Note: Risk refers to the percentage chance you'll get addicted.

Name Risk Effect
Antidote 0 Removes 25 points poison
Beer 0 -1 PE for 1 min, +1 PE for 1min
Booze 0 -1 PE for 1 min, +1 PE for 1min
Buffout 25% per dose +2 ST +2 AG +3 EN for 6hrs; then -4 ST -4 AG -4 for 18hrs
Fruit 0 Restores some HP
Healing Powder 0 +8 HP to +18 HP and -2 PE for 36hrs
Jet 50% per dose +2 AP +1 ST +1 PE for 2days; then -2 AP -3 ST -3 PE for 2 days
Mentats 33%-100% +2 IN +2 PE +1 CH for 1 day; then -4 IN -4 PE -3 CH for 4 days
Mutated Fruit 0 +4HP +2Radiation for 6hrs
Nuka Cola 10% per bottle nothing
Psycho 50% +50% damage resistance -3 IN +3 AG for 4hrs;
then +1 IN -3 AG -25% damage resistance;
after 8hrs +2 IN -25% damage resistance
Rad-Away 10% per dose Removes 25 Radiation, -20 RadResistance for 10 days
Rad-X 0 +50% Radiation resistance for 1 day, then -25% 2 days in a row
Stimpak 0 Heals 5 to 20 HP
Super Stimpack 0 Heals up to 75 hp, but eventually lose 9
Cheezy Poofs 25% per box Heals 5 to 10 HP
"Tragic" Cards* 25% per game -1 IN -2 PE -2 LK for 1 week
* - not really a chemical, but still pretty powerful stuff.

Useful Items

Name Used For Where to find
Bag* Put stuff in it to help you organize your inventory. Modoc Rat's Nest
Broc Flower Combine with Xander Root to make Healing Powder Lots of places.
Backpack* Holds stuff to help you better organize your inventory. ???
Chrysalis Motors Highwayman Travel faster on the World Map. (not really an item, but how else to classify it?) Den
Doctor's Bag Increases Doctor skill +25 when equipped Broken Hills
Dynamite Use to set timer, then drop to blow stuff up, unlock doors Klamath Rat Caves
Easter Egg Gives you a special friend. New Reno Eldrige's Basement
Electronic Lock Pick Boosts Lockpick skill +25 on high-tech locks New Reno Eldrige's
Field Medic First Aid Kit Increases First Aid skill when equipped Abbey: Jack
First Aid Kit Increases First Aid skill +25 when equipped Klamath: Ardin
Flare Use, then drop to increase the brightness in the immediate area Klamath
Gas Mask Prevents you from inhaling poisoned air. Put it in your active item slot. EPA E2
Geiger Counter Use to see how irradiated you are Vault City Courtyard
Jimmy Hat (Various colors) Improves sexual performance, prevents pregnancy New Reno
Keys Opens shed doors in the Entrance map of EPA EPA: W1 Grounds Maintenance Director quest reward
Lockpick Boosts Lockpick +25 skill on mechanical locks GeckoSkeeter
Magic Eight Ball With a high Luck, you'll get some good advice. New Reno 2nd Street, Shark Club Level 2
Monument Chunk When consumed gives you +3 ST, +3 AG, +3 ?? temporarily Big Head Special Encounter
Motion Sensor Lets you see all critters on PipBoy map when equipped Vault City Stark
Paramedic's Bag Increases Doctor Skill when equipped Abbey: Jack
Pip Boy Lingual Enhancer Increases your Speech Skill New Reno: Shark Club 3rd Floor
Pip Boy Medical Enhancer Increases your Doctor Skill New Reno: Shark Club 3rd Floor
Plastic Explosives Same as Dynamite, but more powerful Arroyo Temple of Trials
Radio Listen in on enemy conversations in various places Vault City Val's
Rope Attach to a protrusion and descend. Klamath
Security Room Key Card Used to open doors in the EPA EPA: W1 Security Director quest reward
Shovel Dig up and cover graves or other mounds of dirt. Arroyo Village
Stealth Boy Increases Sneak Skill when equipped. Limited batteries. Useless in combat. Random Encounter
Super Tool Kit Boosts Repair skill +50 when equipped Den Smitty
Tool Boosts Repair skill +25 when equipped Klamath Rat Caves
Water Flask a.k.a. Vic's Water Flask. Has the number 13 printed on it. Prevents getting dehydrated in the desert. Consumed on use. Arroyo
Xander Root Combine with Broc Flower to make Healing Powder Arroyo
* - The easiest way to get stuff out is to drop it to the ground, then pick it up. It does weigh something.

Quest Items

Name Used For Where to find
Access Card Allows access to the library's computers. Abbey: Quest reward from Paul
Account Book Take to Lynette in Vault City Raiders: Barracks safe
Anna's Bones Bury her in the grave marked "Anna Winslow." Den
Anna's Gold Locket Get it from Joey, then return it to her ghost. Den
Bio-Med Gel Used in the creation of Brainbot/Skynet Sierra Army Depot Level 3
Bishop's Holodisk Take to Lynette in Vault City New Reno: Shark Club 3rd Floor
Botany Holodisk Give to Paul in the Abbey EPA: E3 botany computer
A Bottle of Wine New Reno: give it to Father Tully Give a Lighter to Hank in the Basement of the Abbey
Brains (Chimp, Human, Abnormal, or Cybernetic) Put in the RoboDog to get a new NPC. Sierra Army Depot
Cat's Paw Magazine a.k.a. You Have No Idea - Collect 10 of these to give to Miss Kitty in New Reno in many places
Cell Door Key Broken Hills to free Jacob's friends in the jail. Gotten from Jacob in Broken Hills
Computer Parts Give to Tandi in NCR Locker in Vault 15 Level 3
Computer Voice Module Repair the computer in Vault 13. NCR
Coolant Report Use the settings to cause the Gecko reactor to melt down. Gecko
Cornelius' Gold Watch Cornelius wants it back. Modoc
Day Pass Gets you into town during daytime hours. Vault City
Doctor's Papers Instructions for making your RoboDog NPC. Merk in the Bazaar wants these, but you can buy them back. NCR Downtown
Dog Tags With all three (Tuco's, Blondie's, and Angel-Eyes's) in your inventory, open the safe. Raiders: Barracks
Empty Jet Container Show to Jagged Jimmy J. New Reno: East Side Richard Wright's room
ERSI Used in EPA when awakening one of the potential party members. EPA E2, Chemie the computer
Excavator Chip Give to either of the mine owners. Redding
Eye (Clifton's or Maxton's) Grants access to parts of the base. Sierra Army Depot
Fake Citizenship Papers Gets you into town whenever. Buy from Skeev Vault City
Field Switch Shuts down the air-purifier in the mine. Broken Hills
Firewood Fill Whiskey Bob's still, which is right next to it. Klamath: Trapping Grounds
Flint Get from Aunt Morlis and give to Mynoc at the bridge to get a Sharpened Spear. Arroyo
Fuel Cell Regulator Gets your Chrysalis Motors Highwayman running. Gecko
Fuel Cell Regulator Increases the efficiency of your Chrysalis Motors Highwayman Klamath
G.E.C.K. What your village needs to survive and thrive. Vault 13, Enclave
Holy Hand Grenade Kill the Vorpal-Rat Special Encounter
Howitzer Shell Use on the Howitzer to open the Depot Door. Sierra Army Depot
Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator Use to repair the power plant at Gecko. Vault City
Jet Antidote Give to the doctor in Redding to rid the world of this drug. Use it on anyone to cure their addiction. Vault City
Junk Use on a generator in EPA to repair it. EPA: Entrance
K-9 Motivator Use on K-9 to get him to join your party. Navarro: Vertibird Workshop
Key Ring Get from Don and free the slaves. Slaver Camp
The Lavender Flower a.k.a. "Becky's Book." Becky wants it back. Den: Randomly in one of four places: 1) In the graveyard, just east of the church. 2) In the outhouse north of the Hole. 3) Behind a wall just southwest of the car behind Metzger's. 4) Beside a barrel south of the graveyard.
Metal Pole At the Military Base, put one on the mine cart, then put some Explosives on it. At the EPA, use one on a vent on the Utility Level to get through. Military Base Entrance on the ground south of the mine cart. EPA Entrance.
Mine parts Use to repair the mine at Broken Hills. New Reno: Renesco's
Moore's Briefcase Deliver to John Bishop in New Reno Vault City
Motor Used in the creation of Brainbot/Skynet. Also to fix the water pump at the Abbey. Sierra Army Depot, Vault City Courtyard
Mr. Nixon Doll Give it to Curtis and he'll tell you where to get a Wrench Vault City
Mutagenic Serum Use to get your RoboDog NPC from Doc Henry in NCR. NCR
NavCom Parts Use to get the ship in San Francisco moving Vault 13
NCR Spy Holodisk Show to Tandi in NCR Council Hall Vault 15 Level 3
Note from Francis Confront Francis, then show to Marcus in Broken Hills Broken Hills Residential
Ode to the Flame Deluge Abbey:4 give it to Head Monk Found on the body of Thomas in the Abbey Basement
Part Requisition Form Get a part from the Gecko reactor supply room. Gecko
Plasma Transformer Skeeter in Gecko will trade one for a Super Tool Kit. Jeremy in the Power Plant in Gecko will trade it for a Requisition Form.
Poison Tank Replace Salvatore's regular tank with this one to kill him. Basement of the Desperado in New Reno, southwest room.
Presidential Pass Makes it so you get in to see the Carlson in his compound in NCR NCR
Radscorpion Limbs Show to Ma Buckner to prove the Dunton's guilt. Klamath: Grazing Area, in the shack on the floor.
Ramirez Box Take to Ramirez in The Stables New Reno: Senior Mordino gives it to you to deliver. Don't open it.
Ranger's Map Vortis in the Bazaar wants it. NCR Downtown
Security Room Key Card Opens up secured doors in EPA EPA: Security Director Hologram
Sheriff's Badge Shows folks you're working for the crippled Sheriff. You keep it as a reward, too. Redding
Slag Message Give to Jo in Modoc. Ghost Farm: Vegeir in Caverns
Small Piece of Machinery Give to Max in the Abbey Basement. Abbey: Elaine on the 2nd floor.
Smitty's Meal Mom wants you to deliver it to Smitty. Den: West Side
Survey Map Puts San Francisco on your PipBoy Military Base: Entrance
Talisman Talk to the Brain in Gecko to convince him to stop his molerat raids on Vault City. Ask Connar in Vault Village for it while trying to solve the molerat problem.
Temple Key Stolen from Cameron to unlock the door behind him. Arroyo: Temple of Trials
Trapper Town Key Open the door in Trapper Town. Give some Meat to the dog in Klamath Downtown to get it.
Vic's Radio Give it to Vic in The Den to help free him. Klamath
Vault 15 Key Card Use on the door to Vault 15. Zeke at Vault 15: Squatters gives it to you to get into the Vault.
Vault 15 Shack Key Open the door to set Chrissy free. Talk the guard in Vault 15: East Entrance into not dying and he'll give it to you.
Westin Holodisk Give to Lynette in Vault City NCR: Westin.


Books are found in far too many places to list them all.
Name Effect
Big Book of Science Increases Science Skill
Cat's Paw Issue #5 Increases Energy Weapons skill by +5
Dean's Electronics Increases Repair Skill
First Aid Book Increases First Aid Skill
Guns and Bullets Increases Small Guns Skill
Scout Handbook Increases Outdoorsman Skill

Holodisks and Holotapes

Use them to download them into your PipBoy, then read them there.
Name Effect Where to find
Bishop's Holodisk Contains evidence that Bishop is behind the raids on Vault City Bishop's safe in New Reno. Give it to Lynette in Vault City.
Broadcast Holodisk News reports of events leading up to the war. Sierra Army Depot Level 3
Evacuation Holodisk General Clifton orders an evacuation Sierra Army Depot Level 1
Experiment Holodisk Dr. H. Lector's personal diary. Sierra Army Depot Level 4
Hubologist Holodisk The history and beliefs of Hubology. San Francisco Hubologist Base
M.B. Holodisk 1 Captain Pickard reports his status. Military Base Level 1
M.B. Holodisk 3 Sergeant Bracks reports in. Military Base Level 3
M.B. Holodisk 4 Report by an Enclave official about the progress of the excavation Military Base Level 4
M.B. Holodisk 5 Colonel Sanders gets a sample of the FEV. Military Base Entrance
Medical Holodisk Corporal Dixon's injury report Sierra Army Depot Level 1
Vault 13 Holodisk Puts a place on your map called "Fake Vault 13." Merk can sell it to you in NCR Bazaar

Useless Stuff

Name Notes
Ball Gag sell it
Bottle of Shampoo sell it
Box of Noodles sell it
Boxing Gloves sell it
Bug Spray sell it
Cosmetics Case sell it
Dice sell it
Drill Found at the EPA Entrance. Sell it.
Dog Food sell it
Drugs Found at the EPA Entrance. The Q&A hologram on E1 can identify it as cannabis.
Empty Hypodermic sell it
EPA Pamphlet Read it, then sell it
Expired GECK Did the Hubologists actually use this thing? If so, where?
Flower sell it
Fuzzy Painting sell it
Gecko Pelt sell it
Golden Gecko Pelt sell it - worth more than the grey version
Hypodermic Needle sell it
Hintbook crashes the game if you try to use it
Iguana-on-a-stick nothing
Lighter sell it
Meat Jerky sell it
Old Coin It says "unknown face" but it looks like Susan B. Anthony, to me.
Pack of Cigarettes sell it
Plant Spray sell it
Pop Rocks sell it
Ranger Pin Quest reward that shows everyone you're a Ranger.
Syringe sell it
Scorpion Tail sell it
Small Piece of Machinery sell it
Test Tube Rack sell it
A Watch Your PipBoy is way cooler.
Water Chip Hard to believe, but there are hundreds of these. Sell them.
Yellow Reactor Keycard sell it

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