Nightsolo's Fallout 2 Party Members



Hit Points: 80-128
Best Weapons: Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Pulse Pistol
How to Get: Vault City: Ask him how his bar got busted up, then ask him to join you.
Notes: Don't give him drugs, as they'll kill him. His combat settings reset occasionally. If you also have Vic, give Cassidy the better weapon.


Hit Points: 97-137
Best Weapons: N/A
How to Get: In NCR, talk to the Doc, and agree to inject Mutagenic Serum into a mutant. Do so, and return. The Doc will tell you the dog is yours. Talk to the dog and ask it to follow you.
Notes: Can't wear armor.

Davin or Miria

Hit Points: 35
Best Weapons: Unarmed (they suck with anything)
How to Get: Modoc: Be "suggestive" to Davin, be straight with Miria. Grisham will walk in on you at some point. You can get out of it by saying you were "playing doctor." If you don't, Grisham will force you into a shotgun wedding, and you'll be Married. Keep in mind you'll have to pick up all your stuff off the floor again, one item at a time.
Notes: You can only get the one who's of the opposite sex as your character. They don't level up. You can't leave them, but you can divorce them in New Reno. Watch out for a nasty bug here. If you sleep with them but don't follow through with the wedding, your other party members will stop following you. They'll go from map to map with you, but they won't walk around. Kind of annoying when you need them close to you in a fight.


Hit Points: 98-151
Best Weapons: N/A
How to Get: Cafe of Broken Dreams Special Encounter. Remove your armor and walk up to him.
Notes: If you attack him, Mel will show up and attack you as well. Can't wear armor, unless you have the NPC Armor Mod installed, then it's sold by Liz in Broken Hills.


Hit Points: 125-175
Best Weapons: N/A
How to Get: Vault 13: Ask politely if he'd like to join you.
Notes: He'll leave after two weeks, but you can go back to Vault 13 and re-recruit him. Can't wear armor.


Hit Points: 127-137
Best Weapons: N/A
How to Get: Navarro: Kill the scientist in the soundproof room, then talk to the dog and he'll follow you. Loot the K-9 Motivator from the lockers in the vertibird workshop and use it on him.
Notes: Can't wear armor.


Hit Points: 129-206
Best Weapons: .233 Pistol
How to Get: Gecko: Listen to his story about his grandfather, then ask him to join you.
Notes: Walks slowly. More like shambles.


Hit Points: 130-205
Best Weapons: Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle
How to Get: Broken Hills: Solve all the quests in town, then ask him to join you.
Notes: Can't wear armor.


Hit Points: 70-122
Best Weapons: 10mm Pistol, Needler Pistol, Gauss Rifle
How to Get: New Reno: Take quests for Big Jesus Mordino and eventually be sent there, or Talk to Jagged Jimmy J and ask where he gets his Jet. Just ask Myron to join you. He won't join if Marcus or Lenny are in your party. If they are, just ask them to wait, get Myron to join, then ask the mutant and/or the ghoul to rejoin.
Notes: In combat he'll miss or hit your party members. Starts the Jet quest and can show you Golgatha. Can make Stimpacks with certain ingredients.

Kitsune or Dexter or Christopher

Hit Points: unknown
Best Weapons: unknown
How to Get: In the Secret Level of EPA, use the big computer in the middle of the large room with the three tanks. Try to release one of the subjects to learn that you need something called ERSI to prevent their death. Go up to the previous level and use the large computer to the north named "Chemie." have him make some ERSI, then return and use it when prompted by the computer in the Secret Level.
Notes:You can only get one of them, as there's only one jar of ERSI in the game.

Brain Bot (a.k.a. Skynet)

Hit Points: 115-210
Best Weapons: .233 Pistol, Gauss Rifle
How to Get: Starts in New Reno. Do Orville Wright's quests. The second one takes you to Sierra Army Depot. On Level 2, Loot a Motor from one of the dead Brain Bots after you kill it. On Level 3, talk to the computer and agree to help. Use the parts you have so far on him. On Level 4, use the computer in the specimen room. Your Science Skill determines which brain you get. You'll need at least 121% to get the best one, the Cybernetic Brain. Return to Level 3 and implant the brain. Pick up the Bio-Med Gel from the ground right next to the bot, and use it on him. Now use the computer just outside the room to activate the robot. Talk to it, and it'll join your party.
Notes: Can't use armor.

Pariah Dog

Hit Points: 750
Best Weapons: will not fight
How to Get: Special Encounter: Lots of bodies around with this dog. Run away or it'll join you, lowering your Luck and giving you the Jinxed trait.
Notes: Won't take up an NPC slot. Kill him if you can.


Hit Points: 85-134
Best Weapons: Mega Power Fist, .233 Pistol
How to Get: Klamath: Downtown, talk to him and offer to pay his debt of $350, or rescue Smiley and ask for Sulik's freedom as a reward.
Notes: Prefers his Sledgehammer over anything, so take it away and give him something better.


Hit Points: 70-117
Best Weapons: Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gauss Rifle
How to Get: Den: East Side, Give him his Radio from Klamath, then buy him from Metzger ($1000 or $500 if you're female) or kill Metzger and his men.
Notes: Give Cassidy the better weapon if you have both men in your party.

last modified 6 August 2011