Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Armor


These are on even during dialog, so the full helmets will hide Shepard's face.
NameEffectsWhere to Get
N7 Helmet+5% HealthStarting equipment
N7 Breather Helmet+5% HealthStarting equipment
Death Mask+10% NegotiationRatch's Wares on Tuchanka
Visor+10% Headshot DamageHarrot's Emporium on Omega
Recon Hood+5% Weapon DamagePromotional item
Sentry Interface+5% ShieldsPromotional item
Umbra Visor+5% Power DamagePromotional item
Archon Visor-5% Power Recharge TimeEqualizer Pack (DLC)
Capacitor Helmet-10% Shield Recharge DelayEqualizer Pack (DLC)
Kestrel Helmet+5% Head Shot Damage, +3% Weapon Damage, +3% ShieldsAegis Pack (DLC)


NameEffectsWhere to Get
N7 Chestplate+3% Power DamageStarting equipment
Aegis Vest+5% HealthRodam Expeditions on the Citadel
Capacitor Chestplate-10% Shield Recharge DelayHarrot's Emporium on Omega
Shield Harness+5% ShieldsRatch's Wares on Tuchanka
Kestrel Torso Sheath+10% Melee Damage, 5% Weapon Damage, +3% ShieldsAegis Pack (DLC)


NameEffectsWhere to Get
N7 Shoulder Guards+3% Weapon DamageStarting equipment
Amplifier Plates+5% Power DamageGateway Personal Defense on Illium
Asymmetric Defense Layer+5% HealthRatch's Wares on Tuchanka
Strength Boost Pads+25% Melee DamageOmega Market
Kestrel Shoulder Pieces+8% Shields, +10% Melee DamageAegis Pack (DLC)


NameEffectsWhere to Get
N7 Gauntlets+3% HealthStarting equipment
Heavy Damping Gauntlets+5% ShieldsBuy from Ratch's Wares on Tuchanka
Off-Hand Ammo Pack+10% Ammo CapacityRodam Expeditions on the Citadel
Stabilization Gauntlets+5% ShieldsRatch's Wares on Tuchanka
Kestrel Arm Sheathing+3% Weapon Damage, +3% Shields, +10% Melee DamageAegis Pack (DLC)


NameEffectsWhere to Get
N7 Greaves+3% ShieldsStarting equipment
Life Support Webbing+10% HealthSirta Foundation on the Citadel
Stimulator Conduits+10% Storm SpeedOmega Market
Ordnance Packs+10% Heavy Weapons AmmoHarrot's Emporium on Omega
Kestrel Power Pack+8% Shields, +5% Heavy Weapons AmmoAegis Pack (DLC)

Full Suits

The helmet portions of the suits are on even during dialog, so the full helmets will hide Shepard's face.
NameEffectsWhere to Get
Blood Dragon Armor+15% Power Damage, +10% ShieldsBonus with purchase of Dragon Age: Origins
Cerberus Assault Armor+10% Heavy Weapon Ammo, +10% Shields, +10% HealthCerberus Assault Gear (DLC)
Collector Armor+10% Regeneration Rate, +10% Storm Speed, +20% HealthBonus with Collector's and Digital Deluxe Editions
Inferno Armor+10% Negotiation, +10% Power Damage, +10% Storm SpeedBonus with Equalizer Pack (DLC)
Kestrel Armor+30% Melee Damage, +5% Headshot Damage, +11% Weapon Damage, +25% Shields, +5% Heavy Weapon Ammo CapacityPart of Aegis Pack (DLC)
Terminus Assault Armor+10% Storm Speed, +10% Reserve Ammunition, +15% ShieldsBonus with preorder of Mass Effect 2 at select retailers

last modified 29 June 2013