"UNC: Lost Module." Head to the southern location nust northeast of the landing zone and Examine the Probe. You'll get a message saying one of the nearby monkey-like creatures made off with it. Several Monkey Colonies will appear on the map, and you can go Search each monkey if you really want to, or you can just head north, and enter the mine shaft. In one of the back rooms, Search a monkey and one of your characters will say the monkey dropped the Data Module. Confusingly, it's nowhere to be found. Just assume it's in your Mission Inventory for now, and when you return to the Normandy, the data will be transmitted automatically, and the Assginment will complete. On your way out of the Mine, you'll be attacked by Geth.
Prothean Ruin. If you completed "Citadel: Asari Consort," after you Survey the thing, you can Examine it to read some text about how the Protheans observed early humans.
Monkey Colonies. Feel free to ignore them. If you kill any monkey, even by running over it with the Mako, you'll earn Renegade Points. If you get the Data Module back without harming any monkeys, you get Paragon Points.
Engine Debris, which you can Salvage for some upgrades.

last modified 6 July 2012