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To get the Downloadable Content (install these before starting a new game):
Installing through Origin includes both DLCs, though the page doesn't seem to indicate it. Presumably the same is true of Steam.

Here are some old links for grins:

Mods I highly recommend: Files I'm hosting:



First, enable the console by going to C:\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\ on your computer. Then open BIOInput.ini in Notepad (or your favorite plain-text editor). Find the line [Engine.Console] and under it add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde . Then when playing in game simply press the ~ key (tilde, above tab) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat.

Note 1: I haven't tested all these codes, so use them at your own risk.
Note 2: If you want to get REALLY crazy specific with the cheats, see this guide:
Mass Effect Wiki.
Note 3: These are NOT Case-Sensitive.

Fly Enable fly mode
Ghost Walk through walls
SuperSpeed Shepard moves really fast
Walk Return to normal speed and on foot
Teleport Move player to location in crosshairs (in the game world, not on the map)
SpawnVehicle Spawns a Mako at the cursor's location
upgradevehicle 6 vehthrusterforcebooster Triples the power of the Mako's thruster
GiveBonusTalent T Gives Shepard a bonus talent, see list below for talent numbers to replace T
AdjustCredits # Increments or decrements the party's credits, replace # with a number preceded by + or -
InitCredits # Sets the party credits, replace # with a number
GiveXP # replace # with desired number of experience points
SetParagon # replace # with desired number of paragon points
SetRenegade # replace # with desired number of renegade points
GiveTalentPoints #replace # with desired number of talent points (46 to fill)
Set BioAttributesPawnParty m_TalentPoints #replace # with desired number of talent points for active squad mates and Shepard (20 to fill)
ce hench_picksquadSelect a new squad from the selection screen
InitGrenades # Set number of grenades, replace # with a number
InitMedigel # Sets amount of medi-gel, replace # with a number
InitSalvage # Sets the amount of OmniGel, replace # with a number
UnlockAchievement AUnlock Achievements, see list below for numbers to replace A
GiveSuperArmor Shepard gets Super Armor
GiveSuperGun Shepard gets Super Gun
GiveAll gives you everything except for armor
GiveAllArmor Give all Armors
GiveAllXMods Give all Weapon and Armor Mods
GiveAllBioamps N Give Bio Amps, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllOmniTools NGives Omni Tool, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllArmor N Give all armor, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllArmorHuman NGive all human armor, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllArmorKrogan NGive all krogan armor, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllArmorQuarian NGive all quarian armor, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllArmorTurian NGive all Turian armor, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllWeapons N Give all weapons, replace N with manufacturer name
GiveAllGrenades N Give all grenades, replace N with manufacturer name
exec filename.txt Execute a script. You can put many (as many as you like) of the above commands in a single text file, then place that text file in the [Binaries] folder. In game, run this command (for example "exec cheat.txt"), and everything will execute as if you had typed it all in manually.

Manufacturer names for replacing N:
Aldrin, Ariake, Armax, Armali, Devlon, Elanus, Elkoss, Geth, HK, Kassa, Rosen, Serrice, Sitta [sic], Haliat, Jorman, Batarian, Cerberus, HKShadow, Spectre01, Spectre02, Spectre03

To give yourself a specific item, type:
GiveItem person level type Manf_manfname_thing_name

person is either Self or Target. To give something to a squadmate, turn so the targeting bracket higlights the squadmate you want to give something to.

level is the level of the item in digital numbers, not roman

type is one of the following: Assault_Rifle, Sniper_Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Bioamp, Omnitool
Armors are HumanL, HumanM, HumanH, QuarianL, TurianL, TurianM, TurianH, KroganM, KroganH

Examples: (for specifics, see the upgrades page)
GiveItem Target 10 Assault_Rifle Manf_Spectre03_Weap will give the targeted squadmate a level X HMWA Assault Rifle.
giveitem self 10 bioamp manf_serrice_bioamp
giveitem self 10 omnitool manf_serrice_omnitool
giveitem target 10 TurianM manf_kassa_armor_colossus
giveitem self 10 x_armor_shieldVI
giveitem self 10 x_Gammo_HE
giveitem self 10 x_wammo_Harpoon
giveitem self 10 x_wgear_frictionlessMAT

Talent numbers for replacing T:
Note: The game won't let you use more than 6 at a time, so if you're full, adding more won't do you any good.
7 Assault Rifles
14 Shotguns
21 Sniper Rifles
49 Throw
50 Lift
56 Warp
57 Singularity
63 Barrier
64 Stasis
84 Electronics
86 Damping
91 Hacking
93 Decryption
98 First Aid
99 Medicine

Achievement numbers for replacing A:
1 Medal of Honor
2 Medal of Heroism
3 Distinguished Service Medal
4 Council Legion of Merit
5 Honorarium of Corporate Service
6 Long Service Medal
7 Distinguished Combat Medal
8 Medal of Valor
9 Pistol Expert
10 Shotgun Expert
11 Assault Rifle Expert
12 Sniper Expert
13 Lift Mastery
14 Throw Mastery
15 Warp Mastery
16 Singularity Mastery
17 Barrier Mastery
18 Stasis Mastery
19 Damping Specialist
20 AI Hacking Specialist
21 Overload Specialist
22 Sabotage Specialist
23 First Aid Specialist
24 Neural Shock Specialist
26 Scholar
27 Completionist
28 Tactician
29 Medal of Exploration
30 Rich
31 Dogs of War
32 Geth Hunter
33 Soldier Ally
34 Sentinel Ally
35 Krogan Ally
36 Turian Ally
37 Quarian Ally
38 Asari Ally
39 Power Gamer
40 Extreme Power Gamer
41 Renegade
42 Paragon
43 Paramour
44 Spectre Inductee
45 Charismatic
46 Search and Rescue
47 Colonial Savior
48 Undisputed
49 New Sheriff in Town
50 Best of the Best


These tweaks involve editing some of the game's setting files. All of the following files should be in your C:\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\ folder.


The game likes to reset these files to their defaults, so after you edit them, be sure to open their properties and check the "Read Only" box.

Alter the amount of time it takes the end credits to scroll:
The song is 497 seconds long.

Increase number of sound chanels to prevent sound clipping:

Make shadows look better:

Improve quality of textures:

Improve game performance with no loss in quality:

Force the game to use higher quality textures:
This fixes Garrus' low-quality face, without texmods.

The ratio of XP earned while in the Mako compared to on foot:
1.0 is equal, 0.5 would be half as much as on foot, 2.0 would be double what's earned on foot.

Change the amount of stuff you can carry:

Change the color and transparency of subtitles:

Change how long after an NPC's last line of dialog before the conversation wheel appears:
0.0 helps prevent choosing the wrong thing when skipping through dialog.

Removes the time limit for ability cooldowns:
Note that this also removes cooldowns for enemies. I.e. Geth will pop out shields instantly and all over the place.

Corpses behave more realistically:

How long before corpses disappear, in seconds:

Enable cover system for squad:

Disable Tutorials:

Alter the gravity while in the Mako:
Setting this higher will cause the Mako to not bounce nearly as much.

Change the amount of time that notifications appear on screen:
This is for the grey boxes on the middle right of the screen for achievements, loot, etc.

To Fix the Field of View (FOV), add the following line:
Bindings=(Name="F11",Command="set BioCameraBehaviorFollow CAMERA_FOV 100 | set BioCameraBehaviorZoom CAMERA_FOV 40")
Once you have started or loaded a game, get to a point when you can run around (not in menu and not during conversation), and hit the F11 key. You only need to do it once, and the FOV will be changed permanently until you exit the game. Unlike the wrong FOV fix, it never gets canceled, does not ruin cutscenes, and you don't need to fix it from time to time.
You can add other lines with other key bindings with different FOV numbers, too.

Increase game speed by a factor of 10 while holding the middle mouse button:
Bindings=(Name="MiddleMouseButton",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="SloMo 10 | OnRelease SloMo 1",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Increase the number of items you can carry, and change the warning message:

How long after killing the last in-range enemy before combat mode ends:
In seconds.

Squad's percentage of health when resurrected:

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