For "UNC: Major Kyle." There are two buildings here. Attempt to enter the larger bulding first. If you can convince the voice on the intercom to let you in peacefully, you won't have to fight anyone in either building. The larger building has some stuff to loot, and a computer in the back that will unlock the door to the smaller building. Major Kyle is in the smaller building, and you can convince him to come peacefully or shoot him. If you shoot him, you'll have to kill everyone on your way out.
Ancient Debris. Has an Insignia for "UNC: Turian Insignias." Nearby is Wrecked Mining Vehicle, but nothing of interest.
The northeastern one is a Thresher Maw.
The northwestern one is an abandoned camp. Approaching it brings up a dialog box about another place to the southwest. There are lootable containers in the two buildings.
The southeastern one is a group of Mercenaries, just waiting for you to kill them.
Crashed Probe. Salvage it for some upgrades.

last modified 23 August 2016