Nightsolo's Mass Effect Achievements

Achievement NameHow to GetWhat it Unlocks
Medal of HonorFinish the game on any difficultyUnlocks Hardcore difficulty and character levels 51-60
Medal of HeroismFinish Feros-
Distinguished Service MedalFinish Eden Prime-
Council Legion of MeritFinish Virmire-
Honorarium of Corporate ServiceFinish Noveria-
Long Service MedalFinish the game twice on any difficulties+5% weapon damage
Distinguished Combat MedalFinish the game on Hardcore difficultyUnlocks Insanity difficulty
Medal of ValorFinish the game on Insanity difficulty-
Pistol Expert150 Pistol Kills+25% Marksmanship duration
Shotgun Expert150 Shotgun KillsUnlocks Shotguns Bonus Talent on next game
Assault Rifle Expert150 Assault Rifle KillsUnlocks Assault Rifles Bonus Talent on next game
Sniper Expert150 Sniper Rifle KillsUnlocks Sniper Rifles Bonus Talent on next game
Lift MasteryUse Lift 75 timesUnlocks Lift Bonus Talent on next game
Throw MasteryUse Throw 75 timesUnlocks Throw Bonus Talent on next game
Warp MasteryUse Warp 75 timesUnlocks Warp Bonus Talent on next game
Singularity MasteryUse Singularity 75 timesUnlocks Singularity Bonus Talent on next game
Barrier MasteryUse Barrier 75 timesUnlocks Barrier Bonus Talent on next game
Stasis MasteryUse Stasis 75 timesUnlocks Stais Bonus Talent on next game
Damping SpecialistUse Damping Field 75 timesUnlocks Damping Bonus Talent on next game
AI Hacking SpecialistHack 75 synthetic enemiesUnlocks AI Hacking Bonus Talent on next game
Overload SpecialistUse Overload 75 timesUnlocks Electronics Bonus Talent on next game
Sabotage SpecialistUse Sabotage 75 timesUnlocks Decryption Bonus Talent on next game
First Aid SpecialistUse Medi-Gel 150 timesUnlocks First Aid Bonus Talent on next game
Neural Shock SpecialistUse Neural Shock 75 timesUnlocks Medicine Bonus Talent on next game
ScholarFind all primary Alien Codex Entries-
CompletionistFinish majority of all quests (35 assignments and 15 missions)+5% experience
TacticianTake more shield damage than health damage+10% shields
Medal of ExplorationLand on an uncharted world-
RichEarn 1,000,000 CreditsUnlock Spectre gear
Dog of War150 organic kills+10% health
Geth Hunter250 synthetic kills+10% shields
Soldier AllyComplete 45 assignments with Ashley+10% damage protection
Sentinel AllyComplete 45 assignments with Kaidan-10% Lift and Throw cooldown
Krogan AllyComplete 45 assignments with Wrex+10% health regeneration per minute
Quarian AllyComplete 45 assignments with Tali-10% Sabotage and Hacking cooldown
Turian AllyComplete 45 assignments with Garrus-10% Damping and Overload cooldown
Asari AllyComplete 45 assignments with Liara-10% Stasis and Barrier cooldown
Power GamerGet to level 50+10% experience
Extreme Power GamerGet to level 60+5% experience
Renegade75% Renegade-
Paragon75% Paragon-
ParamourComplete a romantic subplot-
Spectre InducteeBecome a Spectre-
Search and RescueRescue Liara-
CharismaticTalk down Wrex on Virmire or convince Saren to suicide during the Finale-
Colonial SaviorComplete "Bring Down the Sky" Downloadable Content-
New Sherriff in TownScore first in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station-
Best of the BestScore first in all combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station-
UndisputedComplete Ahern's survival mission on Pinnacle Station-

last modified 2 January 2014