Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Optional Assignments


The Citadel

Captain Bailey

When you get it: When you first arrive on the Citadel, you won't be able to use the Rapid Transit to go anywhere. Go through the only door you can, and you'll be stopped by a security scan. Respond to the Turian C-Sec officer any way you like.

Completing it: Go through the next door and Talk to Captain Bailey. Respond how you like, use the Investigate options is you like. When you exit dialog, the Assignment will have completed, and you'll be able to use the Rapid Transit.

The Council

When you get it: This is technically a Mission, but it is skippable, so I've put it here. After the Prologue, when you can wander the Normandy on your own, you'll have this in your log automatically.

Completing it: Once on the Citadel, use any Rapid Transit Terminal and select the Presidium. You'll enter into dialog with Anderson, who may or may not be talking to the Council, depending on whether you saved them in Mass Effect 1. If the council survived, or if you put Anderson in charge, they'll offer to reinstate your Spectre status, which has no significant bearing on anything aside from a couple of dialog choices in random places. If you put Udina in charge and/or if the Council wasn't saved, the dialog will obviously go in a different direction. There is no reward for completing this. If Tali is in your squad, after the conversations, there's a spot on the balcony where she'll comment. When you're ready to leave, Open the door and you'll get the Rapid Transit Menu.

Crime in Progress

How to get it: Go to the west side downstairs of the Zakera Wards and approach the three people arguing. You'll overhear a conversation between the human C-Sec officer trying to mediate between a volus accusing a quarian of stealing his credit chit. Talk to them. Ask the three about the matter, then say you'll investigate. If Tali is in your squad, she'll understandably defend the quarian.

Completing it: You'll need to visit two of the shopkeepers nearby. First, Kian Louros at the Sirta Foundation will mention that the volus was there, but didn't buy anything. Second, Marab at Saronis Applications will tell you the volus left his credit chit behind. Return to the trio to settle the dispute. The volus isn't exactly apologetic and still wants the quarian arrested. There is an opportunity here for a Paragon Interrupt, and then the conversation and the Assignment end.

False Positive / Forged IDs

How to get it: After completing both of the Loyalty Missions for Thane and Garrus, Kalara Tomi will show up on the west side of the upper level of Zakera Wards. Talk to her, and you'll get "False Positive." If you previously picked up the Forged IDs During Garrus's Loyalty Mission "Eye for an Eye," then the title will change when you talk to her.

Completing it: Talk to Kalara, and you'll learn she and her friend are on the "do-not-fly" list. There are several ways to complete this:
1) Say "You owe us", and the Assignment will complete, but you will receive no reward.
2) Talk to the C-Sec Customs Officer at the entrance to Zakera Wards and use either of the Paragon or Renegade options. Return to Kalara to tell her she can leave.
3) If you've been reinstated as a Spectre, just order the C-Sec Customs Officer to let the asari go, and you'll get some Paragon Points.
4) If you picked up the Forged IDs during Garrus's Loyalty Mission "Eye for an Eye," then just give them to her for some Renegade Points.
5) Convince the C-Sec Customs Officer at the entrance to Zakera Wards and use either of the Paragon or Renegade options, then return to Kalara and also give her the Forged IDs.

Krogan Sushi

How to get it: On the east side of the upper level of Zakera Wards, there are two krogan discussing fish in the Presidium Lake. Just stand there and eavesdrop on the conversation to get the Assignment

Completing it: Go up the east stairs and into the Dark Star Lounge. Talk to the Presidium Groundskeeper standing on the west side of the room and ask about fish. You then have two options:
1) Go to Citadel Souvenirs and buy the Illium Skald Fish. Talk to Kargesh and convince him the fish came from the Presidium Lake for some Renegade Points.
2) Tell Kargesh the truth for some Paragon Points.
Afterwards, Talk to him several times to hear a few reactions.


Blue Rose of Illium

How to get it: On the southeast side of the map, in the transport hub area, is a krogan reciting bad poetry to an asari. Talk to the asari.

Completing it: During the conversation, use either the Paragon or Renegade options to convince her to make a decision. If you get her to stay with her boyfriend, you'll see them later in the landing area on Tuchanka. Whatever her decision, she'll give you a discount at her nearby shop for helping.

Gianna Parasini

How to get it: If you helped Gianna Parasini arrest Administrator Anoleis in Mass Effect 1, she'll be at a table in the trading area. She'll buy you a drink, and then abruptly leave. Examine the drink she leaves behind to find a note, asking for some help with her current assignment.

Completing it: Gianna is investigating Serrice Technology, so go there and Talk to the shopkeeper. You have two choices:
1) Warn the shopkeeper. This gets you some Renegade points, a discount at the shop, and Gianna will stop talking to you.
2) Using the Paragon or Renegade conversation options, convince the shopkeeper to show you something illegal. Gianna will then appear and threaten to arrest the shopkeeper. Even though the shopkeeper leaves, you'll still have a discount.
After the confrontation, retun to the same table and speak with Ms. Parasini.

Indentured Service

How to get it: After completing the Assignment "A Troublemaker," a Slave Broker and a Synthetic Insights Representative will appear in the bar. Talk to the Slave Broker, who will explain that she's having trouble selling the adjacent quarian's contract. Agree to help. Tali will have some bonus dialog if she's with you.

Completing it: Talk to the Synthetic Insights Representative to learn that her company doesn't hire slaves, and is also having some financial trouble. You then have two choices:
1) Use the Paragon or Renegade options to convince the SI Rep to hire the quarian anyway.
2) Talk to the SI Rep first, then return to the Slave Broker and convince her to end the quarian's contract. There is an odd bug if you do this, where the SI Rep still remains in her place, and you can still convince her to take the quarian.

Lost Locket Found

How to get it: During Miranda's Loyalty Mission "The Prodigal," pick up the Trinket near the exit from the Transport Terminal.

Completing it: Once you have the Assignment, an asari will appear near the entrance to Nos Astra the next time you arrive. Talk to her to turn it in.

Medical Scans

How to get it: On the southwest side of the map in the transport hub, you'll find either a Colonist or Shiala, depending on whether or not you killed Shiala on Feros in Mass Effect 1. Talk to whoever is there to learn that Baria Frontiers is performing some nasty tests on the survivors of Zhu's Hope. Agree to help.

Completing it: Standing at the balcony to the south is an asari named Erinya. Talk to her and use either the Paragon or Renegade options to convince her to stop the tests. Return to Shiala/the Colonist to give her the good news.

The Observer

How to get it: Complete the Assignment "System Hacking," then Liara will give you this task.

Completing it: Hack five terminals in the northern part of the map. Four are on the Trading Floor and one is in Eternity. Each one will give you information on The Shadow Broker's operatives. When you have all 5 data points, use the Call Liara button. You can tell her to kill whichever person you want, but the "best" choice is to tell her that the information doesn't make sense. Lira will then realize the actual Observer is Nyxeris. Both conversation options get you some Paragon Points. Return to Liara to complete the Assignment.

Salarian Family Data

How to get it: During Thane's Dossier Mission "The Assassin," you'll come across a Datapad on Upper Level 1. When you Scan it, a box will pop up saying it contains "genetic information for the Kirosa family."

Completing it: In the middle of the Nos Astra map is a salarian standing at the base of the northern stairs. You may have overheard is telephone conversation earlier as you passed through here. Talk to him, and your greeting can earn you some Paragon or Renegade Points. Give him the data and he'll give you some monetary thanks.

Smuggling Evidence

How to get it: During Samara's Dossier Mission "The Justicar," just past the gunship battle, you'll find Shipping Manifest.

Completing it: After the Dossier Mission, you have to decide what to do with the data:
1) Sell it to the volus Pitne For for some Renegade Points and the most Credits.
2) Give it to Detective Anaya for some Paragon Points and fewer Credits.

Stolen Goods Found

How to get it: During Samara's Dossier Mission "The Justicar," right at the entrance to the Crime Scene is a Terminal. Examine it and upload the information.

Completing it: When you next land on Illium, a krogan will approach you and thank you. You can earn some extra Paragon or Renegade Points depending on how you greet him. You'll earn a few Renegade Points for completing the Assignment regardless.

System Hacking

How to get it: Talk to Liara and ask if she needs any help.

Completing it: There are three Security Terminals in the southern area of the map, in the transport hub area. You'll need to Hack them one at a time. Every time you do, a timer will pop up, and you'll have 60 seconds to find a nearby Data Server. If you're having trouble finding them, there is a bar on the HUD that shows you when you're getting close. If you run out of time, you'll have to Hack the Security Terminal again to start over.

A Troublemaker

How to get it: If Conrad Verner survived Mass Effect 1, you'll find an asari in the bar muttering to herself. Talk to her to learn there's "some human" making trouble nearby.

Completing it: That "some human" is Conrad Verner. Talk to him to learn that he thinks the bar is a front for selling the drug Red Sand. There's an unavoidable bug that causes him to accuse you of having pointed a gun at him in ME1, even if you didn't. Agree to help him. Go to Gateway Personal Defense in the southern area of the map and Talk to the shopkeeper. Use the Paragon or Renegade options to learn that she's just pretending to be a cop in order to take over the bar. Either Persuade option will get you a discount. The Renegade option here will cause her to disappear. The Paragon [Lie] option will cause her to get arrested. Return to Conrad and tell him to stop trying to save the galaxy.


Batarian Bartender

How to get it: Order a drink from Forvan, the bartender in lower Afterlife. You'll pass out and wake up in an alleyway with your squadmates asking if you're all right, and some other human who tells you that Forvan hates humans.

Completing it: Return to Forvan, and you'll have three ways of dealing with the barkeep:
1) Convince Forvan not to do it again for some Paragon Points.
2) Incite the crowd, and a nearby Turian named Ogrinn will shoot Forvan, and you'll earn some Paragon Points.
3) Force Forvan to drink his own poison. He'll die, and you'll earn some Renegade Points.

After you've left Omega, return and you'll find a Salarian Bartender. When you order a drink, Shepherd will ask him to hold the poison, and the salarian will apologize and offer drinks for free.

Datapad Recovered

How to get it: During "The Archangel" Dossier Mission, you'll come across a Datapad on a table in the Eclipse room, near Jaroth. Scan it.

Completing it: After the Mission, Talk to Aria T'laok to give her the data.

Missing Assistant

How to get it: During the Dossier Mission, "The Professor," Mordin will ask you to find his missing assistant, Daniel.

Completing it: You'll find Daniel in the first home past the clinic. As soon as you open the door, you'll enter dialog with him and the batarians holding him hostage. If you [Signal Henchmen] to kill the batarians, they'll get off a shot killing Daniel anyway. You can convince them to let Daniel go, then either honor your promise or kill them anyway. When you return to Mordin, and if you killed the batarians, Daniel will be annoyed with you, and whatever the outcome, Mordin will be pragmatic.

Packages for Ish

How to get it: After completing the Horizon Mission, a salarian named Ish will appear on the southeastern side of the map, between the entrance to the station and the door labeled "apartments." Talk to him and agree to get his data packages for him. If either Jacob or Miranda is in your squad, they'll recognize Ish, but there's nothing that comes of it.

Completing it: One Package is on the Citadel, sitting on a crate outside Saronis Applications, and the other is on Illium, sitting on a couch in the back of the bar. Return to Omega, and you'll have several options for completing this:
1) There is a bug here. After you pick up one or both of the packages and return to Omega, if you convince Ish his plan is a bad idea, he'll disappear, but you'll still have the Assignment in your log, and it'll never go away.
2) Give both packages to Ish for some Renegade Points.
3) If you read the data, you'll see that it has to do with Anto, one of Aria's bodyguards. So Talk to him and convince him the information would hurt Aria for some Paragon Points. You can also blackmail him for some Credits.
4) Pick up one package and give it to Ish, then pick up the other package and give it to Anto as in #3.

The Patriarch

How to get it: After you've completed one of the Dossier Missions on Omega, either "The Professor" or "The Archangel," Talk to Grizz, one of Aria's bodyguards. He'll tell you the old krogan is being threatened by the Blood Pack Mercs.

Completing it: Go to Lower Afterlife and Talk to Patriarch. You have three choices:
1) Convince Patriarch to hide for some Paragon Points.
2) Convince Patriarch to die gloriously for both Paragon and Renegade Points by saying What kind of krogan are you?.
3) Convince Patriarch to let you be his "krantt" by saying Let us be your "muscle". Leave Afterlife and you'll be confronted by the Blood Pack. Kill them for some Paragon Points, then return to Patriarch for some additional Points, either Paragon or Renegade depending on what you say to him.

Return to Aria for your reward. Your possible responses will vary depending on the outcome.

Struggling Quarian

How to get it: From the entrance to Omega, go east and Open the door to the north labeled "lower section." Go down the stairs and through the next door. Straight ahead, Talk to Kenn, who wants you to buy some of his stuff. To get a discount, respond with either Maybe we can cut a deal or Your prices are Insulting. Ask why he's there, and ask about Harrot. Tali will have some extra dialog if she's with you.

Completing it: Head up the stairs behind him and hang a right. Just up the next set of stairs on the left is Harrot's Emporium. Talk to Harrot. You have two ways to complete this:
1) The Paragon way is to say Let's talk about the quarian, followed by Leave the quarian alone. Return to Kenn, and he'll thank you. You can then offer to buy his ticket with I could pay your way for some more Paragon Points.
2) The Renegade way is to open with Good work with that quarian, followed by Just shut the quarian down. Kenn will be gone, but his store will still be there, along with the discount.


Abandoned Mine

How to get it: Buy the Star Chart for Minos Wasteland from Baria Frontiers on Illium. Go to Minos Wasteland: Fortis System, and Scan the planet Aequitas. Land on it.

Completing it: When you land, make your way into the facility and loot stuff as you go. There is a corpse to the right of the landing zone with some Credits on it. All the other loot is right in your path. Read the logs you come across to learn what happened here. Eventually, you'll enter the mine proper. As you go further in, on the higher difficulty settings you'll encounter endless waves of Husks. Just run up to the artifact and blow up the two bombs on either side of it. There is a Datapad with credits you can Bypass in the room right before the artifact, but the husks will hit you and eventually kill you while you're in the minigame. The Assignment ends as soon as the bombs go off.

Anomalous Weather Detected

How to get it: Go to Illium and buy the Star Chart for Pylos Nebula from Baria Frontiers. Then go to Pylos Nebula: Dirada System, and Scan Canalus. Land on it.

Completing it: Your goal is to deactivate the Weather Device to the north. The weather is quite foggy, but the device has a blue glow you can use to guide yourself to it. If you wander off to the sides, you'll find a whole bunch of Palladium lying around. Kill geth along the way. When you Access the Geth Device, the Assignment ends.

Archeological Dig Site

How to get it: Go to Rosetta Nebula: Enoch System, and Scan Joab. Land on the planet.

Completing it: Kill the Blue Suns mercenaries outside, loot the two boxes of Element Zero to the left, then go into the dig site. Kill and loot your way back to the Excavation Room. Read a PDA to trigger the Assignment "MSV Strontium Mule," then continue to the Artifact Room. Scan the Protean Artifact to end the Assignment.

Blood Pack Communications Relay / Blood Pack Base

How to get it: Go to Crescent Nebula: Lusarn, and Scan Tarith. Land on the planet.

Completing it: This is a foggy place, and you'll need to activate some beacons to guide your way. Along the way you'll be attacked by some insect-like creatures. If you take your time, you can find some side paths, where you can pick up some Platinum. Eventually you'll go up a hill and be attacked by some vorcha and a krogan. When they're dead, Bypass the Communication Terminal to end the Assignment. Back on the Normandy, you'll have a Private Message from Cerberus, telling you about a Blood Pack Base.

Go to Shrike Abyssal: Xe Cha System, and Land on Zada Ban. Fight and loot your way down to an area with two large generators, surrounded by Containment Cells. Shoot all the Containment Cells to destroy the generators, and you'll get a box in the lower right of the screen saying "Evacuate." Just go back the way you came and you'll trigger a cutscene of you and your squad narrowly escaping an explosion. Back on the Normandy, you'll have a Heavy Weapon Ammo Research Upgrade.

Blue Suns Base

How to get it: After completing the Assignment "MSV Strontium Mule," you'll have a message on your Private Terminal telling you why ships have gone missing, and this Assignment will enter your log once you read it.

Completing it: Go to Sigurd's Cradle: Decoris System, and Scan Sanctum. Land on the planet. When you exit the shuttle, several Blue Suns mercs will run out of their base. Kill them, loot the Iridium, then go inside.

More mercs will appear on the level below. Kill them, then find a Wall Safe in the room to the right and Bypass it for some Credits. Go through the door opposite into the Mess Hall, where you'll be attacked by more mercs. Go in the tunnel and find some more Iridium. In the large open area you'll find some Power Cells and some more Iridium. Go through the next door into a warehouse. Two heavy mechs will attack, followed by several blue suns mercs. On the side opposite from where you entered you can find a Med Kit blocked by a Fragile Crate. In the room on the left is a Wall Safe you can Bypass for some Credits. Bypass the middle door to find the Distress Beacon Control. When you Overload it, the Assignment will end, so make sure you're done exploring and looting before doing so.

When you get back aboard the Normandy, you'll have a new message. Reading it will unlock the Assignment "N7: Javelin Missiles Launched."

Captured Mining Facility

How to get it: Go to Crescent Nebula: Zelene System, and Scan Helyme. Land on the planet.

Completing it: There's nothing much outside. When you get to the open doorway, you'll be attacked by Eclipse mercs. Once they're dead, go inside the structure and take a left to find some Palladium. Double back and Bypass the door, then go through. Go up the ramp, and you'll be attacked by several more mercs. From the way you came in, to the right are some Power Cells, and in the southeastern corner is a Med Kit. When you Hack the Mainframe in the center of the area, you'll be attacked again. When the area is clear, Examine the Mainframe again, and the Assignment will end. Despite indications to the contrary, there is no follow-up Assignment to this.

Endangered Research Station

How to get it: Go to Caleston Rift: Solveig System and Scan Sinmara. Land on the planet.

Completing it: This is a solo mission, and there is nothing to shoot here. Make your way to the large platform at the end. Loot some Palladium on the way. Bypass the Station Central Control Terminal to lower the barriers to the platform. You'll need to turn on three systems, in order. First, use the switch in the middle of the platform to make sure the yellow lines in the ground are pointing to the system you want to turn on. Turn them on in this order: Activate the Cooling Unit, then Activate the Shield Generator, then Bypass the Shield control. When that's done, the Assignment is over.

Eclipse Smuggling Depot

How to get it:
1) Complete a couple of Assignments for Aira on Omega, and she'll tell you about it.
2) Go to Hourglass Nebula: Faryar and Scan Daratar. Land on the Planet.

Completing it: Take a couple of Tech specialists like Tali and Garrus with you. When you land, three YMIR Heavy Mechs will power up and begin destroying crates. There are 20 crates, and you get Credits for each crate you save. Use your squadmates' Tech powers to overload and stun the mechs. The crates are worth about 375 Credits each, so it's up to you if it's worth your time to reload your game in an attempt to save as many as possible. When the area is clear, search for some Power Cells, some Element Zero, and a Med-Kit. You choose when you'd like to return to the Normandy.

Imminent Ship Crash

How to get it: After you complete the Horizon Mission, you'll see a tag on the Galaxy Map indicating a "Crashing Ship." (It won't actually crash until you deal with it). Go to Pylos Nebula: Nariph System, and Dock with the MSV Broken Arrow.

Completing it: When you arrive on board, EDI will tell you there's a limited amount of time, and a six-minute timer will show up in your HUD. There is some loot on board, but you may want to ignore it in favor of completing the Assignment in time. Your first goal is to get the ship's power back online. Fight your way through the ship to the Engine Room. Once there, endless waves of geth will attack you, with a short pause between waves. There are two Power Couplings. In order to activate one, you have to stand facing it for a few seconds, until the bar in the HUD completes. If you get shot while doing this, the bar resets and you have to start over. So wait for a pause between waves of geth before activating them. Once the power is back on, you have to start the engines. The Engine Control is also in this room. Go up the scaffolding to Bypass it and end the Assignment.

Javelin Missiles Launched

How to get it: After completing the Mission on Horizon, EDI will send you a Private Message informing you of a colony in danger.

Completing it: Go to Sigurd's Cradle: Skepsis System, and Land on Franklin . When you enter the base, EDI will tell you that you only have five minutes to disable the missiles, and a timer will start in your HUD. There are several batarians trying to kill you, but you should have plenty of time despite their best efforts. If you're still worried about time, skip the loot, because you can come back for it later.

When you Hack the terminal at the end, you'll discover that you can only destroy one of the two missiles that were launched. You can only save either the Colonists or the Spaceport, but not both. When you've made your choice, you'll be promted to hit the melee key to return to the Normandy. Before doing so, you can retrace your steps in order to loot stuff.

Lost Operative

How to get it: After the Prologue, when you've got control of the Normandy, you'll get a Private Message from Cerberus, informing you that one of their operatives has gone missing.

Completing it: Go to Omega Nebula: Fathar System, and Scan Lorek, then land on the planet. Just to your right amongst some crates is some Platinum. Go up the ramp and hang a right. As you approach the door, it'll open and several Eclipse mercs will come out of a door further in. Kill them, then go straight in to find a Med Kit and a Wall Safe you can Bypass for some Credits.

Bypass the Holding Cell Access to open the other two doors from the main room. More mercs will pour out and attack you. Go in the door to the right to find some Platinum. Bypass the other door, and inside you'll find the dead Lost Operative, and a Computer Console on which you can Access Data Logs. You'll then have three choices: 1) Keep the data for yourself, 2) Upload it to Cerberus, or 3) Upload it to Alliance HQ. The choices have no bearing on anything, so do whatever you think your Shepard would do. When you've made your choice, the Assignment will end, and you'll have a Private Message from whomever you sent the data to.

Mining the Canyon

How to get it: Go to Caleston Rift: Talava System and Scan Taitus. Land on the planet.

Completing it: You'll see a deactivated mech nearby, as well as some Power Cells. Bypass the Mech to unlock it, then pickup the Power Cells and use them on the mech. It'll power up and begin moving forward. The power bar at the bottom of the screen won't last long however, and you'll have to find more Power Cells near where it powers down to get it going again. Do this four times. The only time you'll have to fire your weapon is when a pair of varren attack. Otherwise, just follow the mech until it blows up. Then you can loot the Platinum, and the Assignment will end.

MSV Estevanico

How to get it: Go to Hourglass Nebula: Ploitari System and Scan Zanethu, launching a probe at the Anomaly. Land on the planet.

Completing it: You'll exit the shuttle all by yourself. There are some panels you'll have to shoot at the beginning, but otherwise there's nothing else to use your weapon on. The wreck will sway back and forth, and you'll occasionally be stunned for a second, but nothing bad will happen. Follow the only path you can, and eventually you'll come to some stairs just hanging out in the air. When you walk on them, they'll fall to the level below. Loot the four containers of Iridium as you go, and Access the Mainframe at the end. This will complete the Assignment.

MSV Strontium Mule

How to get it: During the Assignment "Archeological Dig Site," you'll learn that the Blue Suns have taken over a derelict ship. When you get back to the Normandy, you'll have a Private Message from Cerberus asking you to check it out.

Completing it: Go to Omega Nebula: Arinlarkan System and Board the MSV Strontium Mule. Make your way up to the Bridge, killing mercenaries as you go. To open the door, you'll have to Hack the Security Console to the left. Once Captain Vorhess is dead, several more mercs will attack you from behind. When they're dead, the ship will be yours to explore. Loot stuff, and be sure to read the Ship's main log on the Bridge for the code to open the Payload. In the Storage Room, access the payload, and then hit the key to end the Assignment. Back on the Normandy, you'll have a Private Message that'll start the Assignment "Blue Suns Base."

Quarian Crash Site

How to get it: Go to Hades Nexus: Sheol System and Scan Gei Hinnom. Land on the planet.

Completing it: In the landing site, Read the Personal Logs and loot the Med Kit and Palladium.Then just follow the path until you meet an injured quarian named Forzan vas Idenna. When you Stabilize her, endless waves of varren will then attack, and you'll have to keep them away from Forzan until the shuttle can come pick you up. Forzan's health bar will show up in the lower right corner of the HUD. If she dies, you'll have to retry. As the varren are numberless, just hustle on to the shuttle as soon as you can to end the Assignment.

Wrecked Merchant Freighter

How to get it: Go to Eagle Nebula: Amun System and Scan Neith. Land on the planet.

Completing it: Your goal is to Deactivate the Signal Transmitter at the far end of the map. Before you do so, however, take the time to explore the area. Read the logs and loot what you can (three sets of Credits from Damaged Mech Parts, four boxes of Platinum, one Med Kit, one box of Power Cells). When you do Deactivate the Signal Transmitter, endless waves of mechs will attack you, and the visibility will decrease. (It's possible there are, as the Shipping Manifest says, 181 mechs you could fight off, though I've never stuck around so long to find out) The Assignment will end when you board the shuttle.

When you return to the Normandy, you'll have a private message from EDI explaining that the last place the MSV Corsica docked was Jarrahe Station.

Abandoned Research Station

Go to Eagle Nebula: Strabo System and Dock with Jarrahe Station.

When you arrive, you'll find yourself locked in. There are no enemies to shoot here, so you can put away your weapons. Make your way through the first few rooms, looting and reading logs as you go. You'll come to a large room with a smaller room in the middle, which you can't enter yet. First, you have to restore power in four places:

  1. The first Power Console is in the Processing Office. There's no puzzle here, just turn it on.
  2. Go west from the Hub and activate the Power Console in the Medical Bay. This will lock you in, but you'll notice three lights on a table in the middle of the room. To unlock all the doors at once, press them in this order: right, middle, left, middle.
  3. On the east side of the Hub is the Research Lab. When you turn on the Power Console here, the VI again locks you in the room. Use the Computers to reposition the mirrors so the laser goes around the room and hits its target.
  4. North of the Hub is Engineering. Time your run through the plasma vents to avoid the blasts. You might want to leave your squadmates behind so they don't get hit. Go straight ahead and make a left 180 up the ramp, followed by another left. At the top, activate the Power Console. This shuts down the plasma vents, and you can safely loot stuff on your way back to the Hub.
There's one switch to throw on the front of the Hub, then you can go in and shut down the VI, ending the Assignment. Back aboard the Normandy, EDI will have sent you a Private Message telling you she's found the source of the viri that caused problems in the previous two places.

Hahne-Kedar Facility

Go to Titan Nebula: Haskins System, and Scan Capek, then Land on it. There is nothing to loot outside, but a few mechs will exit the door as you approach and attack you. Enter the facility and access the logs in the first room. When you do, a mech on the other side of the window will walk a few steps then explode. Keep your distance to avoid the shrapnel. Bypass a Wall Safe here for some Credits, then delve deeper in to the facility.

You'll come to a large room with a maze of crates to your left. Read the DataPad on the floor here, then go straight ahead to find some Element Zero. Go down the ramp. If you take a left, there are some Power Cells to loot. Go back right, and fend off the endless waves of mechs that attack you. If you can't survive taking point yourself, order your squad mates to move ahead of you incrementally. Another strategy is to let your squadmates deal with the first set of mechs, and then just run between the crates to the other side of the room. When you get to the ramp, to the right is some more Element Zero. Now go up the ramp, and the mechs will stop coming when you get to the next room. Go straight ahead to find yet more Element Zero. Go up the ramps and through the door. Shutdown the Production Line, and a successful Hack will cause the Assignment to end.

The Normandy

FBA Couplings

How to get it: Down on Deck 4, Talk to engineers Daniels and Donnelly. Ask if they need anything, and Donnely will mention some couplings that would make their jobs easier. Agree to look for them.

Completing it: Go to Omega Station, and buy the FBA Couplings from Kenn's Salvage. Return to the engineers and hand them in. They'll then offer a game of poker. If you say the neutral option, then it's a straight-up game and you have a chance of either winning or losing 100 Credits. If you say either the Paragon or Renegade options, you'll win 500 Credits.

Serrice Ice Brandy

How to get it: On Deck 3, Talk to Dr. Chakwas. Ask if she needs anything, and she'll lament her lack of brandy. Agree to find some for her.

Completing it: There are four places you can buy this, and they all charge 1000 Credits for it:
1) On Omega, in upper Afterlife there is a bottle on the bar.
2) On the Citadel, in the Dark Star Lounge there is a bottle on the counter.
3) On Tuchanka, there is a bottle in the Ratch's Wares Console.
4) On Illium, Talk to the bartender and ask for a drink to activate the Kiosk next to her, then buy a bottle of the brandy from there.

Return to the Normandy and give the bottle to Dr. Chakwas. Agree to share the bottle right then and there. After each investigation option, you'll be given something to toast to. Eventually you'll have to choose one of those toasts. When you do, you'll exit dialog, and you'll get a Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade.

Special Ingredients

How to get it: On Deck 3, Talk to Mess Sergeant Gardner. Ask if there's anything he needs, and he'll ask for better food, then back off, knowing you have more important things to do. Insist on looking for the Special Ingredients.

Completing it: Go to the Citadel and Zakera Cafe. Buy the High-Grade Provisions, which cost 500 Credits. Return to Mess Sergeant Gardner to hand them in. Your crew will appreciate it.


Combustion Manifold

How to get it: Talk to the Mechanic, who's working on a vehicle towards the back. He'll mention that the vehicle he's working on needs a Combustion Manifold. Promise to keep an eye out for one.

Completing it: During Mordin's Loyalty Mission "Old Blood," pick up the Combustion Manifold right before you enter the hospital. After the Mission, return to Tuchanka and hand in the part.

Killing Pyjaks

How to get it: From the landing pad, after you pass through the long corridor into the main room, take a left. The krogan standing next to a pet varren and a Console is Ratch. Talk to him, and agree to help with the pyjak problem.

Completing it: Just north of there is a pit. Next to the chief scout is a gun control. Use it to start the pyjak killing mini-game. There will be three waves of the little monkey creatures. Your goal is to kill them before they can get to the food supplies. The counter in the upper right is the number of remaining pyjaks in the current wave. The bar in the lower right corner is the ammount of food supplies left. If the bar reaches empty, you lose. There is no extra reward for saving all of the food. Use the directional controls on the keyboard to aim, and the spacebar to fire. When the game is over, return to Ratch for your reward: a discount at his shop. You can play this mini-game as often as you like, but there's no further reward for doing so.

Missing Scout

How to get it: While on Mordin's Loyalty Mission "Old Blood," Talk to the Chief Scout in the middle of the main area of Tuchanka. He'll ask you to keep an eye out for a scout he sent out.

Completing it: When you get inside the hospital, you'll come to a side room with a krogan just sitting there. Talk to him to learn that he is the Missing Scout. You then have two choices:
1) Kill him for some Renegade Points.
2) Convince him with either of the Paragon or Renegade options to return to Clan Urdnot.
When you return to the Chief Scout to report on the Scout's fate, you'll only get XP if you let the scout live.

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