Part of the "UNC: Geth Incursions" Assignment. Wipe out the geth here. Approach from the valley floor and take out the turrets on your way up the path. Once the perimiter guards are down, a dropship flies in and drops several geth Shock Toopers. When the area is clear, one of your squad mates will mention how many outposts are left.
Beacon. Has an ID Tag for "UNC: Locate Signs of Battle."
Some geth just hanging out, waiting to be killed. Three turrets and three Armatures. The easiest way up is a nice path from the valley to the east.
Crashed Probe. Has some upgrades.
The southernmost mineral site is very annoying to get to from the landing zone. You may wish to take out the geth first, then approach it from the north. Alternatively, you can climb the moutains to the south and work your way downhill to it.

last modified 28 October 2014