"UNC: Listening Post Theta." Kill the rachni that emerge from the pits outside, then head in and kill more rachni. Inside is a Terminal, which tells you the rachni probably came from Arghos Rho. The Emergency FTL Comm will add the Assignment "UNC: Listening Post Alpha," if you haven't completed that yet. If you have, you'll get "UNC: Depot Sigma-23, " and the Gorgon System in Argos Rho Cluster will be unlocked.
Asari Capsue from which you can recover a document for "UNC: Asari Writings."
Rachni Pits. Not all the pits have rachni in them. Use the Mako's gun to wipe them from a distance.
Crashed Probe. Salvage it for some upgrades

last modified 10 July 2012