"UNC: Listening Post Alpha." Start at the Listening Post itself, in the south central area of the map, and help fend off the wave of rachni. Speak to Lieutenant Durand when it's clear. A timer will start, counting down to the next wave of rachni. You can hook up the Mako to the generator to power the Post's guns, or you can use the Mako's gun itself. You can also loot the containers in the two shacks. Two more waves will attack. When you're done here, Lieutenant Durand will tell you about an infested mine to the west, and about "UNC: Listening Post Theta." Once inside the mine, your job is to wipe out all the rachni. When they're all dead, you'll get a completion dialog box. "UNC: Depot Sigma-23" will activate if you've already completed "UNC: Listening Post Theta."
Buried Safebox, which contains a League of One Medallion for "UNC: Locate Signs of Battle."
The southern two are clusters of Rachni Pits.
The northern one up near the mineral site is a Mining Operation. They're all dead, leaving their loot for you.
Crashed Probe with some upgrades just waiting for you to Salvage them.

last modified 10 July 2012