There are two main categories of missions in Privateer 2: ones you get from the Bulletin Board, and ones involving the main plot. This page deals with the former category. See the Plot page for those missions.
Missions are divided into several categories: Patrol, Seek & Destroy, Assasination, Escort, Defense, Rescue, SOS. Below are details for each mission.


From: Meredith Textiles, Inc
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 3800
Route: Navs 116, 113, 117, 126, 194, 195, 199, 200
The only hard part is the occasional Jincilla Skull, as they're fast and hard to hit.

From: Rutger O'Malley - Special Ops Division - CIS
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 3800
Route: Hermes to Nav 151
Go to Hermes and set course to Nav 151. Kill a few Kiowan cargo ships with Drugs along the way. Chances are you'll only hit a couple Nav points before getting a congradulatory email.

From: Messineo Couriers
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 3800
Route: Hermes to Leviatha
Go to Hermes, and set course for Leviatha. Kill everything in your way. Nuke'Ems are welcome.

From: Davis & Co., Armaments and Supplies
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 3600
Route: Bex to Hephaestus
Go to Bex, and set course for Hephaestus. ID ships with "Gifts & Antiques" adn kill them. Do so quickly, as they move fast.

Seek & Destroy

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 5500
Route: Nav 25 to Nav 0
Scan for ships carrying "Contraband Package" (there are two) or "Weapons Package" (there's one), and kill them. Tracktor in the three "Space Dudes," and you get an email asking you to take them to Hades. Go to Hades, find the stationary CIS Destroyer, and drop off the "Space Dudes." You'll get an email confirmation.

"Infected Humanists"
From: CIS
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 16,000
Locations: Anhur and Nav 12
Go to Anhur and scan all the ships for "Infected Humanists." Destory them. Your best bet is to scan the faster ships first, and those closer to the planet. If you don't, some ships will slip through, and you fail. After you've identified and destoryed a few, you'll get an email giving you permission to destory the rest of the ships. You can use Nuke'Ems now. Once the area is clear, go to Nav 12 and repeat the process. Remember not to kill all the ships until you're given permission. This part is also harder because some pirates start attacking you.

From: Jelwar Kubani, on the CIS Cruiser, Excalubur.
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 5800
Locations: Navs 111, 115, 168
Go to Nav 111, identify the ship carying Weapons, and kill it. You'll get an email asking you to go to Nav 115 and repeat the process. Another email asks you to go to Nav 168. There are two ships there that need killing.

From: Serra Helena Shlegel
To: ML Ace Pilots
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 8500
Locations: Anhur, Navs 12, 13, 38
Go to Anhur and Navs 12, 13, and 38, killing pirates along the way. At one of the Navs is a captured CIS Prototype. You need to take that out as well. A well-placed Nuke'Em will do the trick.

From: CIS Headquarters, Hades
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 4700
Locations: Navs 192, 193, and Hades
Go to Nav 192, destory the Turret Towers and Tracktor in the Escape Pod. Go to Nav 193 and do the same thing. Drop both pods near Hades.

From: CIS Headquarters Special Ops. Div.
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 7750
Location: variable
Go to the specified Nav. ID and destroy ships carying "Firearms" or "Nerve Toxins." There's only one of each.


"Craven Shard"
From: CIS
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 13,000
Location: variable
Go to the specified Nav and kill everything. Nuke'Ems really come in handy here, and will reduce the difficulty to Easy. Don't forget to hit the Space Dude. Craven himself is in the CIS Destroyer, which is hard to get to. While you have it targeted, try to fly were the yellow arrow tells you, which will be in circles for a while, but eventually it'll straighten out.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 4000
Location: variable
Go to the specified Nav and destory all ships, including the Caputred CIS Destroyer. Do not attack the CIS fighters. You'll get an email when it's done.

"Personal E-Mail to Ser Lev Arris."
From: The Tri-System League of Hunters
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 6000
Route: Janus IV to Hades
Go to Janus IV, and you'll get an email confirmation. Agree, and set course for Hades. You'll fight three mercernaries at each Nav. Using Nuke'Ems makes the mission easy, and there aren't any CIS around to piss off. Once you kill everybody at Hades, you'll find a cargo container. Tracktor it aboard for your reward, and an email explaining why it's only half of the 12000 you originally agreed to.

"Personal E-mail to Ser Lev Arris."
From: Kain Borman, Kraven Technologies
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 7000
Locations: Massanas and Crius
Go to Massanas, where you'll get an email from the target. She wants to to turn the tables on the other guy, but don't: it's a trick, and you won't get any money. Decline her offer, and she'll just drop the crate. Tracktor it in, and go to Crius. Find the ship with Kain Borman. When you're close enough to ID him, he'll download the info from the crate in your hold, and you'll get an email and your money.

From: Buddy Carlson, Dynamite Productions
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 7000
Location: Nav 44
Go to Nav 44 and you'll get a confirmation email. Kill all the ships that jump in. Avoid the Transport, as that contains your employer and his film crew. If you want to use a Nuke'Em, lead the drones far enough away that you can use it and not blow up Mr. Carlson. Once it's all done, you'll get a congradulatory email.

"Good Time Gang"
From: CIS
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 4000
Location: Nav 15
Once there, you get an email from the gang asking you to turn the tables on the CIS. Your choice. Either kill the blue targets (the Gang) or the green ones (the CIS), and you get your money.

"Personal Email to Ser Lev Arris"
From: Ser Arl Shoeyer, Shoeyer Industries, Inc.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 5500
Location: Navs 20, 7
Go to Nav 20 with the intention of killing a guy. You'll get an email asking you to reconsider. If you don't, you wont get any money. So agree to the victim's demands, and go to Nav 7. There you'll be ambushed by a Ser Shoeyer and his cronies. Kill them and you get the money.

"The Buckaroo Boys"
From: Phat-Tunes, Inc.
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 3200
Location: Nav 98
Go to the specified Nav and kill stuff.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 5000
Location: Nav 110
Go to the specified Nav. Most of the ships are crippled, but can leave the area (and you broke) if you take too long. For this reason take a few Nuke'Ems.

From: Military Emergency Control HQ
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 4600
Location: Nav 106
Go to the specified Nav and help the CIS kill pirates.


From: Military Emergency Control HQ
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 3800
Location: Nav 203
Go to Nav 203 and kill pirates. Make sure any innocent ships survive.

"The Kaitlin"
From: CIS Special Ops. Div.
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 9900
Location: Nav 120
Go to the specified Nav and kill any incoming pirates. There are two things that can help you. The first is a Monolith cargo ship. It has some great firepower, and if nothing else, it can draw some fire. The second are Nuke'Ems. Get far enough away from friendlies, and then fire away.


"Norm Blagger"
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 14,000
Location: Nav 36
Mr. Blagger's daughter has been kidnapped. You need to head to Nav 36 and pick up a pod. The kidnapper emails you and leads you on a wild goose chase, giving you riddles you need to solve to find the kid. The solutions are Nav 120, Nav 24, and Nav 21. Just go to each Nav point and pick up the cargo pod there to get the next clue.

From: Unable to ID: Signal Encrypted
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 3000
Location: Navs 186, 160
You get the details in space. Check your Diary. Go to Nav 186 and tracktor in the two packages. Then go to Nav 160 and dump them.

From: Hermes Lumber Co.
Difficulty: 3400
Reward: Easy
Locations: Navs 14, 13, Hermes
Go to Nav 14 and tracktor in three crates (they have wood in them). Fend off the pirates, then go towards Anhur and drop the crates in space. Upon landing, you get another email, this time asking you to tracktor in two crates from Nav 13, and to take them to Hermes. You might not get the bonus 3400 they promised until you land and take off yet again.


"Good Ol' Boys Haulage"
Difficulty: hard
Reward: nothing
Location: Nav 89
Somebody requests help getting some pirates off his back, and promises 6,000 credits. It's a setup. You get ambushed by some pretty tough opponents, and you get no reward for it.

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