Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Consequences

ME2 Decision ME3 Consequence
Spectre Reinstatement You'll get it back in ME3 regardless of whether you accept it in ME2.
Prejek Paddlefish Keeping them alive through ME2, ME3, and an ME3 New Game+ grants one Intel Bonus.
Tali's Loyalty Preventing her exile and not implicating her father makes it easier to make peace between geth and quarians.
Shadow Broker DLC Completing it changes some minor dialog and adds an Info Terminal item.
Overlord or Firewalker DLC Completing either adds an overheard conversation between Cortez and Vega.
Completing Overlord will cause Gavin Archer to appear during the Ex-Cerberus Scientists Mission. His dialog will change depending on the status of his brother.
Conrad Verner Completing his Assignment on Illium will cause him to appear on the Citadel during the Medi-Gel Sabotage Mission.
Khalisah al-Jilani The outcome of this interview will affect the next one.
Arrival DLC Completing it alters some dialog.
Not completing it causes the 103rd Marine Division War Asset to diminish.
Maelon's Research Data Saving it allows Eve to survive the Cure, which makes for a brighter future for the krogan.
Deleting it means Eve will die; and if Wrex is also dead, it'll be possible to "fake" cure the genophage, thus gaining both the Krogan AND the Salarians as War Assets.
Heretic Geth If the geth are rewritten, their War Asset will be stronger, but the quarians' will be weaker.
Destroying them adds "points" to the possibility of peace between geth and quarians.
Surviving Squad Members Garrus and Tali are available again as squad members.
All the others have a minor role to play, but in some cases their places can be taken by others.
Legion If you gave it to Cerberus, it'll appear as an enemy at Cerberus HQ.
And/or if it didn't survive, it'll be replaced by a replica when you meet it on the Geth Dreadnaught.
Grunt If he's not Loyal, he'll die on Utukku.
If you don't open the pod, or if he died, his place in the Krogan squad will be taken by another.
Jack If she's dead, a student at Grissom Academy will step up and eventually die.
If you spare Aresh during her Loyalty Mission, you'll get an email saying he saved a bunch of refugees.
Jacob If he dies, his place will be taken on Gellix.
Kasumi She won't appear if she's dead or never recruited.
Her Loyalty status (and choice) only affects some dialog on her side Mission and her closing slide.
Morinth If she's chosen over Samara and survives, she'll send an email, then appear as a Banshee in London.
Mordin If he dies, his place will be taken by Maelon (if he survived) or Wiks.
Maelon If he's dead AND Mordin is dead, his place will be taken by Wiks.
Spare him and you'll get an email from him.
Miranda If she dies, she just won't appear.
If she's not Loyal, she'll die on Horizon.
Samarra If she's chosen over Morinth but dies in the Collector Base, she just won't appear.
Thane If he dies in the Collector Base, he just won't appear. Instead, if Kirrahe survived ME1, Kirrahe will save the salarian Councilor. If both are dead, the Salarian Councilor will die.
Zaeed If Zaeed wasn't recruited or died, he just won't be there. If he survived, you'll meet him on the Citadel.
Kelly Chambers If she survived her abduction AND Shepard had dinner with her, you'll meet her on the Citadel.
Dr. Chakwas and Ken&Gabby If they survived they can be recruited.
Collector Base Its status alters some minor dialog.
Keeping it yields slightly more War Asset points.
If you have VERY low Galactic Readiness, keeping it provides only the Control option, whereas destroying it provides only the Destroy option.

last modified 21 March 2018