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Bring Down the Sky

Go to Exodus Cluster: Asgard System. The only place you can land is Asteroid X57. The goal is to extinguish the three Fusion Torches that are propelling the asteroid toward an inhabited planet. You're told there's limited time, but there actually is no time limit!

The first torch is just east-northeast from the landing zone. Approach and destroy the six turrets sourrounding the building. Inside, kill some batairans and some varren, then head upstaris and decript a console to disable the torch. On your way out, Simon will take a shot at you. He'll tell you about some missing engineers, (see "X57: Missing Engieers," below) and give you more details about the situation.

For the second torch, stay in the same valley and head around the mountain to the northeast. This torch is also surrounded by turrets, but even worse, it's surrounded by mines. You'll have to get out of the Mako and go in on foot. If you get too close to a mine, you blow up. The Mako can't even get close (approaching from higher ground and trying to jump over doesn't work either). There are some batarians around the entrance, but you won't be able to take them with the Mako, as they'll hide until you approach them. The blasting cap control is outside. Hit it to disable the mines, then head inside and clean up. Again, the torch control is upstairs.

The thrid torch is just over the ridge to the northwest. Again, clear it out and hit the switch. On your way out, a batarian named Charn strikes up a conversation with you. You can fight him and his cronies, or get him to leave peacefully with Forget Balak or Don't be stupid. Even if you say the Renegade option, you still get Paragon points if Charn leaves peacefully. Regardless, you'll wind up with the code to open the main facility.

Northeast from the thrid torch is the Main Facility. It too has a bunch of turrets around it. Inside, you'll again fight several batarians and drones. When they're all dead, Balak appears and strikes up a conversation with you. He reveals that he has all the hostages rigged to blow up. You have a choice: Let him go to save hostages or Attack him.

If you let him go, you've got a 10-minute timer in which to defuse three bombs. There's one downstairs north of where Balak appears. The other two are upstairs, one on the east side, and one on the west in the Medical Bay. You'll have to fight some drones as you run around defusing. The prisoners are in a cell on the lower level west side. Speak to them when you've freed them.

If you choose to attack Balak, he'll set off the bombs, killing all the prisoners. When you finally down him, you can choose to let the Alliance deal with him or just kill him.

On your way out of the building, Simon meets up with you. No matter the outcome, he'll thank you for your efforts. As a reward, he offers you an item of your choice.

X57: Missing Engineers

After you disable the first Fusion Torch, a man named Simon Atwell will approach you. Among other things, he'll tell you about some members of his engieering team who are missing. First head nortwest from the first Fusion Torch. At the top of the ridge is a Transmission Tower. Using a computer inside will put the locations of three survey sites on your map.

Southwest of the Transmission Tower is the first Survey Site. Search the corpse to check off the name of one of the engieers you're looking for. The second Survey Site is southeast of the First Torch, at the top of a hill. Again, examine a corpse to check another name off. The last site is in the northwest corner. There's no one here. Instead, there are some footprints leading east...where you'll find the last corpse.

When you've found all three engineers, you'll want to inform Simon of their fate. If you're not done with the main mision, finish it, and Simon will appear at the end. If you have already finished it, he'll still be in the Main Facility.

Pinnacle Station

Go to Argus Rho Cluster: Phoenix System, and Dock with Pinnacle Station. The first thing you should to is Talk to Admiral Tadius Ahern. He'll tell you what this place is, and suggest you speak with Tech Officer Alud Ochren. Do so to learn how the simulations work.

After you win your first scenario, you'll witness Guard Captain Vidinos accusing a human named Bryant of tampering with the scores. In order to prove the Captain wrong, you'll have to earn top scores in all eight scenarios. When you do, Captain Vidinos will concede that humans may have some skills after all, and he'll give you one of his weapons. See below for the records you have to beat.

When you've gotten the best time in the first eight scenarios, four more will open up. Beat those, and Ahern will offer you one last challenge. For this one, the safties are off, so you can actually die. Talk to Ochren again to start it. Clear the first set of enemies, then Use the Data Bank in the middle of the area. Now all you have to do is fend off endless waves of enemies for five minutes. Activating the two Defensive Turrets helps a great deal.

When you survive this last scenario, Ahern gives you the location of, and access to, his retirement house. Go to Intai'sei (there's actually an Assignment for it) in the same system. Inside you can replenish your Grenades and Medi-Gel. Access your Personal Computer and choose a convoy to buy a random item from. The higher the price, the better the item.

Simulator Mode Descriptions

Time Trial: Defeat all enemies as quickly as possible.
Capture: Run to the nearest upside-down exclamation point with a spinning ring around it, and stand there until it changes colors. Then run to the next one and do the same. There are three or four in each map.
Survival: A constant stream of enemies attack you. You must survive as long as possible.
Hunt: The timer counts down, but you get more time added for every enemy you kill. Kills by your squadmates DO count towards number killed, but they DON'T add time.

Simulator Scores to Beat

Time TrialWarehouse1:24.6720 kills
Topical1:20.9425 kills
Volcanic1:54.6120 kills
CaptureVolcanic2:00.533 points
Topical1:58.674 points
Subterranean1:29.473 points
HuntSubterranean35:25 sec to start
Volcanic43:10 sec to start
Topical50:25 sec to start

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