Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Dossier Missions



When you get it: After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it:
Go to Omega. Talk to Aria in the Afterlife Nightclub and ask her about Archangel. She'll tell you about the attack on him going on, and that the Mercs are recruiting for it. Stay inside Afterlife, and Talk to the Merc Recruiter to get hired on. As you turn around to go, some kid will enter and ask to sign up. There is an initial Renegade Interrupt Opportunity, a conversation choice, and a final Paragon Interrupt Opportunity. Leave Afterlife and go to the Transport Depot and tell the Blue Suns Driver you want to go.

When you arrive, Selkie will greet you. If you didn't convince the kid to leave earlier, he'll show up here, all eager. Investigate what he knows, then head up the stairs straight ahead. EDI will suggest two ways of improving your odds. These are optional, and they make the fight easier. Go though the door and Talk to Jaroth, the Leader of the Eclipse Mercenaries. Learn what you can from him, and you'll get the Codex Entry for his organization. On the desk nearby is a DataPad with a Message to Tarak. Read it to get the Assignment "Omega: Archangel: Datapad Recovered."

Go through the door to the right, and in the next hallway go through the door to the left. This is where Eclipse stores their mechs. Hack the Eezo Smuggling Accounts for some Credits and Open the Refined Element Zero. Lastly, Bypass Friend or Foe ID on the Heavy Mech Diagnostic Station in order to cause the mechs to turn on the mercs during the battle. Go through the other door, straight through the next door, and Talk to Garm, leader of the Blood Pack. Again, learn all you can from him, and you'll have the Codex Entry for his organization.

Go through the next door, and scurry past the barricade. Hack the 'Protection' Money Accounts on the dead Vorcha for some Credits. Bypass the first door on the right, and inside you'll find a Medical Station, some Power Cells, the Blue Suns Gunrunning Accounts, which you can Access for some Credits, and the Blue Suns Weapon Shipment, which you can Scan for a Submachinegun Damage Upgrade.

Go through the next door down and find a Medical Station just past the door to the Eclipse camp.If Zaeed is in your squad, the two will exchange hellos, providing two opportunities for some Renegade Points, and then Jentha takes over for the Investigate options. Again, learn all you can from her, and you'll leave with the Codex Entry for the Blue Suns. Go back outside and Talk to the Freelancer to learn...nothing useful.

Lastly, cross the bridge to find Sergeant Cathca. Talk to Cathca's Assistant when you're ready to start the battle. Towards the end of the conversation, Shepard will stare at a glowing wrench, and there is a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity. Knocking him out weakens the gunship later in the fight.

If you didn't tell Guy to not join the mercs earlier, he'll jump over the barricade with you and will promptly be shot dead. Now you turn on your Merc "friends" and make your way across the bridge. Loot a Med Kit and Scan the Omni-Tool Power Boost X-Mods for an Omni-Tool Upgrade downstairs, then go up and left to loot two Med Kits, Open a Wall Safe for some Credits, and then open the door to meet Archangel. During the conversation, there is a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity when he hands you his sniper rifle. Left-click to shoot one of the Mechs.

The Eclipse start the first wave. Stay upstairs and shoot them from there. If any get through, backtrack to the stairs and kill them as they come up. At some point, they'll drop their YMIR Heavy Mech. If you reprogrammed the Targeting Computer, it'll turn on its masters. Otherwise, you'll have to kill it. You'll then have a few moments of reprieve. Use the time to Search the nearby Foot Locker for some Credits, Open the Med Kit, and pick up the Vindicator Battle Rifle from a couch. When you're ready for the next wave, Talk to Garrus.

For the second wave, the Blood Pack have gotten into the basement. You have the option of leaving one of your squadmates behind to help Garrus by saying either I'm not leaving you alone or You need help. If you do leave someone behind, you'll have more time before Garrus gets overwhelmed, but it'll be harder dealing with the Blood Pack downstairs. When you've made your decision, go downstairs, and Garrus's health bar will show up in the bottom right of the screen. Go through the door and you'll find a Medical Station and a Weapons Locker.

You need to close three shutters. Each one takes ten seconds to close, and will reopen if anyone is standing under it. Constant, infinite enemies come through until a shutter is closed. The first Shutter you need to Close is straight ahead. The second shutter is to the left, in the Utility Room. On the way in, there's a Med Kit on the floor. Go through the door and through a very narrow hallway. Watch out for the enemies with flame throwers just around the corner. Use a powerful, close-range weapon, as vorcha do regenerate.

Backtrack to the first shutter and go through the door to the Garage. This is a wide room. It's easy for the Blood Pack mercs to surround you if you push forward too fast. So take your time, use the cover, and move up when you can. When the third shutter is closed, Garrus will come under attack from Garn, the Blood Pack leader, and a couple of his goons. If you concentrate on the goons, Garn will focus on Garrus, which makes the fight easier for you. When the Blood Pack is destroyed, you get another reprieve.

Talk to Garrus when you're ready for the final fight. The Blue Suns attack in the final wave. Initially they come in the upstairs windows, and then from downstairs. Finally, whether you konked Cathka on the head or not, the Gunship shows up. Use whatever Heavy Weapon you have on it. After everyone is dead, Shepard and squad will help Garrus back to the Normandy. Dr. Chakwas manages to patch him up, and he stops by the Comm Room to say hello.

The Assassin

When you get it: It's one of the Dossiers The Illusive Man hands you during your debrief after Horizon.

Completing it: Go to Illium and Talk to Liara. Ask her about Thane, and she'll tell you to speak with Seryna in the middle Cargo Transfer Area. She's hesitant to speak with you. No matter your response, she'll eventually agree to drive you to the Dantius Towers, where the Mission starts. (You may have killed Nassana Dantius's sister back in Mass Effect 1)

When you arrive, you'll see some mechs gunning down some salarians. Kill the mechs, then search the area to the left to find a Med Station and a Secure Terminal, which you can Hack for some Credits. On the right side is a wounded salarian. Talk to him, and there is eventually a Paragon Interrupt Opportunity to save his life.

Continue along, killing mercs and mechs as you go. Head left and go through a door. Go up the ramp to the next level, clear out this floor, then loot the Med Kits on the right. There is a door here you can Bypass, and inside you'll find a group of salarians. Past them find a Secure Terminal with some Credits on it, some Power Cells, and the Viper Sniper Rifle. Call the large elevator at the end of this floor, then take cover quickly, as a krogan and a couple of engineers will come with it.

Take the elevator. When you get off, you'll enter conversation with a merc who's reluctant to give up any information. You then have a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity, which will cause Shepard to shove him off the building. If you don't take it, you can persuade him to give you the information you want, and then you'll let him go. Turn around an pick up the DataPad for the Assignment Salarian Family Data. Continue along and kill the mechs and mercs in the next room. On the left is another door you can Bypass to find some salarians. Either use the Renegade Interrupt Opportunity to disarm one of the salarians, or just talk him down. Loot the Med Kit and Hack the PDA on the merc corpse for some Credits. Hang a left out the door and loot some Power Cells. Just before you go up the ramp is a Comm Terminal, which you can Use to taunt Nassana.

Up on the next level, kill all the mercs and mechs, then loot some Element Zero and a Med Kit. There is also a Weapons Locker here, if you'd like to change your loadout. Continue, fighting as you go, and you'll come to the bridge connecting the two towers. Before you cross, Scan the Submachinegun for an upgrade, loot the Med Kit, and Hack the PDA for some Credits.

There is plenty of cover along the bridge as you fight along it. Beware the two rocket drones above the door on the far side. Go up the stairs and through the door straight into Nassana's office. You'll enter into dialog with Nassana, and partway through the conversation, Thane will appear and talk to you.

Back aboard the Normandy, Thane will speak with you and your crew in the Comm Room. Research the upgrades you found, then go down to Deck 3 and Talk to Thane. Learn about him for some Codex Entries, and Research the increased Probe Capacity. When you return to Illium, Talk to Tana in the Cargo Transfer area, and she'll hand you a message from Seryna.

The Convict

When you get it: After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: Go to Hourglass Nebula: Osun System, and Dock with the Prison Ship Purgatory. Walk straight ahead and Talk to the Prison Guard. He'll ask you to hand over your weapons. Before you can resolve the standoff, the warden appears and makes the same request. Shepard wins the staring contest, and the dialog continues. You eventually get some Investigate options. Choose "keep moving" to continue. After the conversation, you'll have a new codex entry. Walk down the hall until you come to a Prison Guard watching a beating. Talk to him to learn why, and to react. Prisoner 780 is in the next cell. Talking to him yields some Investigate options. The third cell contains Prisoner 403. Talking to him just lets you know he's nuts.

Open the door at the end of the hall and go through. There's a branch to the right, but the guard at the end just tells you to go the other way. So do so. The technician just inside tells you to go through the next door, so again follow instructions. A dialog starts, and then a fight starts. Kill the guards who enter, then make your way out through outprocessing and hang a left. Kill some more troopers and mechs, then open the door. In the next room, after you kill the one technician, loot the Element Zero to the right and a Med Station by the other door, then Use the Purgatory Security Controls to release Jack, along with all the other prisoners. Go through the door to the left, and go down into Jack's former cell. Scan the YMIR Mech Corpse for some Damage Protection Research. Continue into the next hallway, where you'll find some Power Cells and a Dead Prison Guard, whom you can Access for some Credits.

Continuing on, you'll come to an open area defended by more mercs. They are attacking some prisoners, so use their distraction to your advantage. When they're clear, search the upper level near the far door to find a dead Prison Guard, whos PDA you can Hack for some Credits. Near the door on your way out, Scan the Shotgun on the ground for some Shotgun Damage Research. Through the next door are some more Power Cells, and another Dead Prison Guard you can Access for some Credits. Not to mention a Med Station on the wall. Through the next door is another large room occupied by several mercs. As you get to the bridge in the middle of the room, a heavy YMIR Mech will activate at the far end of the room. Near the exit is another Dead Prison Guard you can Access for some Credits.

In the next little room is another Medical Station and some Power Cells, as well as a Wall Safe you can Bypass for some Credits. Open the door to the next room, where the Warden is guarded by several of his mercs, as well as protected by a shield. Kill the mercs, then take out the three shield generators around the room to make the Warden vulnerable, then kill him. You then meet Jack face to face. No matter what you say, she'll join your crew.

You'll wind up continuing the dialog on the Normandy, in the Briefing room. Agree to let Jack have access with "Give her the files now", or refuse with You can wait for your files. Even if you do refuse, she'll find her own way into the databases later. Jack will make her way down into the lower level of Engineering on Deck 4, and all your crew will have new things to say.

The Justicar

When you get it: After Horizon, this is one of three Dossiers the Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: Go to Crescent Nebula: Tasale System, and Land on Illium. In the southern Transport Hub area, Talk to Officer Dara. When you're done Investigating, Hail a cab to start the mission.

When you land, you'll learn that a volus isn't allowed to leave. Talk to him to learn why. Next, go in the Police building, where you'll find a Medical Station and a Weapons Locker. Talk to Detective Anaya to gain permission to enter the crime scene, and to learn more about Samara. Go out and past the police tape. Read the Shipping Details to pick up the Assignment Stolen Goods Found. Continue around the corner and down some stairs to find some Circuit Boards you can Salvage for some Credits.

Go up the stairs and kill the mercs around the corner, then go in the door to be introduced to Samara. You will agree to help Samara, then you'll be back at the landing area. Talk to Pitne For again. When he tries to deny knowing anything, you get a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity to threaten him. Even without threats, he'll spill the beans. Learn what you can from him, then get on the elevator behind you.

When you arrive in the Eclipse Base, you'll notice Toxic Canisters that blow up and release toxic clouds. There will be a meter in the lower right of your screen showing you the "toxicity level" of the spot you're standing in. You'll start taking damage, but your biotic powers will increase. Fight your way around the open area, then Take the Scimitar Assault Shotgun. There's a handy Weapons Locker right next to it, should you like to alter your loadout. In the door to the right, you'll meet Elnora. She claims to be new, and you can either let her go or shoot her with a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity. (Later, you'll learn she's the one who killed Pitne For's Partner.) Also in this room are some Power Cells, and a Station from which you can Download Results of Sample 634 Analysis, which is actually a Biotic Damage Upgrade.

Leave the room and hang a right. Through the next door are more mercs who need killing. Straight ahead you'll find a Medical Station, and an Eclipse Terminal you can Hack for some Credits. Go up the stairs to find more mercs and mechs. Around the corner you'll find another Medical Station and another Eclipse Terminal with Credits on it. Go up the stairs to find yet more mercs. When the area is finally clear, you'll find some Platinum near where you entered.

Across the way are some Power Cells, a Medical Station and a Data File you should Listen to to learn some information you'll pass on to the detective later. Go through the next two doors to find more bad guys to kill. Cross the bridge and a gunship will attack. It will hover around the platform, so you'll have to keep changing cover to avoid it. It will also drop off a couple of mechs at one point. On the platform, you'll find some Power Cells and a Med Kit. Bypass the next door, and inside you'll find an Eclipse Terminal with some Credits on it, and a Shipping Manifest that starts the Assignment Smuggling Evidence.

Through the next door you'll find Niftu Cal, a volus who's high on his own drugs. If you let him confront the mercs, he'll get killed and you'll earn some Renegade Points. If you help him take a nap with a Paragon Interrupt, you'll earn some Paragon Points. Continue, and you'll find a Weapons Locker and a Medical Station. Through the next door, you'll confront Captain Wasea and the rest of her mercs. They pretty much stay on their side, so you should be fine with the first cover you find. After the battle, there is an Eclipse Terminal you can Hack for some Credits. Take Wasea's Datapad when you're ready to return to the Spaceport.

Decide how to handle the Smuggling Evidence, then Talk to Samara to give her the information she needs. During the conversation, you'll have the option of turning in the evidence you found implicating Elnora. Back aboard the Normandy, you'll welcome Samara aboard the ship. Research the Upgrades you found, then Talk to Kelly to learn her opinion of the Justicar, and to have an opportunity to flirt with her. Go down and Talk to Samara. Research her upgrade to the Normandy's Fuel Reserves, and get to know her.

The Professor

When you get it: After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it:
Go to Omega. Hang a right and go through the door labeled "apartments." Go the direction the Mad Prophet is facing, and listen to the conversation between the Turian and the Human. Talk to the District Guard when you're ready to go. Use the options on the left to ask about the plague and the quarantine, then say "I'm going in for Mordin Solus." Go through the Investigate options, then say either I'm here to help or I'm going in. This will cause the Guard to radio ahead and prevent the other guards inside from attacking you. If you say "You can't stop me," the guards inside will attack you.

If you have any non-human squad mates, they'll question your decision to bring them along, and they may even cough a bit, but they will survive.

When you arrive, loot some Element Zero behind the barriers straight ahead. Continue, and you'll encounter some District Guards behind a barrier. If you didn't get the turian Guard outside to radio ahead, you'll have to kill them. Go to the right of the barricade, and Open the Medical Station. Continue around the corner, go through the nearby door, and descend a few steps. You'll see two Blue Suns mercs ahead. Take cover and attack them to take them by surprise. Near where they were standing is a Bank Terminal you can Hack for some Credits. Open the Door straight ahead, and loot some Power Cells. Bypass the Door in here, and in the next room you can Examine a Turian Plague Victim and Play Logs on the Computer Console to learn what happened here.

Backtrack outside and continue. Talk to the Batarian Victim. Use the two investigate options on the left, then say either "I'm looking for a salarian" or Leave him. You will then have a Paragon Interrupt Opportunity to save his life. If you let him die, you can Access his PDA for some Credits. Continue past him and Bypass a door on the right. Go down the stairs, and on the right is a Wall Safe with some Credits in it. On the left you can Play Logs on the Datapad to hear about this batarian's final days.

Back outside, hang a right, then take the entryway to the left. Go up the stairs and loot a Med Kit and Salvage a Circuit Board for some Credits. From the balcony, you can pick off the Blue Suns guards. Go downstairs and straight across the courtyard. On the other side is a Door under a sign that reads "apartments." Bypass it and go inside. Talk to the two humans hiding in there. You can tell them either I'll help you get there or Hiding here won't save you to get a Codex Entry. Open the Med Kit and the Wall Safe for some Credits, then go back to the barricade the mercs were guarding. There's a Modified Assault Rifle you should Scan for a Research Upgrade.

Continue ahead to find some Blood Pack. Wipe them all out, then go in the door to the left. Open the Refined Element Zero, then go through the next door. Inside are a couple of human looters with whom you have a conversation. Say "Yes" at the end, and you'll kill them. If you don't want to kill them, choose "I'm looking for someone" to open up some investigate options. At the end, all you can say is "Goodbye," and you'll leave them alive.

Go back out to the courtyard and hang a left. Go through the door, down the stairs, and into the Med Clinic. Talking to the Clinic Guard just gets you a warning not to start any violence, and a couple of other nervous lines. The two Clinic Receptionists only tell you to go find Mordin. There's a Weapons Locker here if you'd like to change your loadout. Around the corner to the right, the female Clinic Guard will warn you not to cause any violence. There's also a Medical Station next to her. The Batarian Patient doesn't like humans. The Turian Patient is a bit more forgiving. Past reception, the room on the left has two containers of Refined Platinum, a Med Kit, and a Research Station where you should Download a Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade Research.

In the room opposite, loot the Med Kit on the left, some Refined Element Zero and Refined Iridium on the right, and some Power Cells towards the back. Talk to Dr. Mordin Solus. In between his ramblings, he'll agree to help you, on the condition you stop the Vorcha from killing everyone in the district. During the conversation, Mordin tends to wander off on tangents, and there are Opportunities for both Paragon and Renegade Interrupts. At some point, he mentions that his assistant Daniel is missing. Lastly, use the Investigate options to learn more. Mordin will give you a new type of gun, which gives you a good reason to use that Weapons Locker in the lobby.

When you were exploring the Clinic, you may have noticed a guard standing next to a locked door. That door is now open. Go through, and kill the group of Blood Pack around the corner. Hack the Gambling Terminal to the left of the stairs for some Credits. A Medical Station is located on the back wall to the right of the stairs, and there is a Bank Terminal at the top of the stairs you can Hack for some more Credits.

Continue until you come to two doors pretty much opposite each other. The door on the left leads to Daniel, whom you can rescue. If you choose [Signal Henchmen], the batarians will kill Daniel, and you'll have to kill the batarians. You can then Examine Daniel's Corpse to hear your squadmates mourn his death. Otherwise, choose either Nobody needs to die or Kill him, and you're next to convince them to let Daniel go. You can then choose to honor the bargain with "You can go," or kill them by saying No. I can't trust you. If you kill them, Daniel will complain about your cold-blooded murdering ways. If Daniel survives, he'll return safely to the clinic. When the area is clear, loot the Med Kit in the room.

The other door leads down some stairs. Duck behind the balcony and kill the three vorcha on the other side. Go through the door and take a right, down some more stairs, to an open area with lots of enemies that need killing. Go down the stairs, across the courtyard and through the door labeled "Ventilation Control." Inside you'll meet more enemies. Take them out. To the right are a Med Kit and some Spare Parts to Salvage. Continue to the left, up two short flights of stairs, and through a door.

As you go through the door, the leader of the Blood Pack Boom-Squad will explain how they got the idea release a plague. No matter how you respond, they'll attack. So kill them. EDI tells you to use the Control Center on the back wall to inject the cure. So go there and Inject Cure into the Power Startup. Then you'll need to initialize the two fans on either side of the control room. As you go back out to the main area, you'll be attacked my a multitude of enemies. When they're clear, Initialize one of the fans. More enemies will show up and attack. Kill them off, then Initialize the other fan. Note that there is a Medical Station just inside the door to the each Fan Room.

After activating the second fan, you'll be teleported back to the Clinic and will enter conversation with Mordin. At the end of the conversation, you get the opportunity to [Stay], if you think you missed something, or [Leave] to end the Mission. Staying lets you Talk to people and get a brief line out of them, including the Refugee couple whom you may or may not have told to come here. Opening any door returns you to the Normandy. Mordin and Jacob enter the Comm Room, where Shepard awaits them to continue the conversation. Afterwards, be sure to visit Mordin in the Lab, and use the Research Terminal to buy the upgrades you've found so far.


When you get it: After Horizon, this is one of three Dossiers the Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: Go to Far Rim: Dholen System, and Land on Haestrom. EDI will warn you about standing in the sun too long. Run down the ramps and into the door on the right. Loot the Med Kit and the Dead Geth for some Credits, then Use the Gate Controls to open the gate, and go through. Several geth drop in to be killed by you. On the upper level is a Medical Station, and down the ramp from there is a Heavy Pistol Upgrade. On the crane is some Palladium. Continue around the corner.

Kill two geth, then Salvage the dead one for some Credits. Take the Tempest SMG, then Answer the Quarian Radio to enter conversation with the quarian commander. Your next task is to find the two Demolition Charges to clear your path. There is some Iridium on the crane in the middle, and then the first Demolition Charge is in the building opposite the door you need to clear. Also nearby is one of Tali's Logs and a Med Kit behind it. Go up the ramp to find a Medical Station, then take cover and destroy the wave of geth that attack from the courtyard.

From the garage, go left into the next open area. There is some more Iridium on the crane in the middle, and you'll find a Medical Station in the upper level, as well as another of Tali's Logs on the catwalk out in the sun. The last Demolition Charge is in a small room at the far end, along with some Power Cells and a Medical Station.

When you leave the small room, more geth will attack, including two on the upper catwalk. When the area is clear, return to the Collapsed Pillar to Plant the Explosives. Get some distance, because the explosion can kill you. Go through the next two doors and Scan the Disassembled Geth Rifle for a Research Upgrade, Salvage the two Damaged Geth for some Credits, and Bypass the Ancient Wall Safe for some more Credits. You can alter your weapons loadout here, as well. When you're ready, Activate the Communications Terminal to start a conversation with Tali.

Go through the door to find a Medical Station. Continue down the ramp, and you'll be attacked by drones and geth. Kill your way across the courtyard. Inside the next room, Bypass another Ancient Wall Safe for some Credits, then Lift the Security Lockdown on the Security Console to open the next door. Go down the two small ramps, loot the Med Kit, then Talk to Kal Reegar to learn about the situation. After you ask about the final plan of attack, you'll have a Paragon or Renegade choice. Encouraging his attack will get him killed, whereas the Paragon choice, followed by a Paragon Interrupt, will ensure his survival.

Take out the smaller geth as you make your way to the colossus, then take it out quickly. Loot-wise, you'll find a Med-Kit on the upper level near the colossus, two Power Cells on either side of the colossus, and some Iridium on each of the four cranes. When you're ready to end the Mission, go in the door, Take the Geth Pulse Rifle, then Talk to Tali.

Back aboard the Normandy, be sure to visit her in Engineering. Ask about Upgrades for the Normandy to get the Shield upgrade.

The Thief

When you get it: Download and Install the Kasumi DLC. After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: Go to Serpent Nebula: Widow System, and Dock with the Citadel. When you enter, there will be an advertisement asking you to enter a password. If you just stand there for a bit, her come-ons get a bit silly. Listen to the ad, and a conversation will start. During this, she'll mention she wants to do her Loyalty mission right away, but it makes no difference how long you wait, or whether you do it at all. Afterwards, she'll be in the Normandy's Port Observation Deck.

In her cabin, you can pour and drink the two drinks on the bar, or you can mix the two and drink that. Talking to Kasumi yields short clips of soliloquy. There are also several objects you can interact with, and Kasumi will tell you about them.

The Veteran

When you get it: Download and Install the Zaeed DLC. After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: When you arrive on Omega, You'll find Zaeed near the entrance, straight ahead from the Normandy. No matter what you say to him, or whether you intervene on his prisoner's behalf, he'll join your crew. Before he walks away, he'll mention he wants to get his Loyalty mission done right away, but it makes no difference how long you wait, or whether you wait at all.

Talking to Zaeed yields short clips of soliloquy. Behind him, you can compact some trash, then blow it out of the ship. There are also several objects you can interact with, and Zaeed will tell you about them.

The Warlord

When you get it: After Freedom's Progress, this is one of four Dossiers The Illusive Man gives you.

Completing it: Go to Eagle Nebula: Imir System, and Land on Korlus. You'll land in what appears to be a junkyard, and you'll get the Codex Entry for this planet. Follow the only path you can. Kill some Blue Suns mercs, then you'll come to a wounded human. Talk to him to learn about what's going on here. During the dialog, he'll get called on the radio, and you'll have a Paragon versus Renegade choice about what to do about it.

As you round the corner you'll be attacked by more mercs. Under the first bridge is a Med Kit. Continue and fight more mercs until you come to a Tank-Grown Krogan. Talk to him in an attempt to learn more about the goings-on here. After the conversation, you'll have a new Codex Entry on Blood Rage. Continue a few feet to find a Blue Suns Corpse, from which you can gain some Credits.

Go down the ramp, and you'll be attacked by more Blue Suns and some Krogan. You may want to back up a bit when you hear their "battle cry," as there's no cover between you and the first set. There is a Med Kit on one of the middle platforms, and some Platinum near the corpse of a Turian merc. At the top of the nearby stairs is a door you'll have to Bypass to get through. In the room at the top of the stairs are a Sniper Rifle you should Scan for an upgrade, as well as some Power Cells and a Medical Station.

Through the next door is an open area where there are many mercs waiting to be killed by you. Before going through the door after that, notice a PDA opposite the door that you can Hack for some Credits. At the top of the next set of stairs, take a left to find a Med Kit, and kill some more mercs. You will find another Blue Suns corpse with Credits on it after you kill the second set. After the third set, find some Power Cells and a Wall Safe, then go past the next door to find another Hackable PDA with Credits stored on it.

Head up the stairs and fight your way through the next large area. Go through the following door. If Rana Thanopolis survived Mass Effect 1, she'll be here and will explain further what's going on. There is no way to kill her this time, though. Hack the Secure Terminal for some Credits, and Open the Medical Station before going through the next door to find Dr. Okeer. After the conversation, Bypass the Lab Terminal to get research on Krogan Vitality, then go through the door, down some stairs, and into an open area, where you'll need to kill Jedore, a Heavy Mech, and several Krogan. Jedore will stand in one spot, but her pets will move towards you, so take them out first.

After the fight, you'll be admonished to hurry back to the lab, where you'll find Okeer dead. Use his Console to end the Mission. Back on the Normandy, Jacob and Miranda are arguing about what to do with the tank-bred Krogan you brought in place of Dr. Okeer. You'll need to wake him to gain him as a squad mate and to open up his Loyalty Mission. Not opening the tank doesn't do anything. Many of your squadmates aboard ship will have new things to say. Kelly will comment both before and after you open the tank.

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