Part of the "UNC: Geth Incursions" Assignment. Unlike the other three Geth Ouptosts in Armstrong, this one is indoors. After you kill the geth inside and head towards the back rooms, more geth will appear from the entrance. When you exit, even more geth will be there to greet you. Hop in the Mako and use its gun to take them out. When the area is clear, one of your squad mates will mention how many outposts are left.
Crashed Escape Pod. Has a League of One Medalion for "UNC: Locate Signs of Battle."
The northern one is some wreckage, but nothing to loot.
The southern one has a lootable container, and a dialog box that tells you the abandoned camp is abandoned.
Crashed Probe. Salvage the upgrades.

last modified 5 July 2012