Nightsolo's Mass Effect Consequences

ME1 Decision ME2 Consequence ME3 Consequence
Satus of Talitha (Colonist) Will only send an email if you convinced her to take the sedative.
You get nothing if you ignore it, forced it, or she's dead.
Status of Finch (Earthborn) Finch will send an email if he survived your encounter. none
Spoke to mother (Spacer) Mother sends an email. Hacket informs Shepard that mom is still alive.
Meet Harkin in Chora's Den Minor dialog change when you meet him on Garrus's Loyalty Mission. none
Dr. Michel's Assignment If you completed it, she'll send a thankful email. none
Recruited Garrus Alters initial dialog when meeting Archangel. none
Garrus pushed towards Paragon or Renegade He'll have quit either C-Sec or Spectre training. Tiny dialog scene with him on an elevator.
Recruited Wrex If not, Wreav is the Urdnot clan leader. ditto
Wrex survives Virmire If not, Wreav is the Urdnot clan leader.
If yes, Wrex is the leader.
Sparing Wrex causes Wreav to appear in a minor role.
If you actually cure the Genophage, Wrex will join you as a squadmate in the Citadel Shore Leave DLC.
If you fake cure the Genophage, Shepard kills Wrex, and you get salarian instead of krogan War Assets. Wreav never finds out.
Fist Lives Shepard finds him in Afterlife on Omega. none
Tali's Geth data If you gave it to her, it'll help convince her you're you. none
Wrex's Armor, assuming he lived none Will mention it only before he dies if you fake cured the genophage.
Rana Thanoptis on Virmire If you spared her, you'll meet her again. If you spared her, you'll see an info broker message about how she was indoctrinated, captured by Asari authorities, and then kills them.
Helping Captain Kirrahe If you helped him, Mordin's dialog will change slightly. If he survived ME1, you'll meet him on Sur'Kesh. If he died, someone else will take his place.
If Thane died in ME2, Kirrahe will sacrifice himself to save the Salarian Councilor.
Feros colonist status If enough survived, you'll meet their representative on Illium, and you'll get an Assignment. If Shiala was spared, she'll be the representative. If they survived, they become War Assets.
Rachni queen on Noveria If you spared her, you'll meet her representative on Illium, and the audio Galactic News will indicate that rachni ships have been spotted.
If you kill her, the news will indicate that rachni were killed on Noveria.
If you spared her, you'll meet her on a side Mission, and you'll get to choose again whether to spare or kill her.
If you killed her, you'll instead meet a clone, and you get the same choice.
The queen stays loyal, but the clone will betray you.
Volus Han Olar on Noveria If you spoke to him at all, you'll get an email from him. none
Giana Parasini on Noveria If you helped her, you'll get an Assignment from her on Illium. none
Sha'ira the Consort on the Citadel If you spoke to General Septiumus on her behalf, she'll send an email.
Due to a bug, regardless of whether you helped her, you'll hear reports that she's leaving the Citadel.
In the Citadel: Shore Leave DLC, she'll mention why she's returning.
Samesh Bhatia on the Citadel If you released his wife's body, he'll send you an email, and there will be news that the Alliance is having difficulty meeting recruting quotas due to fear of superior geth technology. none
Conrad Verner on the Citadel A bug causes him to accuse you of shoving a gun in his face regardless of how you actually handled him. He apologizes for the accusation. He'll also add a conversation and a War Asset if you completed the Asari Writings Assignment, completed Gavin Hossle's Assignment on Feros, and bought the Elkoss Combine Licence.
Emily Wong on the Citadel If Shepard helped her, you'll get an email from her after you visit the Citadel. none
Khalisah Al-Jilani's interview outcome Slightly alters the dialog on the next interview. Slightly alters the dialog on the next interview.
Chorban's Keeper Scanning He'll send an email, the content of which vaires depending on how many keepers were scanned. none
Helena Blake's gang takeover If she survived, you'll meet her in the back of Afterlife. The dialog will vary depending on how you handled her. none
Corporal Tomb's fate If both Tombs and the Doctor survived, you'll get an email from Tombs and the news will indicate that Cerberus is under investigation.
If only Tombs survived, you'll get his email, and the news will indicate that the case was dropped due to lack of evidence.
If both died, then you get nothing.
All the Cerberus side Missions If you do them all, you'll have extra dialog with Miranda and Garrus about it. none
Charman Burns's status If he survived UNC: Hostage, he'll send an email thanking you. none
UNC: Major Kyle If Burns was not saved but Kyle was, the news will indicate that Kyle is forming a new community for biotics. none
Completing UNC: Rogue VI on Luna Extra dialog with EDI and Miranda about AI. A revelation about EDI's orginins on the Cerberus Station will make sense.
Completing UNC: Besieged Base on Chohe Regardless of the outcome, a bug causes the news to indicate that Sirta Foundation is closing. none
Nassana Dantius Completeting UNC: Asari Diplomacy or not will affect dialog when going after Thane on Illium. none
Bring Down the Sky DLC If you let Balak go, the news will indicate that he's still at large.
If you killed him, or if you didn't play it, the news will indicate that the hostages died.
If he survived, you'll meet him during an Assignment on the Citadel, where you'll choose to kill him or gain him as a War Assset.
The Council's fate Minor dialog changes, possibly new council members. Minor dialog changes.
If the council survived, the Destiny Ascension appears in the final cinematics and is a War Asset, but Alliance War Assets are dimished.
If the council was sacrificed, the situation is reversed.
Human Councelor Minor dialog changes. You get to choose again towards the start of the game.
If Anderson is appointed, you'll be reinstated as a Spectre regardless of the fate of the Council.
If you let the Council die, AND appointed Udina, you won't be reinstated as a Spectre.
Udina is Councelor regardles. If Anderson was chosen, he'll have stepped down.

last modified 17 February 2016