List of Colors for Custom Text

The Color Codes:

Red|cffff0000 |r
Blue|cff0000ff |r
Teal|cff00ffbb |r
Purple|cffaa00ff |r
Yellow|cffffff00 |r   *You can also use ffcc00 but that's a bit more gold than yellow
Orange|cffff9900 |r
Green|cff00ff00 |r
Pink|cffff00ff |r
Gray|cff555555 |r   *six 5's in there
Teal|cffa4d7ea |r
Dark Green|cff005000 |r   *two 0's, then 5, then three 0's
Brown|cff764e31 |r
Quest complete|cff808080 |r

Your text goes between the last character, and the |r (see example below)
Usually these will be used in triggers that announce what the player says or something that may say Player |cffaa00ffPurple|r is leading now
Which would come out looking like: Player Purple is leading now.

last modified 14 May 2005