Nightsolo's Mass Effect Plot Missions



Prologue: On the Normandy

When you get it: Respond to Joker's remark about Spectres.

Completing it: On this level of the Normandy, run aft (the opposite end of the ship) and enter the briefing room. Talk to Nihlus. Captain Anderson joins the conversation, and you're dropped on Eden Prime.

Prologue: Find the Beacon

When you get it: Upon landing on Eden Prime.

Completing it: From the landing site, follow the path north, then west. It's a bit difficult to see the path from here, but it's obvious on the map. From here, there's only one way the game lets you go, and it's fairly obvious. Kill geth and go through dialog along the way. One squad member will die, only to be replaced by another a short time later. At the dig site, Examine the center area to learn the beacon has been moved. Continue up the hill, and kill some more geth on the way down to the loading dock. You'll meet a dock worker, who will tell you to get on the train. Exit dialog and go north, down some stairs, across the tracks, and along the platform to the train (it's really just a little maglev platform). Use the computer to get you on your way.
A cut scene shows Saren ordering some bombs set. When you arrive, you'll need to defuse four (4) bombs. The first one is just to your left. You can play the little mini game, or use Omni-Gel to defuse the bombs. The other three are up the stairs, all on the same side of the platform. Your radar shows their locations, so they're easy to find. Your squad mates will cover you while you're busy. After the last bomb is defused, go down the stairs and kill some more geth. Approach the big green glowing Beacon, and you'll go into some dialog and black out.
You'll wake up in the Normandy: Medical, talking to a couple of the characters. When you've exited dialog, go up to the Bridge and tell Joker to take the Normandy to the Citadel.


Citadel: Expose Saren

When you get it: After completing Prologue: Find the Beacon, you'll go through some dialog with your squad, Captain Anderson, and Ambassador Udina. Upon exiting dialog, you'll have the Mission.

Completing it: Exit the Human Embassy and take a left out the door. Go down the ramp and out the next door to your left. Cut diagonally left (south-southwest) diagonally across the reception area, and Use the Citadel Rapid Transit console to take you to the Presidium: Tower.
Once there, head north up some stairs and approach Captain Anderson. Dialog starts with him, and you join him in conversing with Ambassador Udina, the Council, and Saren. After the dialog, Use the Citadel Rapid Transit console to take you to Wards: Chora's Den. Kill some thugs, then enter the bar proper. Talk to Harkin. After some dialog with him, go back out and Use the Citadel Rapid Transit console to take you to Wards: Med Clinic. Upon entering, you'll be in a shootout with some thugs. After they're dead, Talk to Garrus.
After that conversation, go back to Wards: Chora's Den. All the patrons and employees have left, leaving you with a battle. Kill everyone, then head into the side room to confront Fist. You'll take him down to zero health, then he'll talk to you. He tells you there's a quarian in danger nearby. Upon exiting dialog, run back to where the Citadel Rapid Transit console is. Instead of taking it, go left up some stairs and through a door. You'll witness some dialog between the quarian and some mercs, then you'll have to kill the mercs. By way of thanks, the quarian, Tali, joins you, and you'll be teleported back to the Presidium: Human Embassy. After some dialog, go to Presidum: Tower. Go up the steps, and you'll enter a dialog scene with the Council.


Note: Feros, Noveria, and Finding Liara can be done in any order. After completing two (2) of them, Virmire will be opened up.

Feros: Geth Attack

When you get it: Upon completing Citadel: Expose Saren

Completing it: Go to Attican Beta Cluster: Thesus. Land on Feros.
Upon exiting the Normandy, go right, and a guy will ask you to talk to his leader, and then he'll get killed by some geth. Kill them, then follow the walkway around and up some stairs, killing geth along the way. Once you meet some friendly colonists, either run throgh the pre-fab housing straight ahead, or around it to the left, and Talk to Fai Dan. After a brief dialog, some geth will attack. Pursue them up the stairs, then straight to an open area to kill some more. When they're dead, return to Fai Dan and let him know he's safe.
Go back up the stairs, and this time when you get the option, take a right and Activate the elevator. Exit the elevator when it gets to the Prothean Skyway, and you'll see the Mako to the left. Get Into Vehicle, and follow the road north, killing geth along the way. At the Refugee Camp, take a left, and continue up the ramp to Exogeni Approach. This is another long road where geth will attack you. Eventually, you'll come to a gap the Mako won't fit through.
This is Exogeni Main Level. Exit the Mako and fight some geth. Go up the ramp and left, then down into the open pit. Go forward, and you'll enter dialog with Lizbeth, who gives you her ID. After the dialog, some varren attack. When they're dead, go southwest through a door, then up some stairs. A short scene will play, then you kill a krogan. After the fight, Use the VI terminal. This Mission ends, and becomes "Feros: The Thorian."

Feros: The Thorian

When you get it: Upon completeing "Feros: Geth Attack."

Completing it: When you're done talking, go left, down some short stairs, up some long staris, then left. Continue to follow the corridors to the left, and you'll fight some geth in front of a barrier. When they're dead, go left again and up some more stairs. Contine on and you'll come to a larger room where you'll fight more geth. As you go over the large mechanism in the room, one of your squadmates will comment on how you don't have the firepower to take down the claw.
Continue up and over the claw, fighting more geth, at the end of the room, there is a device. Activate Shuttle Bay Door Controls, then Toggle Valve in a specific combination to activate the door. This severs the claw, ending the geth attack, and opening the barriers you saw earlier, including one at the opposite end of this room. Head through there, down some stairs towards where you left the Mako. Lizbeth will follow you into the vehicle. Make your way back to Zhu's Hope. Lizbeth gets out at the Refugee Camp. Paragon characters will want to as well, as this is where you get the Anti-Thorian Gas Upgrade for your grenades.
Back at Zhu's Hope, your squad mates will act like the little devil and angel on your shoulders, advising you to equip the Anti-Thorian Gas. Whatever you decide, incapacitate the Thorian Creepers and colonists as you make your way to the crane at the south side of the colony. After a cut-scene, go down the stairs that the crane exposed.
Continue along until you come to the Thorian itself. It'll drop an Asari Clone. Kill it and all the Torian Creepers you come across. Note that knocking them over the edge kills them, too. New Asari Clones will pop out whenever you kill a Thorian Neural Node. There are six (6) nodes to take care of. When they're all dead, the original Asari will appear and talk to you. You'll then appear back at Zhu's Hope, with any remaining colonists thanking you. Head back to and board the Normandy. You appear in the Comm Room, debriefing your crew. Choose whether or not to report in to the council.


Note: Finding Liara, Feros, and Noveria, can be done in any order. After completing two (2) of them, Virmire will be opened up.

Find Liara T'soni

When you get it: Upon completing "Citadel: Expose Saren".

Completing it: Go to Artemis Tau Cluster: Knossos System, and Land on Therum. You'll land in the Mako. Make your way along the path, killing geth as you go. Eventually, you'll come to a gate blocked by three Heavy Geth Turrets. One of your squad mates will mention a back way, so take the path to the right, and you'll deal with only one Heavy Geth Turret. Once in the Refinery area, you'll have to get out of the Mako. Kill whatever geth are there, then go in the northernmost building to open the gate. Get back in the Mako and continue on your way. Eventually you'll come to a spot where the Mako can't go. Get out on foot and hoof it through the rocks, killing more geth as you go. When you get to the mining camp, take cover, as you'll have to kill a Geth Colossus on foot. Once the area is clear, go up the ramp and enter the Ruins Interior.
Once inside, follow the ramp down, go down some stairs, along the walkway, and take the elevator. Hang a left off the elevator, follow the walkway and take the next elevator. Appproach the asari behind the forcefield, and she'll ask you to free her. Go down the ramps behind you and kill the geth, freeing you to Enter Code on the Mining Laser Controls. This causes the mining laser to open up a path below Liara's cell. Go down, and Open the console to take a platform up one level. Approach and Talk to Liara to free her. You'll all get on the elevator again and ride it up, where you'll be attacked by a krogan and some geth. When they're all dead, a cut scene shows your group escaping the ruins. Back on the Normandy, you'll be in the Comm Room, where you can choose to speak with the Council.


Note: Noveria, Feros, and Finding Liara can be done in any order. After completing two (2) of them, Virmire will be opened up.

Noveria: Geth Interest

When you get it: Upon completing Citadel: Expose Saren.

Completing it: Go to Horse Head Nebula: Pax, and Land on Noveria.
Exit the Normandy and follow the walkway. You'll be confronted by some security personel. Partway through the dialog, someone on a loudspeaker intervenes for you. You get a new Mission, "Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan," and this Mission becomes "Noveria: Matriarch Benezia."

Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan

When you get it: After arriving on Noveria and talking to the "welcoming" comittee.

Completing it: The goal here is to get a Garage Pass so you can continue on your way. There are a couple other ways to get it, this is just the quickest. From the Docking Bay, go north through Customs. You'll be stopped and forced to talk to Gianna Parasini, who asks you to meet her in Administrator Aneolis's Office. Take the elevator down into Port Hanshan. Talk to Opold, just past a partition on the right. Agree to smuggle a package in for him. Return to the Docking Bay, and head towards the Normanday, but don't go in. Just outside is the package. Return to Port Hanshan, but don't talk to Opold. Instead, go in the Administration Office, in the southeast corner, and Talk to Gianna Parsini. Ask her where Aneolis is, then go around the partition behind her and through the door. Talk to Aneolis and tell him Opold asked you to smuggle for him. Give him the package or don't, but you'll get the Garage Pass.

Noveria: Peak 15

When you get it: Upon getting a Garage Pass.

Completing it: From Aneolis, go due west. On the opposite side of the Plaza is the Garage. Kill some geth, then get in the Mako and drive out into Aleutsk Valley. Follow the road to the end, killing geth along the way. Eventually you'll come to a dead end, where you'll exit the Mako and enter the Peak 15 Garage on foot. Go up the ramp to the southeast and double back. Follow the walkway and hang a left, taking the elevator to Peak 15 Administration.
Go straight out into the Cafeteria and fight some geth. As you make your way up the stairs and down the hallway, some rachni will attack. When they're dead, go take the elevator to the Peak 15: Mira Core. Use the Power junction to turn power on to the local VI, then go west up the stairs and down into the Mira Core itself. Either decrpt the puzzle or use Omni-Gel to activate Mira.

Noveria: Reconnect Landlines

When you get it: Upon reactivating Mira in Noveria: Peak 15: Mira Core.

Completing it: Opposite Mira's core is a corridor to an elevator. This takes you up to the roof. Kill some rachni, then activate the Landline Console to the north.

Noveria: Reactor Repair

When you get it: Upon reactivating Mira in Noveria: Peak 15: Mira Core.

Completing it: From Mira's core, backtrack to the room with the power junction and kill the surprise rachni. Take the door to the north. Follow the corridor around and take the elevator down. Exit the elevator and follow the corridor to a room. Take either door out, and kill geth along the walkway until you come to the opposite side of the room. Activate the reactor.

Noveria: Contamination

When you get it: After completing both "Noveria: Reconnect Landlines" and "Noveria: Reactor Repair" Missions.

Completing it: From the junction room, go through the door to the south. Follow the corridor to the south. You'll come to two doors, one of which is locked. The locked one is the one you need to get through. There are three ways to do this: 1) Activate the Mira Terminal and tell her to open it; 2) Decrypt or use Omni-Gel on the locked door; 3) use Electronics or Omni-Gel on the Plasma Purge control to incinerate the rachni. Any way you do it, go through the now-open door, through the corridor, and get on the Tram.

Noveria: Matriarch Benezia

When you get it: After arriving on Noveria and talking to the "welcoming" comittee.

Completing it: This picks up after you've made it to the Peak 15: Rift Station: Secure Labs. Upon entering, you'll go into dialog with the Matriarch. After this, she'll call in waves of soldiers. Ignore the boss lady and just kill her minions. When the last wave is dead, Benezia will talk to you again. Kill her, and any remaining minions. This morphs to "Noveria: Death of a Matriarch."

Noveria: Rift Station

When you get it: Upon entering the Secure Labs

Completing it: Exit the tram and go left, through the only doors that are open. An elevator takes you to some humans behind some crates. Talk to Captain Ventralis. Upon exiting dialog, kill the two rachni, then follow the hallway behind the Captain. You now need to make your way to the Secure Labs. There are several ways to do this, but the quickest is to continue straight ahead, past the asari on your left, and left into the farthest hallway. This leads to a security station. Continuing this way causes all the guards to attack you. Kill them and advance to the elevator at the end of the hallway.
Exit the elevator and follow the halway until you can go though a door on your left. Inside you'll meet Matriarch Benezia. After some dialog, either attack her directly or kill her minions. Either way, her "power level" will drop, and you'll talk to her for a bit. Choose whether to kill the Rachni Queen or to let her go.

Noveria: Death of a Matriarch

When you get it: Upon completing "Noveria: Matriarch Benezia"

Completing it: After dealing with the Rachni Queen, exit the area to the south. There's a sign above a door that looks like a train. Activate the tram. Mercifully, you don't have to travel all the way back to the port. Instead, you'll be teleported directly to Normandy: Comm Room for a debrief. Choose whether or not to talk to the Council.


Note: To get this, you must complete two (2) of: Feros, Noveria, and Finding Liara.


When you get it: After completing two (2) of: Feros, Noveria, and Finding Liara, you access the Galaxy Map on the Normandy, and Joker tells you that the council wants to talk to you. Go to the Comm Room and Access the communicator.

Completing it: Go to Sentry Omega Cluster: Hoc System and Land on Virmire. For some reason, this time you find yourself on foot, outside the Mako. Promise Joker you'll take out the AA towers, then enter the Mako. Drive along the path provided, killing geth along the way. You will come to a gatehouse. Exit the Mako and kill geth as you go up stairs. Hit the Gate control to open it, then continue on your way. The path will split soon. Both ways lead to the same place: the AA tower. Again get out of the Mako and kill geth as you head up stairs and deactivate the AA tower and open the gate. Get back in the Mako and drive through the now-open gate. There's another gatehouse up ahead. Repeat what you just did, then go through the last gate. As you approach the Salarian Camp, you'll exit the Mako and have a dialog with Captain Kirahe.

Virmire: Saren's Plan

When you get it: After talking to Captain Kirahe the first time at the Salarian Camp.

Completing it: You'll exit dialog and have the option to do a couple things around the camp. When you're ready, Talk to Captain Kirahe again. He'll explain the plan and you'll choose between Kaidan and Ashley who you want on which team. The mission gets a new name as soon as you exit dialog.

Virmire: Assault

When you get it: After completing the optional stuff at the Salarian Camp, Talk to Captain Kirahe.

Completing it: Kill geth all the way. There are some optional things you can do along the sides of the Base Approach map to help the other team, but the quickets way is to continue in a straight line west. At the first fork, take a left. At the next branch, left again. Past the Sattelite Uplink Tower, angle right and go up the ramp. Go west across the bridge, turn right, and go through the door. Activate the security console and choose whether or not to set off the alarm.
Enter the Warehouse and go south through Maintenance into the Security Office. Take the elevator down and kill a krogan and some husks. Go through the door to the west, and hang a left. Kill some more geth, and go through the door. Talk to the asari scientist and choose to let her go or kill her. Go through the next door, across a walkway, through a couple more doors, and take an elevator. In the next room, approach the Beacon to trigger a vision. Go back up the ramp and talk to Soverign. Go back through the office where you met the asari, and continue straight ahead north. A bridge will lower and you can go across it north, fighting some Krogan as you go. Once through the door, follow the walkway around to the north then west, and kill some geth. At the top of the stairs, Deactivate the Turret Controls, then take the elevator on the opposite wall. Watch out for geth in the elevator as it opens. More geth appear from the direction you just came. Take the elevator when the area is clear.
You're now in the Krogan Breeding Grounds. Fight some geth in the second area, then go through the door and wait for the Normandy to set down. The nuke will be offloaded, and the squadmate you chose to do so will stay here and arm the bomb. After the cutscene, you'll need to continue through the door opposite from which you entered. Fight some more geth and krogan in the Breeding Trench, then take the elevator up. As you approach the balcony, another scene will trigger, in which you must choose to save either the character you left with the nuke, or the one with the other team at the AA Battery. The one you don't help will die. Nothing you can do about that.
If you choose to go back to the nuke, go back the way you just came. If you choose to go on to the AA Battery, stay up on this level and follow the railing, go through a door, down some steps, and take the elevator down. Either way you go, you will confront Saren. You'll enter dialog with him, then fight him. Saren escapes, and the Normandy shows up to rescue you. You'll wind up on in the Normandy's Comm Room, mourning the death of the squadmate you left behind. Choose whether to report in to the council.


Ilos: Find the Conduit

When you get it: After completing all four of Feros, Noveria, Finding Liara, and Virmire, you are forced to return to the Citadel. Anderson will help you get off the station. Go to Pangaea Expanse: Refuge System and Land on Ilos.

Completing it: Your first task is to open the big doors so you can take the Mako after Saren. So turn around on foot and head south. Kill geth as you make your way through the ruins. Where the Geth Armatures are is where you need to go. Just past them hang a right, and follow the corridor west, then south. Turn east and make your way south through the courtyard. Exit via the elevator in the southwest corner to the Security Station.
Kill the tough geth here, possibly with the aid of the Armatures, which you can activate via the consoles in front of them. Make your way north through the Armature Bay, and up one of the ramps. Open the Security Panel to open the big doors. After the uninteligible message, go back down a ramp and continue north. Take the elevator back to near where the Mako is parked and get in.
Follow the trench north until the Mako gets trapped. Get out and take the the elevator to the east. Walk forward and you'll talk to Vigil.

Race Against Time

Race Against Time

When you get it: Upon completing two (2) of: Feros, Noveria, Finding Liara.

Completing it: After finishing Virmire, it changes to "Race Against Time: Soverign."

Race Against Time: Sovereign

When you get it: Upon completing "Ilos: Find the Conduit," after you speak with Vigil.

Completing it: Back in the mako, drive through the trench. There are, of course, some geth to kill along the way. Make frequent Quicksaves. Eventually you come to a stop, and a cutscene takes place.

Race Against Time: Conduit

When you get it: Between arriving in front of the Conduit, and actually going through it.

Completing it: When the cutscene is done, drive straight at the mini Mass Effect Relay. There's a timer before it closes, so you don't have time to stop and kill the geth in your way. If the Mako is destroyed, load your last Quicksave, hopefully just before the cutscene, and wait for the Mako's shields to regenerate. Quicksave with full shields and try again. Another cutscene, and you find yourself on the Citadel: Presidium. The only place to go is the elevator up to the Tower, so get in.

Race Against Time: Final Battle

When you get it: After you've gotten in the elevator to the Citadel: Tower, a cutscene takes place. Once you're outside the Mission updates.

Completing it: Make your way along the Maintenance Shaft. Expect resistance. In the Exhaust Plain, you'll come to an open area where a geth drop ship will drop twelve (12) troops. You must down not only them but the drop ship as well. Run around and activate the three (3) Defense Turrents to take out the ship while you handle the troopers. Past these is the Exterior Defense Grid. There are three (3) Geth Heavy Turrets and some geth here. You can fight them directly, or find a ramp down to the left where you'll just need to kill some krogan, thus going around the Turrets. Either way, enter the hatch at the end.
Finally you arrive in the Council Chambers. Make your way up the stairs, and Saren will attack you. You'll have the possibility of forcing him to kill himself, otherwise you'll have to fight him. When he's dead, you approach the control panel and have to choose whether or not to save the council. Lastly, Saren's implants activate, and you have to fight that creature. When that thing is vanquished, the Mission is over.

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