Mission 13 - CLASSIFIED

Strike Team Assembly:
As soon as you deploy, some possessed troopers will tell you to come no further. Use your MISt's Snipe ability to take out a few, but save at least one shot for the Brain bug you'll encounter later. Use a Command-Suited Trooper to Bounce into one pillbox at a time. As soon as he lands, activate his Shield, and watch him kill everybody who's left. Be sure to reactivate the Shield as necessary, as it has a time limit. Repeat this for each pillbox.

On this map, there are no surprise bugholes. The only place bugs come from are large pillboxes. So wander around the map and destroy them. Follow the road to the south, and as you start across the first bridge, you'll hear about some trapped scientists. Backtrack a little ways and head down the valley to the east. You'll see the scientists on your right, and a bunch of larvae in a pit next to them. Take out all the spitting larvae, and escort the scientists to the nearby landing platform.

You can cross the bridge, or you can go around on the land, and take out a couple of Warriors over there. Take out the pillboxes, and watch for bugs as you reload from the Ammo Dump in the depression. As you approach the bridge leading east, the Bomber bugs on it explode, taking the bridge with it. So, from here, go north and take the west bridge. Destroy the two bug pillboxes on this island, and leave it via the bridge to the north.

As you get back on the mainland a little ways, the hoppers overhead will attack you. Approach the buildings slowly, and take out bugs and a pillbox here. Colonel Holland's dog tags are behind the building. Pick those up, and you'll be told about a dropship to the south. Reload at the nearby ammo dump, and take the next bridge southwards. You'll end up on an island with three bug pillboxes. Take them out and continue south.

Upon reaching the last island, you'll get a cut-scene with a close-up on the Colonel. Take out the Brain next to him with your MISt, and bring the rest of your strike team in for the kill. You'll then be cleared for retrieval. If you don't get to the Colonel in time, his shuttle takes off and is destroyed by the Xenophon anyway.

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