Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Hints & Tips


There are a couple of cheat codes in Septerra Core. To enable them, press F12 and type the following into the command window: IMAREALWEENIE then hit ENTER.

The following cheats are now enabled. You can type them in the same way as the enable code. Just hit F12, type the code, then hit ENTER.

ENEMIES - Shows enemies' HP.
SIGHT - Shows the line of sight of the enemies. When you walk in their line of sight, they'll see you, and a battle starts.
SPY - Shows Debug information. Useless, but fun to try out.
MAKETHEMSTOPMOMMIE - Toggles enemy AI. This makes them stop attacking you.
HIDETEXT - Hides the subtitles.
FPS - Shows the Frame rates Per Second in the lower left corner of the screen.
MAPMAKER - Creates a file of the map you are currently on, in BMP format. Some maps are HUGE files. See my interactive maps and you can look at them all.

This one is a key combo, not something you need to put into the command window.
CTRL + F3 - Kills all enemies you are facing in a battle. Only useable in a battle.

last modified 21 August 2006