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Ordinarily if you cheat, you can't progress to the next mission, with a few noted exceptions. However, this little trick will let you get away with it.
First you must be in Freespace on the flight deck. From there click on the tech room. Then select any mission from the mission selector. When you commit into the mission enable the cheats as per below. Then with these cheats finish the mission. Once you have finished accept your debriefing and then it will send you back to the flight deck. From there you can continue with your campaign and you will have your selected cheats in all the missions you do thereafter, but once you exit Freespace it will be disabled. So when you play Freespace again you'll have to repeat this procedure again.

Note: only the Infinite Weapons cheat will carry over.

To enable these, while in a mission hold ~ and type www.volition-inc.com

~ I toggle invulnerability for self
~ SHIFT I toggle invulnerability on target
~ W infinite weapons for self
~ SHIFT W infinite weapons for all ships
~ ALT K applies 10% damage to self
~ ALT SHIFT K applies 10% damage to target
~ K kill target
~ SHIFT K destroy sub-target
~ 0 [zero] cycle through all primary weapons (including Shivan)
~ 9 cycle through all secondary weapons (including shivan)
~ ALT G mark bonus goals complete
~ G mark primary goals complete
~ SHIFT G mark secondary goals complete
~ R issue rearm request for target
~ SHIFT C toggle availablitly of countermeasures for ships
~ O [oh] toggle Descent style physics:
  A=accelerate, Z=reverse, KP END=slide left, KP PGDN=slide right, KP +=slide up, KP ENTER=slide down

last modified 27 March 2003