IX. Limit Breaks

A. Squall's Limit Breaks

Squall's limit breaks start out with the Renzokuken, then ends with a finishing move. The finishing move is determined by which weapon he has (see Part VIII: Weapons for how to get them), and is completely random.

Rough DivideRevolver
Fated CircleShear Trigger
Blasting ZoneFlame Saber, Twin Lance, Punishment
Lion HeartLion Heart

B. Zell's Limit Breaks

Zell requires issues of the magazine Combat King to learn his limit breaks. You can perform the moves manually, or you can let the computer do it by setting it in his Status screen.

MoveMagazineWhere to get it:
Punch Rush(initial)n/a
Heel Drop(initial)n/a
Mach Kick(initial)n/a
Burning Rave(initial)n/a
Dolphin BlowCombat King 001first floor of D-District Prison
Meteor StrikeCombat King 002defeat Fujin and Raijin at Balamb
Meteor BarretCombat King 003Balamb during Zell's Love Quest
Different BeatCombat King 004Esthar soldier in Esthar near Airstation during Lunatic Pandora attack
My Final HeavenCombat King 005in Lunatic Pandora on path leading left from Elevator 03's basement.

C. Quistis's Limit Breaks

Quistis's Limit breaks are 16 of the 24 Enemy Skills from Final Fantasy VII. In order to use them here, though, you need certain items.

Name:Laser Eye
Item Required:n/a (initially equipped)
Getting it:n/a
Card Mod:n/a

Name:Ultra Waves
Item Required:Spider Web
Getting it:Mug/Defeat Caterchipillar- forests of Accauld Plains
Card Mod:Caterchipillar x1=1

Item Required:Coral Fragment
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Creeps found in Galbadia City Sewers. Defeat/Mug Cockatrice found in Galbadia- Montersou Plateau [forests]
Card Mod:Creeps x1=1
Note:Does not work on monsters with a Thunder Element

Name:LV? Death
Item Required:Curse Spike
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Tri-Face found at the Island Closest to Heaven. Defeat Forbidden found in Centra Ruins, Esthar- Nortes Mountains with Rare Item equipped
Card Mod:Tri-Face x1=1
Note:Does not work on bosses or undead monsters

Item Required:Black Hole
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Gesper during Laguna's 2nd Dream Sequence at Centra-Evacuation Site
Card Mod:Gesper x1=1, Diablos x1=100
Note:Does not work on bosses or Tonberry

Name:Aqua Breath
Item Required:Water Crystal
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Fastitocalon found in Dingo Desert of Galbadia [outside D-District Prison]. Defeat Chimera found in Esthar's Khashabald Desert
Card Mod:Fatitocalon x1=1, Fastitocalon-F x5=1
Note:Does not work on monsters with a Water Elemental

Name:Micro Missile
Item Required:Missile
Getting it:Defeat/Mug GIM52N found in D-District Prison, Galbadia's attack at Balamb Garden, Galbadia's attack at Esthar City
Card Mod:n/a
Note:Does not work on bosses

Item Required:Mystery Fluid
Getting it:Mug Gayla in Trabia- Bika Snowfields
Card Mod:Gayla x1=1

Name:Gatling Gun
Item Required:Running Fire
Getting it:Defeat Iron Giants found in Esthar City after getting Ragnarok. Defeat/Mug SAM08G found in D-District Prison, Galbadia Missile Base, Galbadia attacks at Balamb and Esthar City
Card Mod:SAM08G x1=1

Name:Fire Breath
Item Required:Inferno Fang
Getting it:Defeat/Mug low Level Ruby Dragon at Island Closest to Hell and Esthar- Nortes Mountains. Defeat Hexdragon in Island closest to Hell/ Esthar- Grandidi Forests with Rare Item equipped
Card Mod:Ruby Dragon x10=1
Note:Does not work on monsters with Fire Elemental

Name:Bad Breath
Item Required:Malboro Tentacle
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Malboro at Island Closest to Heaven, Esthar- Grandidi Forest
Card Mod:Malboro x4=1
Note:Does not work on boss at Ultimecia's Castle or monsters with Poison Elemental

Name:White Wind
Item Required:Whisper
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Adamantoise on any beach
Card Mod:n/a

Name:Homing Laser
Item Required:Laser Cannon
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Mobile Suite Type 8 at Lunatic Pandora. Defeat Behelmel at Galbadia- Montersou Plateau (Rare Item must be equipped, even though it is high to get)
Card Mod:n/a

Name:Mighty Guard
Item Required:Barrier
Getting it:Defeat/Mug Behemoth found in Great Plains of Esthar after getting Ragnarok
Card Mod:Behemoth x10=1
Note:No effect when characters are Invincible

Name:Shockwave Pulsar
Item Required:Dark Matter
Getting it:Get 100x Curse Spikes and use Siren's Tool-RF to refine them into Dark Matter. [Siren must be at Level 100 to do this]
Card Mod:n/a

Name:Ray Bomb
Item Required:Power Generator
Getting it:Mug Blitz at Centra- Khashalbald Desert [non-desert area] (make Rare Item not equipped, even though it is very rare.) Only about 4% chance to nab the item. Find it during Zell's Quest at Lunatic Pandora. Get it through Pocketstation
Card Mod:n/a

D. Selphie's Limit Breaks

There is nothing special required for Selphie to learn her limit break, "Slots". When it's time, a box will pop up, showing what break is selected. You can choose to use this, or hit Redo to find something else. Here are three that I know of:

E. Rinoa's Limit Breaks

In order to learn these, you must set them in the menu screen.

These first four happen randomly, and cannot be selected:

NameItem RequiredWhere to Get it
Angelo Rushn/a (initially equipped)n/a
Angelo RecoverPet Pals Vol. 5buy from Esthar Pet Shop
Angelo ReversePet Pals Vol. 4buy from Timber Pet Shop, Esthar Pet Shop with GF Familiar
Angelo SearchPet Pals Vol. 2after Forest Owl briefing (before train) go back to Rinoa's room, and search the couch/bed

These last four happen randomly, but must be initiated through the battle menu:

NameItem RequiredWhere to Get it
Angelo Cannonn/a (initially equipped)n/a
Angelo StrikePet Pals Vol. 1given by Zell
Invincible MoonPet Pals Vol. 3buy from Timber Pet Shop (with GF Familiar)
Wishing StarPet Pals Vol. 6buy from Esthar Pet Shop

F. Irvine's Limit Breaks

Irvine doesn't have limit breaks per say. He just shoots a lot. In order to shoot, though, you must have different types of ammo. In the Requirements section, the first item is the skill he needs to have learned; the second is the weapon he needs to have. All refinements are done using GF Ammo-RF.

Ammo:Normal Ammo
What it does:normal damage
Getting it:buy in any item shop
Refine:Screw x1=8
Requirements:Normal Shot, Valiant

Ammo:Shotgun Ammo
What it does:hits all opponents
Getting it:buy in any item shop
Requirements:Scattered Shot, Variant

Ammo:Dark Ammo
What it does:causes Poison, Darkness, Silence
Getting it:buy in Esthar- Cloud's Shop
Refine:Poison Powder x1=10, Venom Fang x1=20
Card Mod:Abandon x1=20
Requirements:Dark Shot, Ulysses

Ammo:Fire Ammo
What it does:Fire damage to all opponents
Getting it:buy in Esthar- Cloud's Shop
Refine:Bomb Fragment x1=20, Red Fang x1=40, Fuel x1=10
Card Mod:Oilboyle x1=30
Requirements:Fire Shot, Ulysses

Ammo:Demolition Ammo
What it does:3x damage than Normal
Getting it:buy in Esthar- Cloud's Shop with GF Familiar
Refine:Missile x1=20, Running Fire x1=40, Cactus Thorn x1=40
Card Mod:Trauma x1=30
Requirements:Canister Shot, Bismark

Ammo:Fast Ammo
What it does:rapid-fire
Getting it:buy in Esthar- Cloud's Shop
Refine:Normal Ammo x1=1, Shotgun Ammo x1=2
Card Mod:GIM47N x1=10
Requirements:Quick Shot, Bismarck

Ammo:AP Ammo
What it does:pierces armor
Refine:Sharp Spike x1=10, Chef's Knife x1=20
Requirements:Armor Shot, Exetor

Ammo:Pulse Ammo
What it does:9999 HP damage regardless of strength stats
Refine:Laser Cannon x1=5, Energy Crystal x1=10, Power Generator x1=20
Requirements:Hyper Shot, Exetor

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