Nightsolo's Mass Effect Guide Introduction


The use of game-editing programs has unpredictable effects. If you use one of these programs, the information in this guide may not work for you.

I realize I've published the cheats, but I'll say this anyway: using cheats can ruin your gaming experience. Cheat with caution.

This guide is not 100% complete, and probably never will be. No matter how many times I go through this guide, I'll always miss something. If you find any errors please let me know (see How to Contact Me, below).

Also, most of the stuff mentioned in this guide is copyright Bioware, Demiurge, Electronic Arts, or somebody else. All I'm doing here is compiling it in one handy location.

Stuff to Know

I assume you've read the manual (available in the game's installation directory) and have some idea how to play, how the interface works, etc.

Even though this guide provides all the solutions to puzzles and such, you still need to perform all the actions for the solution to work. The game won't give you something unless it recognizes that you've performed the prerequisites for it.

I occasionally get confused when talking about directions. Up, down, left, and right are usually towards that side of the screen. North, South, East, and West are usually map directions, but can correspond to screen directions as well. Nard lysdexia!

I use several abbreviations in this guide. Here are some:

Certain things are highlighted in color:

Key to the maps:
Note: The in-game planet maps won't show some symbols until you've "used" the object. My maps show everything so you can find stuff easily.

How to Contact Me

Email me:
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Stuff I Do/Don't Need to Know

I DO need the following information: I DO NOT need the following:

Release Info

The author of this guide has no relation to Bioware, or Demiurge, Electronic Arts, or anyone else related to the Mass Effect game.

This walkthrough can be distributed however you like as long as you don't claim credit for it.

Version History:
Alpha: published 12 December 2011
1.0: released 14 July 2012.
1.01: 21 July 2012. Numbered the Codex Entries and edited the Walkthrough to just refer to the numbers, rather than the entire Entry's title. I believe this makes the Walkthorugh flow better.
1.06: 16 June 2013. Fixed several grammatical errors and typos (and probably created new ones). Cleaned up and shortened the Checklist. Added some hints. Several slight changes and additions on various pages.
1.07: 31 August 2013. Fixed a few typos, added one sentence to the walkthrough, and crated a short verion of the checklist.
1.08: 14 November 2014. Fixed more typos, corrected a couple of maps.
1.09: 2 January 2015. Added backups of the original .exe and config ini files to the downloads section. Added some cheats, including how to give specific items. Rearranged and added some tweaks. Edited the checklists for order and clarity.
1.10: 22 January 2015. Added a Consequences page about decisions that carry over into ME2 and ME3.
1.11: 21 March 2018. Lots and lots of edits, everywhere. Revised the short checklist yet again.