NightSolo's Mass Effect 3 Downloadable Content

Alternate Appearance Pack 1

Includes alternate combat appearances for Garrus, Liara, and EDI. On the squad selection screen, select a character, then click the Cycle Appearance button that appears near the bottom right of the screen. These appearances don't just look good, they add bonuses like power recharge speed or increased weapon damage. On the Personal Terminal in your Cabin, or on the Squad Selection Screen, Cycle the Appearance of a squadmate, then click the Info button to see the bonus.

Also includes the Cerberus heavy Ajax Armor for Shepard, selectable on the Armor Screen.

Citadel: Shore Leave

For the single-player campaign, contains new missions, new temporary squadmates, new places to explore on the Citadel, new weapons, new weapon mods, new armor, new War Assets, and a new "collectable" item. I recommend waiting to do this until just before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, because some characters won't join your Party until after they've completed their part in the game. For example, Miranda won't join unless you've helped her complete Priority: Horizon. If you're looking for justification for putting the Normandy in dry dock, EDI does mention at one point that the Normandy will need it "before the year is out." Also, your old apartment from ME1 is probably under Reaper control.
You'll get an email from Admiral Anderson on your Private Terminal. Read it, then go to the Citadel, and choose Personal Apartment from the docking menu. You cannot get there using Citadel Rapid Transit. After the cutscene, explore the place. There are DataPads all over the place with audio notes for Anderson's Biography. There's also a TV downstairs in back where you can listen to an ANN interview. While you're listening to those, you can also toggle the Sound System for some music. Also back here are a Catalog Store and a Personal Terminal. There's nothing new in the Catalog yet, so just read the email from Joker, requesting a dinner. Upstairs you can find an Armor Locker and a Weapons Bench. Change into something more comfortable. If you're playing a female Shepard, the dress will make sense of some dialog later.

When you're ready, exit the Apartment and use the elevator at the end of the hall. A cutscene will show your arrival at the Sushi Bar. Head into the back corner of the restaurant, chatting with the host and bartender briefly, then Talk to Joker. After some small talk, you'll meet Staff Analyst Maya Brooks of Alliance Intelligence. Some more serious conversation starts, then several mercenaries in armor stroll into the bar. Now you get control of Shepard, with the M-11 Suppressor heavy pistol as your only weapon. Kill the mercs. Two headshots should do it, but you have limited ammo, so use your Powers primarily. Once the initial set of mercs is dead, more will arrive on the stairs in sets of two. Ignore them and just run to Brooks near the entrance and Revive her to end the fight.

A short cutscene will play. Proceed out the door and jump across to the next platform, down the ladder to your left, and then across to the next platform. There you will find a DataPad about new temperature units. Head down the next ladder and Shepard will notice a landing pad across the way. (You may also notice a volus going inside). Head down the next ladder and into the building behind you. Head across the room, up the ladder, turn left, then across the gaps. Once you reach the end, there is a group of three enemies down on the lower level. Once you are clear, continue down the marketplace and you will find another DataPad near some Thermal Clips.

When you finally get to the end of the marketplace, you will encounter more enemies. Behind the cover at the end is a Pistol Power Magnifier Mod and a Terminal with Credits on it. Head back out and around to the left. At the end is another stack of Credits and another DataPad. At the end is a bridge, locked down of course, but you can Bypass it. Before doing so, there is a room to your left with a Terminal with more Credits. Once you start the Bypass, an alarm is triggered and more mercs pour in.

Once you have cleared the way, advance, and along the right side will be a series of stores with Terminals, DataPads and an Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials Mod. When the path narrows, be warned there are more enemies coming. Once you have finished, head down and to the right to find another Terminal with Credits. Head inside the door, and you will find a squadmate who will team up with you. In the car store, you can investigate each car to read a sales pitch for it. Find the Control Panel to unlock the landing pad door. There is a Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials Mod near the door which you entered from, so don't miss it. There is a Terminal with Credits near a door at the back of the showroom.

As you approach the door to open it, it is suddenly locked by the volus you may have noticed earlier. Your squadmate opens it for you. Head out the doors and the C-Sec shuttle arrives, but it is yet another ambush by the mercenaries who open fire on you. Wrex or James will then arrive and join your squad. Don't forget to allocate Talent Points, especially to Wrex. The enemies are infinite in number, so just survive until you hear Joker tell you to get to the shuttle. The extraction zone is next to where the mercenary shuttle arrived at the start of the fight.

You arrive back at your newly acquired Apartment and a conversation immediately beings about what happened. When you get control of Shepard, go around and talk to everyone there, leaving Liara for last. Remember to check upstairs. When you are ready, Talk to Liara. Brooks is required to be in your squad, so feel free to choose anyone else. If you have Liara with you, the hacking will take considerably less time. Once you are inside the Casino, move up the stairs and onto the casino floor. You will only have control of your other squadmate as Brooks will head directly for the shaft. You can gamble on Quasar and Craps here. Mingle with the guests for a little bit. Each one has two or three clever little conversations you can have. If you like, spend the time and talk to everyone. Later, you might be required to Mingle some more, and it'll work even if there's no dialog left. Brooks will eventually call you up because there is a problem. Head up the stairs and to the shaft.

Once you find Brooks, she mentions there is an alarm on the grate. Follow the blue wiring, as instructed. The junction box is at the other end of the upper level guarded by a camera. Stay out of the yellow cone of sight that the camera puts out and hack the camera from the side. The yellow cone will turn green for a few seconds, allowing you to stand in it to hack the alarm. If it turns back to yellow while you're standing in it, the box in the lower right of the screen will say "Suspected." Mingle once to reset it and try again. Succeeding advances Brooks. After Mingling a bit more, Brooks runs into another problem: there is a guard right beneath her. Follow the Nav Point and Talk to him. Brooks will radio she is clear, so back to Mingling. Be careful to avoid setting things off. There are two ATMs on the ground floor you can get at for Credits, but you have to bypass the respective cameras to do so, and it is a Renegade action.

When Brooks contacts you again, she has run into two problems. Follow the red wiring. On the left is the Pressure Pad. You have to distract a guard and a camera simultaneously. Send your squadmate to distract the guard, hack the Camera, then the Security Device. On the other side, send your squadmate to distract the stationary guard, and watch the patrolling one for the right moment. Be careful when you try and go, because if you get seen, you become suspected. Mingle immediately or it will be game over.

After bypassing them both, you'll need to distract another guard. Again follow the Nav Point to find him. Mingle some more. Brooks will finally radio she is in and now you need to meet her. Follow the yellow wiring this time. This is the hardest part, but thankfully the last. First, stand next to the camera to the right, next to the human guests. When the patrolling guard is nearest to you, just as he turns around, order your squadmate to distract the stationary guard, then immediately hack the camera next to you. As soon as that's done, run to the other camera, and wait for the patrolling guard to turn around before you hack it. Quickly run to the third camera and hack that. This will trigger a cutscene.

Back at the Apartment, speak with everyone again. When you're ready for the next phase, Talk to Brooks to get the plan. Choose your squad, then enjoy the cutscene. Everyone starts shooting. Focus on the enemies on the ground as the ones upstairs can be taken care of by everyone else. Once the room is clear, a conversation starts. Your attempts at verbal persuasion are useless. There is a quick Renegade Interrupt which will result in you shooting the Citadel model above, bringing it crashing down on the two troopers on the ground floor. It's OK if you miss it, because another one of your squadmates will do it for you. Everyone springs to cover, and now you fight your way out.

Before leaving, grab the Shotgun Ultralight Materials Mod and the Med-Kit on the right. At the top of the ramp behind the door is a Terminal with Credits on it. Beyond the scanners is another Med-Kit and an SMG Power Magnifier Mod. Enter the next room. At the other end of the catwalks, CAT6 soldiers descend. Kill them, then step onto the platform, which will move you to the next area. When the platform stops, there is an M-7 Lancer assault rifle on a bench to the right. This rifle does not use clips, but rather the same cooldown system from ME1. The vault opens into the next area and then you have to keep moving. Head up and to the right. More humorous banter follows and then more enemies to kill. Once you move out of that area, you will get a communication that one of your teams is pinned down to the left. Move and flank the enemies and pick them off from above. Once they are all down, jump down and a cutscene will play.

Once you regain control of Shepard, You'll see a hologram to the left. Approach it to listen to an historical record. There are several more such areas ahead. If people start talking over it, just exit the bluish circle and re-enter to start it over. When you're ready, head through the door on the opposite side and follow the catwalks.

When you emerge into the next room, move to take out any enemies in the immediate vicinity, then move to cover along the wall to find more enemies. Once the place is clear, head through the door at the end to continue. Moving through the next area more mercs will ambush you. Once they are down, grab the Med-Kit in one of the historical record areas and then move on. Once next the fight is over, there is a Terminal with Credits nearby and a Sniper Rifle High-Velocity Barrel Mod on the far right hand side of the room. Head over to the door and proceed. There is a Med-Kit stashed behind some boxes on the left before opening the second door.

Once the Atlas is dead, grab the Med-Kit at the base of the stairs and move along the catwalks. Use the elevated catwalk here to your advantage and keep pushing forward. Once the initial group is almost dead, Razor Squad arrives. Once you are done grab the Med-Kit on the boxes to the left and head through the door. In next room, everything suddenly gets quiet. Move along the path until you enter a large room. Kill the two mercs here, then look around for a Terminal on the right side with some Credits on it. Further down you will find a Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials Mod in the middle and an Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials Mod on the left. There is a Terminal with some Credits at the far end just past where the mods are located. When you are ready, go through the door where the opposition came out and up the stairs.

When you emerge, you have to deal with some more enemies. Once they are dealt with, head through another door and up the stairs. Head through the hallway and down the corridor. Take your time exploring, and eventually you'll get a cutscene and dialog. Depending on your choice of dialogue, two Paragon Interrupts or two Renegade Interrupts allow you to threaten the two villains, though to no avail. Enjoy the rest of the cutscene.

Pick your squadmates and continue. Once you arrive at the Docks, head down the ladder to the right. Make your way forward a little at a time, as the arrival waves of mercs will be triggered one at a time by your location. Remember to save when you can. When you reach the other end, loot the two Medical Stations, Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials Mod, the Shotgun Ultralight Materials Mod, then go up the stairs into the Normandy.

In the ramp, you will find a confused Samantha Traynor. She'll need convincing, which you can do easily, but if you're romancing her, you'll have a Paragon Interrupt Opportunity to kiss her. After a cutscene, you and your squad will be under the CIC. Crawl to the end of the passage and hit the switch for the stairs. Run up and quickly find what cover there is, as there are plenty of enemies in CIC. When the area is clear, head through the door to the War Room to get Private Campbell’s Favorite Mug (yes, it is actually there the rest of the game), an Assault Rifle Thermal Scope Mod, and a merc PDA. When you've got that loot, next to the Galaxy Map is a Merc Payment worth 15,000 Credits. Before you head to the elevator, you will discover that "somebody" dumped all your personal stuff from the cabin - ship models, space hamster, medals - into a big bin for disposal. It's funniest if the hamster is there. Don't worry, you'll get it all back soon.

Get on the elevator. Once inside the Shuttle Bay, the Clone emerges in a full set of N7 Armor, and after a conversation, the fight begins. You'll have to fight your Clone, Brooks, and several more mercs. In the upper right corner of the HUD is a count of the Clone’s Medi-Gel. Your goal is to get the Clone’s shields/barriers and health gone to force them to use a Medi-Gel. There is a large crate of it in the center of the hold should you yourself run out. If Brooks goes down, the Clone will move to revive her, and there are an infinite number of mercs. So just concentrate on the Clone and avoid everyone else. There is an autosave in the middle of the fight where you get a cutscene. Continue the fight with the added challenge of not falling out of the open Bay Door.

Once you get the Clone to exhaust its Medi-Gel and get it down to half armor, the final cutscene will play. Both Shepards begin to fight, knocking them both onto the ramp, and eventually left dangling over it. Your squad saves the real Shepard, and you then can choose to try and save the Clone, who dies regardless. Your next choice is what to do with Brooks. A Paragon dialogue followed by a Paragon Interrupt will lead to you talking Brooks out of hacking the cuffs, and giving herself up. A Renegade dialogue will result in Brooks hacking her cuffs and making a run for it, leading to a Renegade Interrupt that allows you kill her. If you miss this last Interrupt, one of your squadmates will take the shot. After that, the Normandy returns to dock, and you wind up in your Apartment.

Read your emails. All you need to do is buy the Party Provisions at a Kiosk upstairs in the Silver Coast Casino. To get there, exit the Apartment and take the elevator. Look at the map to find the location. In the hallway before the mall is a Catalog kiosk where you can buy new furniture for your Apartment. To redecorate, use the console next to the email terminal in the Apartment. You can return now to the Apartment and start the Party, but there are a bunch of things to do here.

Several of your squadmates will want to meet somewhere in the Mall or in the Apartment. Some people will hang out for a bit after the cutscene, so be sure to talk to them again. Also be sure to check your emails after the Party at the end, then come back to meet more people. In the first round is James, and after the conversation, interract with the pull-up bar to start doing pull-ups. If you want to beat his record, you'll need to use the Paragon and Renegade Interrupts that appear. 183 times. James will keep count for you, so just keep clicking until you beat his record.

Inside the Arcade are three games you can play. Getting the high score on each rewards you with a Weapon Mod.
-Shattered Eezo is a rock'em sock'em robots-type-game downstairs. Block until the opponent is charging, then wail on it. Also block when it's blocking, so you can avoid its first jab.
-Relay Defense is also downstairs. You're defending the planet on the right. Left-click on a square to launch a missile at an enemy. If too many of them manage to warp in and shoot your planet, you lose. Right-click to send a ship from right to left to add a score multiplier. This can be done three times, for a 4x multiplier. If the ship hits an enemy along the way, it and your current multiplier is destroyed.
-Upstairs is the Claw Machine. Using it is the easiest way to get the King of the Castle Accomplishment. Picking up an orange ball will get you a Weapon Mod, up to three times.

The Arena is a combat simulator, similar in idea to Pinnacle Station in ME1. Completing a scenario earns you a token, the quality of which is based on your score. Just inside the entrance to the right are three kiosks where you can redeem these tokens. You'll need to purchase everything in them to experience all the scenarios and get the Accomplishment. If you're worried that you're only getting silver tokens, you can exchange one Silver for three Bronze tokens. At the bottom of the stairs is the console you use to set up the scenarios. Once you Activate it, there are two buttons on the lower row: the one on the left exits the console, and the one on the right is the Arena email program, where you'll receive challenges. The upper row of buttons are the options for the scenarios. More of them will unlock as you redeem tokens. When you've gotten your next scenario set up, go through the door to the right. On the other side of the partition are a Weapons Bench and Armor Locker. To the right of that is the door to the combat simulator.

Each scenario runs three rounds. At the start of a round, you'll see a drone with a scoreboard in the upper right area of the screen. It follows you around and generally makes a nuisance of itself. Just try to ignore it. You'll also see a cluster of glowing orange points that look like onions. These are the spawn points for the enemy in this round. You'll have a few seconds to position yourself before the round begins. Enemies will spawn in waves. Killing enemies within five seconds of each other gets you a killing streak bonus, up to ten in a row. When they're all eliminated, the round ends. A large blue hologram that looks like a crystal will spawn. Run through it to get 200 bonus points. At the end of the match, your score is totaled, and multiplied based on the modifiers you've given yourself. Don't worry too much about the Accomplishment for scoring 9999 points, because you'll get there soon enough.

When you've completed all the challenges and unlocked everything from the token kiosks, you'll get a series of challenges from the programmers of the Arena. The final one will be buggy with the safeties turned off. If you get knocked out, you die and have to reload from your last save. There are four rounds of mixed enemies. Survive it and you'll get the Accomplishment.

When you've done everything you want to do in the Mall, return to the Apartment. Use the decor console to put in place some new furniture, if you want to. Use the email terminal to send out invitations. Some people are automatically invited and can't be un-invited. The availability of others depends on who's alive and who's completed their Missions in this game. Once the invitations are sent, Talk to Glyph to choose an ambiance. This can be either subdued or lively. No matter what, people will get drunk. Talk with everyone, and then Glyph will offer to keep the ambiance the same or change it. Talk with everyone again, and Glyph will offer to take care of one issue, if any has arisen. In between each round, run between groups multiple times to hear all they have to say. When you're ready to finish the party, go to the couch to take a group photo.

In the morning, you may wake up next to your love interest, or someone else. Talk to everyone to see how they deal with hangovers, then go to the Mall. When you're done with everything here, Activate the Citadel Rapid Transit to return to the Normandy. There's one last cutscene. After the party you may get more emails. Return to your Apartment to check your messages if you think you may have missed anyone.

Earth Multiplayer Pack

"Adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London" for Multiplayer.

Extended Cut

When the game shipped, the ending sucked. There was such an uproar from gamers everywhere, including myself, that EA/BioWare released a fix several months later. "Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard's choices on the future of the galaxy." It's free, so you have no excuse not to download it. It's so integral to the story now, that any additions are included in this guide.

Firefight Weapons Pack

"Adds seven weapons for use in the single-player campaign: the Indra and Krysae sniper rifles, Reegar Carbine, Harrier battle rifle, Geth SMG, plus the all-new Blood Pack Punisher SMG and Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle."

From Ashes

"Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member in The Prothean Pack. Also includes a new appearance for each squad member! NOTE: Collectors Edition copies of Mass Effect 3 include a code for this content."

WARNING: If you want to take Javik along on the first Optional Mission, you'll have to complete Priority: Palaven first.

Go to Exodus Cluster: Utopia System, and Land on Eden Prime. Liara is required to be in your squad (she is the Prothean expert, after all), so choose your other squadmate, if you have a choice. The dialog will of course vary depending on who you chose. Go in the building on the right. Salvage the Computer for some Credits and loot the Med-Kit. There is also a Terminal here that will trigger the Mission "Eden Prime: Resistance Movement". This must be completed before returning to the Normandy, otherwise it gets stuck in the Journal for the entire rest of the game.

Follow the Nav Point and Use the Elevator Console. This will trigger a cutscene, and a new pair of objectives, which may be completed in either order. (Make a hard save before picking up the first one, as there is a crash bug on one of the pieces of data, so if your game crashes, just go pick up the other piece first.) Several enemies will be dropped off. Kill them, then go in the building on the left to find a Terminal with some Intel on it and some Equipment you can Salvage for Credits.

Go towards the next building on the left and you'll be attacked by more Cerberus troops. You can go up the ladder to gain the "high ground" advantage, if you like. Inside the building you'll find another Terminal with more Intel on it, as well as a Med-Kit and some Equipment to Salvage for Credits.

Go towards the fresh Nav Point that Liara puts on your HUD. Bypass the door, and inside you'll find a Med-Kit. In the second door, Use the Computer Console to trigger a cutscene where you get the activation code for the Pod.

Leave this building and go left, up some stairs and into another building. As you go out the other side, you'll be attacked by Cerberus troops. Clear them out, and follow the Nav Point across the courtyard and into another building. Salvage some Equipment on the table to the left for some Credits, then go through the inner door to find the data for how to open the Pod.

After the cutscene, several shuttles drop off their troops to attack you. Your best bet is to use the buildings to your left for cover. Beware the Turrets dropped by Engineers. Once the area is clear, Liara will mention that the bridge you came across on has been retracted. Before you find the alternate way back, be sure to scour the area for any loot or Intel you may have missed for the "Eden Prime: Resistance Movement" Mission, as there's no coming back.

Hop down this end of the retracted bridge, then go across and up two ladders. Hop over the two vents straight ahead, and go down the ladder to the right. Make your way to the Stasis Pod and Activate it. While you wait, you should pass the time by killing Cerberus troops. An Atlas will drop in at one point. If you want the Hijacker Accomplishment, shoot the cockpit to kill the pilot, then get in before any other Cerberus troops can take his place. Also, you'll want to either let your squadmates die, or position them out of the way so they don't shoot the Atlas. During the fight, your squadmates will mention a building with extra ammo in it, should you need any. After the area is clear, the Pod will open, and you'll meet Javik.

Through cutscenes, you'll wind up back on the Normandy. After your conversation with Javik, you'll have the Particle Rifle assault rifle available to you. Javik will be available as a squad member, but not until after you've completed Priority: Palaven. For now, explore the ship and get people's reaction to having a living Prothean on board.

Genesis 2

This is an interactive module that takes place before the intro. It's done in a comic book style, with the voiceover done by your favorite male or female Shepard voice actor.

Genesis only triggers if you did not import a save game.

You will get to experience the crucial events from Mass Effects 1 and 2, and make the major choices that affect Mass Effect 3.

Groundside Resistance Weapons Pack

"Adds more firepower to your single-player campaign with the Striker and Typhoon assault rifles, the Piranha shotgun, the Acolyte pistol, and the Kishock harpoon gun, plus two all-new weapons: the Venom shotgun and the Executioner pistol."


"Something lurks in the dark corners of space, something powerful enough to kill a Reaper. Shepard races to discover the most closely guarded secret in the galaxy before the Reapers silence it forever. Do you dare face the Leviathan?"

Go to the Citadel and Dock, or Use the Citadel Rapid Transit and choose Dr. Bryson's Office. A lengthy cutscene starts, during which you will have first a Paragon Interrupt Opportunity, followed by a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity. When you regain control of Shepard, Investigate objects in Dr. Bryson's Lab for clues. First, check the Audio Log on the table next to EDI, which leads to the Galaxy Map Search Program, in this lab. As you explore the lab, certain objects will supply search filters to use on the Galaxy Map Program to narrow down the location of Leviathan.

A complete search of the lab and the upstairs bedroom will turn up six different Filters. Only one Filter needs to be selected for Shepard to be able to leave the lab and explore possible Leviathan sites around the Galaxy, but you can opt to use additional filters to tighten the search. Using the Creature Sightings, Locations with Element Zero, and Reaper Activities Filters simultaneously will pinpoint the correct location. Using the three correct filters at once, without the incorrect filters, will get you the Conspiracy Theorist Accomplishment.

Before you leave, pick up all the loot. The Pistol Cranial Trauma System Mod is in the far left corner of the balcony; the SMG High-Velocity Barrel Mod is across from the Citadel Rapid Transit; the Pistol Ultralight Materials Mod is next to a tree on the right side of the balcony; while the SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System Mod is on a shelf near the Rachni Information. Before you head to the next destination, note that several systems will have opened up for exploration and exploitation. These are the places you would have visited, had you not found Garneau's exact location.

Go to Caleston Rift: Aysur System, and Scan for then Land on Mahavid (in the asteroid belt, south-southwest of the star). After a cutscene, take the nearby lift down to the main floor. While moving off the lift, your squad will notice a small Reaper scouting party ahead, near the door to the inside of the facility. When they're dead, head up the stairs where the Reaper enemies came from to find a Med-Kit. Bypass the only accessible door to the right, and head on through to the next room. Here you'll find yourself in a reception room full of some oblivious locals. Shepard and team will talk to the personnel at the reception desk, and after asking about Dr. Garneau, you'll find that the elevator is inoperable. You'll have to find a way to repair it so you can move on.

After regaining control of Shepard, you'll be able to look around, overhear some of the other personnel talking with each other, and find that you now have to repair the elevator. There is a DataPad near the group in front of the customs personnel you can interact with to get some Credits. There is another DataPad behind the reception desk that also yields Credits. The men behind the reception desk will bark at you but won't bite. At the side of the room opposite from the door you entered from, you'll find a Repair Drone Terminal you can use to activate a drone to fix the elevator. Stay near it to guide it to the elevator. After fixing the elevator, take it up to the next floor.

Inside this hallway, you can find a DataPad behind a crate of rocks to the left. Then move through either door, as both lead to different parts of connected rooms. There are various objects you can interact with that show that T-GES Mineral Works is not what it seems. In the room with the potted plants are a Terminal and a DataPad, both with Credits. Check out the Security Terminal with the floor map: you need a password for further clearance. Now head to the next room. Behind the 3D display console there's a DataPad with Credits on it. Bypass the next door. Inside the room is an SMG High-Velocity Barrel Mod and a DataPad with Credits and the Password you're looking for. You need one more piece of information.

Go through the upper door labeled Sector 4, then go in the small room to the right. Look at the DataPad to get a Personnel ID. Now head all the way back to the Crew Quarters and use the ID you just found to get in. There is an Ultralight Pistol Materials Mod and two DataPads inside. Return to the Security Terminal and Access it to open up the Medical Bay, which is just past where you found the Personnel ID.

Once inside, there's a Med-Kit next to a windowed room with a corpse on the table. Examine the Body to meet Dr. Garneau. After a conversation, give chase. After the second door, take the ladder nearby to get outside. Once out, follow the linear path towards the Nav Point, and kill the Husks that are chasing after your target. In the next open area find an SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System Mod. Further along, you'll find a Reaper Blackstar, but you'll want to save it for when the Banshees appear. Once the area is clear, search the area to the right of the door for a Med-Kit and a Pistol Cranial Trauma System Mod.

As you Access the door, power goes offline and now you have to escort another repair drone to repair two power units in the open area you just came from. Enemies appear in infinite waves, so stay close to the drone and keep it moving, otherwise it'll run out of power and you'll fail the mission. Beware the Banshee towards the end of the fight. When the power is restored and the area is clear again, Open the door and go into the mine for a cutscene. Back aboard the Normandy, some of your crew will comment on the Mission.

Return to Dr. Bryson's Lab on the Citadel. After the cutscene, you get to search the lab again. Examine everything, then go upstairs to listen to a message on Dr. Bryson's Personal Terminal. Go back downstairs and Examine everything again. After you learn that Dr. Ann Bryson was on the Icarus, use the Computer Console opposite the PDA you found the info on. Bring up the image of the Icarus, then Examine that. Open a Drawer next to the creepy Husk Experiment. Examine the PDA, then open the Requisitions Locker behind you. Examine all the objects within, being sure to pick up the Assault Rifle Omni-Blade Weapon Mod. Go to the Galaxy Map in the Lab and add all the new Filters to find your next target. Again, several explorable systems will open up. You only need to go to the one you narrowed down, but the others will have resources for you.
Go to Pylos Nebula: Zaherin System. Scan for then Land on Namakli. After the cutscene, move ahead on the walkway. If you keep moving quickly through the open areas, the Harvesters won't shoot you as much. After a fight with some Cannibals, pick up the AT-12 Raider shotgun off the body in front of the structure the Cannibals exited. Move into this same building and pick up the SMG High-Velocity Barrel Mod on the left side.

After you exit the structure you come to a dead end. Turn around and climb up the ladder. Kill the Husk waiting for you, then find a place to jump across to the rocky area. The Bridge Control Panel there needs to be fixed, and one of your squadmates will volunteer themselves to do so while you fight off some Husks. After the Husks are defeated, the squad member will have finished with the controls just in time for the arrival of a Banshee. Take care of her, then move on. You'll encounter a few more Husks on your way to the elevator.

Note: A common glitch in this area prevents you from going down a ladder. Depending on your system, either looking up when approaching the ladder or using the walk-not-run key will get you through. Reloading an earlier save also seems to work.

When you Activate the Elevator Controls, the car comes down part of the way but is blocked because of damage to the elevator shaft. Shepard contacts Ann for a workaround--she activates a door one level up and gives a new Nav Point. Go into the building next to the elevator to find an SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System Mod on a counter. Keep moving up and around the wreckage. You'll encounter more Reaper troops. In the building on the right is a DataPad with some Credits on it.

After taking care of more enemies, climb up the ladder and you'll find a Med-Kit in the building. Move out onto the balcony. At the end of it, Shepard will comment about the way being blocked: simply turn around and climb up the ladder, then navigate over the debris. Keep moving forward and dispose of the occasional enemies that try to stop you. Eventually you'll be able to climb onto a structure and move to the rock wall to which the buildings are attached. There are a few more enemies that attack soon after you do so.

Move forward and a platform will collapse in front of you. Move back to the structures and keep going. You'll encounter more Reaper troops. Do enough damage to the Harvester, and it will fly off. After the area is clear, pick up the Med-Kit on the path by the corner of the building. Kill the enemies in the next area. Along the wall between the first entrance and the one where the Ravager was located is an Assault Rifle Omni-Blade Mod. Near the exit there is also some Damaged Machinery to Salvage for Credits.

Move forward and a squadmate will yell about the elevator. Before getting on it, find a Med-Kit and Salvageable Data inside the building just before the elevator controls. Now Activate the elevator and you'll get a cutscene. Afterwards, it's time to kill more Reaper troops, including a Harvester. The Harvester needs to die in order for Cortez to get the shuttle in to land. Once it's dead, you can ignore the rest of the enemies just head to the shuttle. On the way there is a Med-Kit on a desk to the left. In the building past the shuttle, there is another Med-Kit and Salvageable Data. A cutscene plays out for you. Back aboard the Normandy, your squad mates will comment on the Mission.

Return to Dr. Bryson's Lab on the Citadel. You'll meet Ann in a cutscene upstairs. When you regain control of Shepard, go downstairs to begin a conversation with Ann. Follow her around the lab as she reminisces. When you get the chance, Talk to James repeatedly until he asks if he can take the creepy head back to the Normandy. Interact with the head and choose whether or not to take it. Oddly, it winds up in Shepard's cabin, even though it was James who wanted the thing. When you're ready, Talk to Ann. During the cutscene, you'll have two Renegade Interrupt Opportunities to keep her connected to Leviathan. They're not necessary to get its location, and using them loses you Dr. Ann Bryson as a War Asset.
Go to Sigurd's Cradle: Psi Tophet System, and Scan then Land on 2181 Despoina. After the cutscene, there are a bunch of DataPads by the makeshift shelters, along with some items worth picking up for credits: two Pure Eezo Samples, two Survey Datas, Star Charts, an Assault Rifle Omni-Blade Mod, the M-55 Argus assault rifle, and a Pistol Cranial Trauma System Mod by a seaside cranny near the shelters. You will also see the same artifacts you've seen before, and these can be destroyed if you like.

As you get towards the far end of the platform, Reaper foot soldiers start pouring in. As you finish them off, Cortez will get the shuttle in the air again, but only briefly, and he lands the shuttle at the other side of the wreck. There is Mining Equipment to Salvage just past the part where you have to leap across. Deal with the Reapers here, then you'll find an Ultralight Pistol Materials Mod in another nook by the ocean, near the tarp nearest to Cortez. Note the locations of the M-560 Hydra by the supply stashes behind Cortez, along with the Med-Kits. When you're ready, Talk to Cortez.

Your next task is to open the door to the nearby Triton. To do this, you need to insert the Power Cells Cortez gives you into nearby Power Sockets. One of the sockets is near the bay door itself, and another is at the seaward side of the wreck. When you insert a Cell, the power will slowly leak out, as shown by the meter in the upper left part of the screen. I advise positioning your squadmates to cover you, then just running back and forth between Cortez and the Socket nearest the Triton. As the power gets close to full, use the M-560 Hydra when the Brutes appear.

Once you get the door open, get in the Triton to clear out the remaining enemies. You actually do have to use the Triton, as enemies will spawn infinitely if you don't. It's exactly like an Atlas, if you've ever used one before. When the area is clear, walk the Triton over to Cortez. You then get your last chance to scour the area for loot. In the area where you picked up the Triton, you'll find some Xenotechnology to Salvage. When you're ready, Talk to Cortez to start the next cutscene.

Your goal is to find the Probe you used to Scan the planet before you Landed. Just follow the flares that the Triton automatically spits out for you. Meet the Leviathan. After a long conversation and several cutscenes, you'll be back aboard the Normandy, with the new Leviathan Enthrallment Team War Asset. If Ann Bryson wasn't incapacitated earlier, she also becomes a War Asset. Explore the ship to get everyone's reactions.

N7 Collector's Edition & Digital Deluxe Materials


"An uneasy alliance between Shepard and Aria begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse to wrest Omega from Cerberus's control. Forced to rely on Aria's unique knowledge of the station and faced with her lust for revenge, how far will you go to retake Omega?"

Note 1: I recommend waiting until near the end of the game before starting this. You'll have two unique squadmates for this, and being of a higher level, you'll be able to allocate more talent points for them.

Note 2: It's possible for Aria to kiss you at the end of this DLC. This is only possible if you do exactly as she says, and agree with her every step of the way.

CAUTION: There are three side quests in here. If you don't complete them, they will get stuck in your log for the rest of the game.

Dock with the Citadel or Use the Citadel Rapid Transit, and choose Dock 42. You'll enter into a conversation with Aria. After this, you'll be returned to the Normandy. Leave the Citadel, and Dock with Aria's Fleet, which is in the same system.

After the lengthy cutscenes, you gain control of Shepard with the immediate task of killing the nearby Cerberus troops. Aria is a squadmate, so be sure to allocate Talent Points to her. When the area is clear, loot the two Med-Kits, then Use the Blast Door Controls, and go through the door. Once you clear out the next room, there are some Tools which you can Salvage for Credits and an Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel Mod. Open the door on the right to enter an elevator.

Go to the left and Use a Computer Terminal before going through the door. Next, you'll enter a ventilation room, filled with more Cerberus troops. Once cleared, Aria will move ahead on her own. Loot the Medical Station next to her, then Talk to her. Aria will call to Shepard’s attention that the room ahead needs to be pressurized. While you wait, you'll have to hold off another wave of Cerberus soldiers who enter the room from behind you.

After walking down a hallway, Bypass the door which leads to the control room. Once it's open, find a Med-Kit straight ahead, then you'll have to kill some more Cerberus goons. When you Use the Defensive System Controls, a short cutscene will play out, during which you'll have a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity, should you wish to shoot the camera spying on you. If you don't take the shot, Aria will. Before leaving the control room, you can find on the left wall a Medical Station. Before entering the elevator, look up at the screen to see some examples of Cerberus brutality.

Moving on, you will be shot at immediately after the doors open. Clear out the area, then Salvage a Wall Safe on the left. Go through the security barrier and Use the Garage Door Controls to open them. Admire the Omega skyline, Salvage some Tools straight ahead for some Credits, and pick up the Pistol Heavy Barrel Mod next to that, then go past the Control Screen and hop over the crate into another fight. When the area is clear find a Med-Kit on the left, then get on the next elevator.

Exit the elevator into a hallway where you can Examine a crate marked with Talon graffiti. Nearby, you can Salvage some Scrap Metal for Credits. Move ahead and turn to the right, then jump down to see a cutscene. Kill the mechs. Once the area is clear, there is a Med-Kit at the far end of the hall near the force field before you meet up with Aria. Follow her and Use the Door Controls. Hop over the barrier, loot the Medical Station, pick up the Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel Mod, and go down the ladder to meet Nyreen Kandros, a female Turian.

You should allocate her Talent Points before moving on. Find some Scrap Metal to Salvage for Credits and a DataPad, as well as the N7 Valkyrie assault rifle. Bypass the door ahead to continue. There is a Weapons Bench against the wall to your right, which you may want to use to make use of the gear you've picked up so far. Move ahead down the tunnel, and then take the ladder to the upper level. Loot the nearby Medical Station, that is obscured by the fire. Jump onto the balcony below. There will be a large amount of Cerberus troops, including an Atlas, on the balcony in front of you. There are a Medical Station and a Med-Kit on the left, and another Med-Kit on the right.

Your next target is a Cerberus Engineer who is jamming the Cannon Controls. Concentrate on the other troops before you take him out, because as soon as you do, another Atlas will deploy in front of the Cannon Controls. Be sure to get all the loot from the area, as once you Activate the Cannon Controls, a cutscene will follow, at the end of which you'll find yourself in Aria's Bunker.

Aria leaves you to your own devices for a bit. Take this time to acquire two side Missions, "Omega: Assist the Mechanic", and "Omega: Assist the Hacker" both of which can be completed in the next mission area. Talk to the Mechanic and the Hacker, respectively. You can also make use of the Weapon Bench and Armor Locker if you want to use any of the gear you've picked up so far. Talk to Aria twice to learn more about the Mission and her personally. When you're ready, open the door past the Weapons Bench.

After the cutscene, head down the corridor and Examine the crates for a comment from Aria. Head right, across the gap, and up a ladder to find a DataPad with Credits to the left before the stairs. On the right, after the stairs you will find the first Hacker Terminal (don't miss this!) and a Lift Control. The Lift is jammed until you shoot the Explosive Crates on it. Head back down to the now functional Lift and Use it to get the Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel Mod, then climb over the crates to get into the air vent.

A DataPad with Credits on it can be found straight ahead soon. Use the Air Seal and Terminal to learn that they won't work without power. A DataPad is to the right of the Terminal. Reactivate the Generator to operate the Terminal, then open the Air Seal to continue. After you go down the ladder outside the vents, on the left behind some crates, Examine some Salvage for Credits. At the bottom of the stairs to the right, you'll find more Credits to Salvage. Open the door and head down the stairs into a fight with Cerberus troops.

When the area is clear, the second Hacker Terminal (don't miss this!) is in the right corner of the room, as you face the windows with Omega's skyline. A small room with a broken window opposite there contains a DataPad with Credits on it, and you'll find a Medical Station before the next door. Through that, a Cerberus Trooper will be standing with his back to you when you open the door, and an Engineer waits in the adjacent room. Take them out and you'll find a Medical Station on the left wall, and a DataPad with Credits around the corner in the small room to the right. Deactivate the Cerberus Lockdown in this room.

Releasing the lockdown opens the elevator door on the far side of the hallway, letting out some enemies. Revive the Injured Talon in the next small room on the right for some XP, then Activate the third and final Hacker Terminal (don't miss this!) behind him. Enter the elevator once you're done. As you head down the next hallway, enemies will run in from the landing pad. When the area is clear, there's a Medical Station on the left wall of the area before the landing pad. When you get up there, you'll see another landing pad to the left. Kill the Cerberus troops who arrive on a shuttle, then find a Med-Kit where they landed. Two more Injured Talons are to either side of the destroyed shuttle nearby. It's hard to see the interaction brackets until you're right on top of them, but they look identical to the first one you healed. Revive them for more XP, then head down the stairs and Bypass the door.

In the next cutscene, you join up with Nyreen again. Regardless of what you say to her, she'll be rejoin you and Aria. After you regain control, you'll be facing the exit, but behind you there's a Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel Mod, and a DataPad with Credits behind some crates. Next to the door are the Phaeston assault rifle and a Medical Station. You may also want to allocate Talent Points for Nyreen. Go through the doors and take the elevator up.

As you enter the open area ahead, you'll have Cerberus troops to kill. You can find two Hydra Missile Launcher heavy weapons in the center of the area, one near the left barrier and the other on the stack of crates towards the right. Use both as you see fit, or save one for later. Afterwards, Examine some Salvage for Credits on the right side of the room just before a jumpable gap, and a Med-Kit on the right in the open area under the burning shuttle. One more Med-Kit is on the left near the entry point close to the burning fire. Head through the far doors to the elevator.

When your ride is suddenly cut short, shoot the latch off to open Emergency Access, which drops a ladder into the elevator. Grab the DataPad with Credits off the catwalk behind you, then get on the catwalk and go down two ladders in the elevator shaft until you reach a door. There will be a Med-Kit on your right as you exit onto some more catwalks. There's also some Salvage in front of the burning gap in the catwalks. A shuttle will drop off Cerberus troops behind a smokescreen on the catwalks.

There's a Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope Mod on the right-side of the catwalk. Pick it up then Examine the Door at the end. While the bypass is in progress, endless waves of enemies drop down to the catwalks from a bridge above. The tide of Cerberus troops ends when the bridge above extends, cutting them off. The door won't open, however, until you've killed the remaining Cerberus troops who've dropped down to your level. Head in through the door, grab the Med-Kit, then take the elevator to enter the Talon Outpost.

After the cutscene, you can find a Shotgun Omni-Blade Mod on your right. If you revived the Talon in the lockdown room earlier, he will be here to say thanks, and you can overhear more about Adjutants in a conversation near him. To your left, opposite the stairs, you'll find the Kehri Inverter (don't miss this!) that the Mechanic is looking for. A DataPad with a scout report is near Nyreen. Talk to Nyreen to kick off a cutscene. After this, you get to kill a boatload more of Cerberus troops. Go back towards the elevator you arrived in and out the nearby door.

After the fight, there are two more Talons you can Revive for more XP: one against the wall opposite where you entered, and the other behind some crates left from where you entered. Your last fight at the Talon outpost will be back at the main gates. There are two Med-Kits close to the right wall near the entrance. Make sure to grab them before you take out the rest of the Cerberus forces, as you'll get a cutscene when the area is clear. There's also a turret on the left side if you'd like a bit more firepower.

After the fight finishes, you'll automatically find yourself back in Aria's Bunker. Talk to the Mechanic to complete his Mission. Harrot the Elcor merchant will ask you to get him coordinates for Aria's couch. This is the side Mission "Omega: Assist Harot," and must be completed in the area after next. He also has a few weapon mods for sale at his kiosk. Make use of the Weapon Bench and Armor Locker, if you so desire. Talk to Aria to go over the plan. Talk to Nyreen to learn more about her. Open the Door in Med Bay to leave the area when you're ready. Note that you will not be returning here.

The place is dark at first, but will be lit soon, so don't worry about missing any loot. Just follow the trail of dead Cerberus Troopers. Eventually you'll come to an elevator, and Aria mentions you need to get power to it. Follow her to the right and up a ladder, then follow her again by hopping down onto some pipes. You'll need to take the lead again by hopping over a couple of gaps. When you get back on a normal catwalk, go past the entryway, and around the corner you'll find some Credits to Salvage.

Go through the entryway and down the next ladder. Inside this small room, Reactivate the Power Module to bring the lights on. This causes an Adjutant to attack you. Kill it, then find a door to Bypass and exit. You'll be back in the area before the elevator. Follow the catwalks and make your way back to the elevator. You'll encounter four more Adjutants. When the area is clear, find some Credits to Salvage up the stairs to the left as you face the elevator. When you're ready, Use the Elevator Control and get on it.

When you leave the elevator, follow the catwalk until you get to a branch. Go in the area to the right marked "EEZO ANALYSIS TESTING" to pick up an Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel Mod. A bunch of Cerberus troops will then attack you. Make your way forward until Aria mentions an elevator you can use. The bridge to it will explode as you get near, and a pair of Nemesi will attack from across the way. When they're dead, go down the nearby ladder, only to be attacked by several more Cerberus troops on both levels.

When the area is clear, go straight ahead and open the door to the "MAINTENANCE AREA." Pick up the Pistol Heavy Barrel Mod, then go down the ladder. Nearby you'll find a Medical Station. Loot it, then kill the Cerberus forces at then other end of the corridor. Go through the door at the end and up the ladder.

Once you're clear of the ladder, Aria says "head up", but there's loot to be found on this level. Go around the corner to the left, to the "TRIAGE AREA". Salvage the Tools, pick up a Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope Mod, and Examine a DataPad. Head up the nearby ladder, (which leads to the same location as the stairs) then take out more Cerberus troops here. Just follow the Nav Point from here and get on the elevator.

Upon exiting the elevator, go through the door to the right, and you'll see a Cerberus Engineer standing with his back to you. Eliminate him any way you want, then turn to your right and pick up the Shotgun Omni-Blade Mod and the Chakram Launcher assault rifle. There's only one way forward, through the door marked "PEDWAY ACCESS." In the room is a Medical Station to the left, a dead trooper crushed between doors from whom you can Salvage some Credits, some Salvageable Tools, and a ladder down, which you should take. Head across the unstable catwalks to the final elevator.

On the catwalks near the reactor you can Salvage some Equipment for Credits on boxes just to the left of the reactor. As you approach the reactor, a force field traps you. A short cutscene takes Aria out of the fight. You and Nyreen have to protect her by holding off waves of Rampart Mechs. Either position yourself next to Nyreen and pick a direction to shoot, or just run in one direction around the circle, killing as you go. When the mechs are dead, a cutscene shows that you'll have to make your way to the reactor alone.

A Med-Kit is found to your left up the stairs. Fight off several enemies as you head around to the reactor controls. Or, just run past them all and up the stairs, then in the door. Once you're there, you're presented with a choice:
1) Use one of several Renegade Interrupt Opportunities to override the power, shutting down the fields immediately, but sacrificing life support for thousands on Omega (If you're going for the kiss, you must use the first iterrupt).
2) Ignore the interrupts, and you'll eventually reroute reactor power to just take down the force fields. However, if Shepard is an Engineer Class, you can also use a Paragon Interrupt to reroute reactor power quickly.
Early in the next scene, you have a Paragon Interrupt Opportunity if you'd like to defend Nyreen against Aria's verbal abuse.

After the cutscene, find a Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope Mod on your right, a Med-Kit just to the left of the stairs, and a Weapons Bench just opposite of the stairs. Storm the catwalks, which are defended by Cerberus. After you defeat them, the bridge across explodes. Head into the control room, extend the dam, then head across. Go to your left to pick up a DataPad for some Credits, then head down the ladder to the right, down to where the water was just dammed off, get the Coordinates of Aria's Couch (don't miss this!) for Harrot. Continue through the open doorway, loot the Medical Station on your left, then Bypass the door.

Take out the Cerberus troops, then Open the green door and Examine some Equipment for some Credits. Then Bypass the other door to continue. Slide down a ramp, Deactivate the Spinning Fan, then jump the gap to stop the Combat Engineer and Troopers messing with the support columns. There are Med-Kits on each of the four platforms (two raised, two with giant fans) that line the walls around the perimeter of the room. Activate the Access Panel Controls and all four bombs go live just as Cerberus forces drop in. You have five minutes to disable the bombs. Endless Cerberus troops arrive, so just run around the room disabling bombs before killing them. You may, however, have to kill a few to get from Bomb to Bomb.

When the area is clear, Talk to Aria, and she'll take out the remaining fan in the room. Jump the gap, Bypass the door, and go up the ladder. A Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel Mod is on the floor behind the next ladder. Go up again and head left to pick up a Med-Kit and Salvage some Equipment for Credits, then go up another ladder. Head through the next door and follow the catwalks around. Go in a door on the way to find a Locker with some Credits in it. Continue along the catwalks and down the ramp.

Examine the Video Log. Head to the right to find DataPad with some Credits. Continue through the door on the other side of the Video Log. A DataPad is on your right, just before the next door. Open the final door to Gozu district, and fight off the Cerberus troops and Atlas. There's a Med-Kit at the bottom of the ladder on the left side of the room from the entrance and a second one on the other side. Head up one of the ladders to open a door for some Salvageable Equipment. Bypass the door on the ground floor and head up a ladder to enter the slums.

Head to the left for a DataPad with some Credits, then return to the right. A Pistol Heavy Barrel Mod is straight ahead through the doorway, down a short drop. Head through the next doorway. Examine a dead Cerberus trooper for some Credits, then go through the door to kill off more enemies. Note that there is a shield generator on the other side of some crates that you don't have line of sight on, but stupidly, the generator attached to it is on your side. There's a Med-Kit to the right before the stairs. Head up some stairs and Bypass the door to enter Talon-held territory.

Salvage some Junk for some Credits on the boxes near a Turian Civilian you can Talk to, then head through the door on your left to Talk to an Asari Civilian, Examine some Lab Equipment for Credits, and use a Work Bench if you like. Head down the hall past the Mad Batarian Preacher, and pick up a Shotgun Omni-Blade Mod at the armed barricade. Take the elevator. After the cutscenes, turn around for a DataPad with Credits, and then catch up with Aria to face off with Petrovsky in Afterlife.

Your goal is to save Aria, and you'll see her life meter slowly run out in the upper right corner of the screen. There are four Generators spaced around Aria's cage. You need to destroy them, but you'll have to first Activate each corresponding Generator Control, which are located in the corners of the room. Enemies will spawn endlessly, so the best bet is to kill as few as possible as you run between Controls. You'll also want to shoot the Generators from the upper level, so as to prevent the enemies becoming nigh invulnerable. You'll find a Med-Kit along each of the two longer outer walls.

Once Aria is free, when you're ready, Bypass the door to face Petrovsky in his den. Depending on the overall morality of your actions during this mission, Aria will either kill (Renegade) or spare (Paragon) General Petrovsky. (If you want the kiss, just let Aria kill him.) If Aria is unwilling to spare Petrovsky, you can use two Paragon Interrupts to force her to spare Petrovsky, though doing so will make her mad at you. If Aria delivers Petrovsky to you, you can use two Renegade Interrupts to kill the general yourself. You will then have the Omega Raiding Fleet and Omega Eezo Hoard War Assets. Sparing Petrovsky will earn you a third War Asset worth 30 points, and killing him will add 30 points to the Alliance First Fleet. Upon returning to the Normandy, you'll receive an email from Aria informing you she's had Petrovsky's chess set sent to your cabin. It'll be there, but you can't interact with it.

Rebellion Multiplayer Pack

"Opens two new fronts against the Reapers in Multiplayer: Firebase Jade's jungle reservoir and Firebase Goddess on Thessia. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons (Reegar Carbine, Krysae Sniper Rifle, Cerberus Harrier) as well as equipment, consumables, and six new classes from species that have lost lives or whole planets to the Reapers: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Phoenix Adept and Vanguard. The battle continues: hold the line!"

Resurgence Multiplayer Pack

"Brings a grudge to the fight! It provides two new maps to reconquer in Multiplayer: Firebase Condor's moon base and Firebase Hydra's hydroelectric dam. It also enables reinforcement packs that offer six new classes from species that have lost lives or whole planets to the Reapers: the Batarian Sentinel, Batarian Soldier, Geth Hunter, Geth Engineer, Krogan Battlemaster, and Asari Justicar. The packs' new weapons are the Geth Plasma SMG, Striker Assault Rifle, and Kishock Harpoon Gun. Also, four new equipment items enhance weapon stability, melee damage, headshot damage, and shield regeneration."

Retaliation Multiplayer Pack

"The Black Arks have arrived! Harbinger unleashes a new wave of terror on the galaxy: the Collector legions! In Multiplayer, battle this all-new fourth enemy faction as well as reinforcements to existing factions like the Cerberus Dragoon and Geth Bomber. Face environmental hazards on the original six game maps, and achieve victory with new ammo powers, gear pieces, kits for the turians and Volus, and Collector weapons!"

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