Nightsolo's Mass Effect 3 Accomplishments

Accomplishment NameHow to Get
DrivenPlot related and unavoidable.
Bringer of WarPlot related and unavoidable.
MobilizerMeet Garrus, assuming he survived ME2.
World ShakerPlot related and unavoidable.
PathfinderPlot related and unavoidable.
Tunnel RatComplete the Mission Attican Traverse: Krogan Team.
Party CrasherPlot related and unavoidable.
Hard TargetPlot related and unavoidable.
SaboteurComplete the Mission Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons.
ArbiterPlot related and unavoidable.
Last WitnessPlot related and unavoidable.
ExecutionerPlot related and unavoidable.
Well ConnectedPlot related and unavoidable.
Fact FinderIf Samara Survived ME2, you'll meet her during the Mission Lessus: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery.
LiberatorComplete the Mission Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation.
Problem SolverComplete the Mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists.
PatriotPlot related and unavoidable.
LegendFinish the game. Note that the "Refusal" ending in the Extended Cut will not award this achievement/trophy.
ShopaholicVisit a store in the single-player campaign.
Master and CommanderYour Effective Military Strength has to be at least 4,000 when you start the Mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. With all the DLC completed, this should be no problem. Otherwise, play some multiplayer to get it up there.
Lost and FoundScan 10 planets to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.
Long Service MedalComplete ME3 twice, or once with an ME2 import.
InsanityFinish the game on Insanity difficulty without changing difficulty after leaving Earth.
A Personal TouchAdd a Mod to a Weapon.
ParamourEstablish or rekindle a romantic relationship. Diana Allers doesn't count.
Combined ArmsPerform any combination of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts. Pause the game to bring up the menu, order one of your squadmates to use a Power, then use one of yours.
FocusedEvolve any of your powers to rank 6.
RecruitKill 250 enemies.
SoldierKill 1,000 enemies.
VeteranKill 5,000 enemies. Kills from mutliple playthorughs and characters count.
BruiserKill 50 enemies with melee attacks.
UntouchableEscape a Reaper in the Galaxy Map. Scan enough times to make them appear in a system, then leave.
DefenderAttain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war. Play multiplayer or one of the iPad Apps to do this.
Overload SpecialistOverload the shields of 100 enemies.
Sky HighLift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.
PyromaniacSet 100 enemies on fire with powers.
Eye of the HurricaneKill a Brute while it's charging.
Mail SlotKill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.
HijackerHijack an Atlas mech. When you come across an Atlas, have your squadmates take cover somewhere they can't shoot it, then you shoot it only in the cockpit until the glass shatters. Lastly, kill the pilot and get in before any other enemies can.
Giant KillerDefeat a harvester. There are five of them during Tuchanka: Turian Platoon, and many others throughout the game.
EnlistedStart a character in multiplayer or customize a character in single-player.
Tour of DutyFinish all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions in single-player.
Always PreparedObtain two non-customizable suits of armor.
TouristComplete one multiplayer match or two N7 missions.
ExplorerComplete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.
GunsmithUpgrade any weapon to level X (10).
Almost ThereReach level 15 in multiplayer or level 50 in single-player.
Peak ConditionReach level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in single-player.
Battle ScarredPromote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character. (You can use a save game editor to change the End Game State to LivedToFightAgain.)
UnwaveringFinish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity.
StrikerKill 100 enemies with melee attacks.
Freedom Fighter(From Ashes DLC) Find all required Intel to help Eden Prime's colonists. i.e. finish the Mission Eden Prime: Resistance Movement before leaving Eden Prime.
Prothean Expert(From Ashes DLC) Recruit Javik.
No Stone Unturned(Leviathan DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Family Matters(Leviathan DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Under Pressure(Leviathan DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Conspiracy Theorist(Leviathan DLC) Activate only Reapers Activities, Element Zero and Creature Sightings
Savior(Omega DLC) Complete the Omega DLC.
Talon(Omega DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Meticulous(Omega DLC) Complete all the Command Center side-missions on Omega.
Priority Target(Citadel DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
High Society(Citadel DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Team Player(Citadel DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Last Resort(Citadel DLC) Plot related and unavoidable.
Perfect Host(Citadel DLC) Throw a Party for your friends.
King of the Castle(Citadel DLC) Win a prize at one of the arcade games. The Claw Machine is the easiest one.
Technical Issue(Citadel DLC) Investigate a strange occurrence in the combat simulator. This is the last in a series of requests you get on the Armax Arsenal Arena Email system. Just set up the sim as asked and survive it.
Simulated Hero(Citadel DLC) Score 9999 points in the combat simulator on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity. This will happen easily as you unlock and use more modifiers in the Armax Arsenal Arena.
The One and Only(Citadel DLC) In the combat simulator, defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.

last modified 14 July 2013