"UNC: Cerberus." Each of these research facilities needs to be wiped clean of enemies. Go to all three facilities and take out the turrets from a distance. Then pick one and make a hard save. Inside each, kill the human guards, then use any of the Diagnostic Stations around the force field to open it. Kill the creatures you just set loose, then use the Diagnostic Station on the south wall to put the other research stations on the map. Clear out the other two, and hopefully you'll find Admiral Kahoku at the third. If not, you've run into a bug. Reload your hard save and try starting at a different facility. When the game does finally spawn the Admiral, you'll get the location of another Cerberus base in another system.
A Prothean Pyramid from which you can grab a Data Disc for "UNC: Prothean Data Discs."
Crashed probe with some upgrades you can Salvage.

The map below combines all three science facilities:

last modified 16 June 2017