Nightsolo's Mass Effect Weapons

Assault Rifles

NameWhere to Get
M-8 Avenger Assault RifleStarting equipment
M-15 Vindicator Battle RifleCouch in Archangel's base on Omega
M-76 Revenant Machine GunCollector Ship
M-96 Mattock Heavy RifleFirepower Pack DLC
Geth Pulse RifleHaestrom (Hardcore and Insanity difficulties only)
Collector Assault RifleCollector's and Digital Deluxe Editions


NameWhere to Get
M-23 KatanaStarting equipment
M-27 Scimitar AssaultIllium (Eclipse base)
M-300 Claymore HeavyCollector Ship
M-22 EvisceratorCerberus Assault Gear DLC
Geth PlasmaFirepower Pack DLC

Heavy Pistols

NameWhere to Get
M-3 Predator HeavyStarting equipment
M-5 Phalanx HeavyFirepower Pack DLC
M-6 Carnifex Hand CannonProfessor on Omega

Submachine Guns

NameWhere to Get
M-4 ShurikenStarting equipment
M-9 Tempest Haestrom
M-12 LocustBeckenstein (Kasumi DLC)

Sniper Rifles

NameWhere to Get
M-92 MantisStarting equipment
M-97 Viper Illium (Dantius tower)
M-98 Widow Anti-MaterialCollector Ship
M-29 IncisorDigital Deluxe Edition or Aegis Pack DLC

Heavy Weapons

NameWhere to Get
M-100 Grenade LauncherLazarus Station
ML-77 Missile LauncherResearch
M-622 AvalancheResearch
M-920 CainResearch
Collector Particle BeamHorizon
Arc ProjectorArc Projector DLC
M-451 Firestorm*Zorya (Zaeed DLC)
M-490 Blackstorm ProjectorBonus with preorder of Mass Effect 2 at select retailers
* A "Farenheight 451" reference, perhaps?

last modified 29 June 2013