Status Effects and Fate Cards

Status Effects

There are several status effects, which can negatively affect a character in battle. These can be inflicted and cured with Fate Cards or items.
PoisonTarget slowly loses HPCure, Law, Ward, Herb
StunTarget can't do anythingLaw, Ward
BerserkTarget uncontrollably and randomly attacks anythingLaw, Ward
SlowTarget's action bar fills more slowlyLaw, Ward
CurseTarget's stats are decreasedLaw

Description of Fate Cards, and How to Use Them

Fate Cards, as explained by Azziz, are the way people on Septerra use the energies radiated by the planet's Core. Every use of a Fate Card requires a certain amount of Core Energy to work. In battle, you have a blue Core Energy bar at the top of the screen. When you use a Fate Card, this energy is depleted. You can use a Fate Card only if you have enough Core to do so. There are many items in the world that will replenish Core.

To use a Fate Card during battle, a character must have charged to at least the first level. When this happens, a grey square appears next to the character's portrait in the upper left part of the screen. Activate the character, then click the Cards icon in the bottom of the screen. Click and drag a card from the list into the slot next to the character portait, then target an enemy to use it. Double-Clicking also moves a card into the active character's slot, or the next available character's slot.

Fate Cards can be combined to create more powerfull attacks. Just place a second card in another character's slot, and when you attack, both (or all three) characters will use their cards at the same time. See the list below for possible combinations.

Some other things to know: Some Fate Cards are offensive, others are defensive. The effect of the Fate Card(s) will be more powerful if you use a fully-charged character before attacking.

The Cards and Their Locations

There are a total of 21 Fate Cards in Septerra Core. Below is a list with all of the locations in the order in which you find them:
  1. Water: Azziz gives it to you after your first lesson.
  2. Heal: Received after the battle against the Holy Guards.
  3. Rock: Received after defeating Draxx in the Mourn Graveyard.
  4. Barrier: Received after defeating Selina in Armstrong.
  5. Air: Found in the Ankaran Research Lab.
  6. Summon: Received from Gunnar before exploring the World Bazaar.
  7. Fire: Received after the fight with Sonic Lava Boss in the Mountain Caverns.
  8. Cure: Given to you by the Underlost Chief in Bone Village.
  9. Resurrect: Found at Bowman's Grave in the Catacombs.
  10. Bless: After defeating Connor for the first time.
  11. Law: Received after the fight with first Magi.
  12. Slow: Received after the fight with second Magi.
  13. Mirror: Recieved after defeating the Hell God.
  14. Affect-All: Received after the fight with Balcaam.
  15. Achilles' Heel: Received after the fight with Balcaam.
  16. Chaos: Received after the fight with the Doomsday Brain
  17. Speed: Found in the Chosen Ruins.
  18. Cloak: Found in the Chosen Ruins.
  19. Curse: Found in the Catacombs.
  20. Vampyre: Found in the Catacombs.
  21. Joker: Received after the fight with Alisa.

Combos and Descriptions of Cards

All these (except Black Hole) can be used with Affect All, just add 10 to Core Used for the total.
Card or ComboCore UsedDescription
Affect All10Affects all of either enemies or allies
Water6Inflicts Water elemental damage
Earth9Inflicts Earth elemental damage
Air12Inflicts Lightning/Wind elemental damage
Fire15Inflicts Fire elemental damage
Cure10Removes Poison status effect
Cure+Mirror30Poisons target
Heal10Heals target
Heal+Mirror30Removes HP from a target for damage
Bless25Casts Bless: Raises target's stats by 25%
Bless+Mirror45Casts Curse: Lowers target's stats by 25%
Curse25Casts Curse: Lowers target's stats by 25%
Curse+Mirror40Casts Bless: Raises target's stats by 25%
Ressurect18Revives target with half their total HP
Ressurect+Mirror38Instant death, or some damage
Cloak25Cloaks target: Decreases target's chance of being hit
Cloak+Mirror45Un-cloaks target
Joker25Randomly casts Berserk, Poison, Stun, Slow, or Curse on target
Law25Dispels all status effects from target
Law+Mirror45Casts Berserk on target
Chaos25Casts Berserk on target
Chaos+Mirror45Dispels all status effects from target
Chaos+Law50Chaotic damage on target
Chaos+Law+Mirror70Creates a Black Hole that damages all targets
Vampyre20Drains HP from target and gives it to the caster
Achilles' Heel15Shows target's HP
Slow25Casts Slow on target
Slow+Mirror40Casts Speed on target
Speed25Casts Speed on target
Speed+Mirror40Casts Slow on target
Barrier15Target takes half the pysical damage dealt on it
Barrier+Water21Reduces water damage
Barrier+Earth24Reduces earth damage
Barrier+Air27Reduces lightning/air damage
Barrier+Fire30Reduces fire damage
Barrier+Curse35Prevents Curse
Barrier+Slow35Prevents Slow
Barrier+Resurrect33Prevents Undead damage
Barrier+Law40Prevents all status effects
Barrier+Chaos30Prevents Berserk
Barrier+Mirror35Removes barrier from target
Summon20Summons Bowman for physical damage
Summon+Water26Summons Sedna and Pilitak for water elemental damage
Summon+Earth29Summons Humbaba for earth elemental damage
Summon+Air32Summons Simurgh for lightning/air elemental damage
Summon+Fire35Summons Ouroboros for fire elemental damage
Summon+Heal30Summons Kyra to heal the target
Summon+Resurrect38Summons Thanatos for undead-based damage
Summon+Chaos45Summons Gemma for damage, and casts Berserk on the target
Summon+Law45Summons Marduk for damage
Summon+Joker45Creates a random summon, casts some status effects

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