is absorbed by NCR. Optimize the reactor, kill the Raiders, but don't expose Moore or give the Holodisk to Lynette. Note that Gecko also suffers this way.
New Reno The Salvatore Family takes over. Become a "Made Man" of the Salvatores.
The Mordino Family takes over using Jet. Don't kill Big Jesus
The Bishop Family takes over and joins NCR and Vault City. Kill Salvatore and Mordino.
You and Mrs. Bishop have a child, who takes over. If your character is male, sleep with one of the Bishop women and don't become a "Made Man" of any family.
The Wright Family takes over violently. Become a "Made Man" of the Wrights, and kill all the other families' leaders.
The Wright family makes New Reno a really nice place to live. Kill the other three family leaders, frame the Salvatore Family for the Wright's first quest, but don't do their second quest. Destroy the stills for Mrs. Wright. Do not enter the Sierra Army Depot.
A new family takes over based on your example, and expands peacefully. Kill Salvatore and Mordino, complete the Wright murder quest, destroy the stills for Mrs. Wright, join and kill the Bishop Family, enter the Sierra Army Depot, but don't return to the Wrights.
Everybody in New Reno dies, and the city fades away. Kill everybody in town.
The Wright Family never recovers from Richard's Death. Solve the murder quest for the Wrights, kill Salvatore.
A murderer was killed, but the Wrights never spoke of it again. Finger someone besides the Salvatores in the Wright Murder quest.
Myron dies. Meet Myron, and leave him alive.
Gecko The reactor melts down and kills everything in the area. Destroy the reactor.
The ghouls join forces with Vault City and prosper. Fix and optimize the reactor.
Gecko and Vault City maintain an uneasy truce. Fix the reactor, but don't optimize it.
Redding Dan McGrew joins Redding with New Reno. Give the Mining Chip to Dangerous Dan McGrew.
New Reno, Vault City, and NCR lay waste to the town. Don't give the Mining Chip away, and don't do the Jet quest.
Marge LeBarge joins Redding with NCR. Give the Mining Chip to Marge LeBarge
Doc Johnson cures Jet and joins Redding with Vault City. Don't give the Mining Chip to anyone, complete the Jet quest and tell McClure in Vault City, clear out the Wanamingo Mine, and sell the deed back to Ascorti.
Broken Hills The mutants die, so the town dies. Help the mutant haters.
The town thrives, then dies. Tell Marcus about the mutant haters.
Humans and mutants kill each other. Don't do anything.
NCR Carlson dies and radicals take over. Survivors of the Enclave are welcome. Assassinate Carlson for Bishop in New Reno, and don't set up peace between Vault City and NCR.
Roger Westin takes over from Tandi, and Vault 15 fades away. Don't make peace between NCR and Vault 15.
NCR expands. Make peace between NCR and Vault 15.
Carlson takes over and NCR stagnates Don't introduce Vault 15 to NCR, and assassinate Westin.
Vault 15 The squatters fade away. Don't introduce Vault 15 to NCR.
Vault 15 prospers. Introduce Vault 15 to NCR.
Vault 13 The Deathclaws are slaughtered. Revisit Vault 13 or kill Grunthar.
The Deathclaws eventually leave and prosper. Don't revisit Vault 13.
San Francisco The Shi disband. Format the President Computer, or kill Ken Lee, or otherwise turn the Shi hostile.
The Shi prosper and form a new empire. Don't format the President Computer.
The Shi have problems with a sentient plant. Kill Dr. Wong without turning the Shi hostile.
The tanker vagrants drift on. Happens no matter what you do.

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