Nightsolo's Chapter III Walkthrough

Chapter III

You'll awaken in Triss's bedroom. After a cutscene (involving some unavoidable sex), ask her everything you can. When you regain control of Geralt, leave the building for a cutscene with a guard, who asks for the Pass that you just got. Despite Tris's insistence, you don't need, and shouldn't do "A Posh Reception" right away. In fact, just like the previous Chapter, do all of the side quests you can before approaching the main quests.

Make "The Source" your active quest and place a Censor on the Relief in this part of town. If you want some sex cards, find a Noblewoman in red; when you advance the conversation far enough, offer her zero Orens. Upstairs in the Town Hall, Find a Clerk who will talk to you, call her a naughty girl, and gift her a Diamond. You'll also find a Courtesan outside the New Narakort.

Go to the New Narakort Inn during the day and get the quest Dandelion's Lute. Dandelion may disappear until after you complete "The Source," or he may exit and immediately re-enter

Also in the Narakort is Patrick de Weyze. Do his quest, Blue Eyes.

Outside the Narakort is a Notice Board. Pick up all the contracts (Archespore, Cockatrice, Fleder, Ghoul, Graveir, Kikimore, and Wyvern), then go to the Temple District. Between 1200 and 1300, find the Distressed Nurse by the Gardener and do her quest, Medic in Distress.

Find Siegfried outside the Order's main building, and do his quest Six Feet Under. While you're in the Cemetary, be sure to put a Censor on the Relief in the middle.

Head out to the Dike and get The Ring quest from the Desperate Merchant. Take the ferry out to the Swamp. Talk to Carmen to get the quest Beauty and the Beast. The Family Ring is by the Shrine of Melitele. Head to the Druid Camp and talk to Hierophant to get some possible cures for wherewolfism. Talk to Yaevin while you're here to start his quest, Echoes of Yesterday.

While you're in the swamp, fill your contracts for Archespores (found in the north), Cockatrices (in the Cave to the south), Kikimores (all over), and Wyverns (north of the Druid Camp). Most of these contracts can be turned in to Velerad on the lower floor of the Watchtower, across from the New Narkort. There are two trophy monsters here, one of which is a Wyvern. When you kill one, because you can only carry one trophy at a time, be sure to return immediately to the Royal Huntsman in the Trade Quarter before coming back for the other. You can use the portal in the Tower to get to Triss's house.

When you're ready, take the ferry back to the Dike to turn in "The Ring." Head into town, and talk to the Dentist in Raymond's old place for the Won't Hurt a Bit quest. Advance "Beauty and the Beast" by talking to Carmen, though she won't tell you who the wherewolf is. Turn in "The Archespore Contract to Jethro in the Prison. He'll also advace the main quest "Following the Thread." Place a Censor on the Relief by the Sewer. This should be all three. Enter the Sewer, and finish "Echoes of Yesterday" and "Following the Thread."

Go to the New Narakort and hand in The Wyvern Contract to the Innkeeper. Go upstairs and start into "A Posh Reception" all the way through having sex with Ada. You can then continue "The Source" by talking to Triss (the dialogue option won't be available until then).

For The Source, you will have to choose between Shani and Triss at the end. The one you don't choose will be mad at you, but will still talk to you if she's involved in a quest.

At some point, a boy will find you and tell you about the quest "Gold Rush." Avoid the Town Hall until it's the only thing left to do. During "Lock and Key," you'll learn the identity of the wherewolf, and you can then advance Beauty and the Beast. [If you kill the wherewolf, you can't complete the quest, and that character won't appear later in the game.] Velerad is the turn-in for many Contracts, and he may not be available until after "Gold Rush." There are four dice players available in this chapter, but you can only play three of them.

Once everything is wrapped up, Leuvaarden will ask you to choose help between Yaevinn and Siegfried. If you haven't done "Gold Rush" yet, now is the time. [The choice will narrow a later choice. Whichever side you don't choose will not be available to side with later.] Once you've completed "Gold Rush," and have one of them on your side, Tell Triss you're ready, then go to the New Narakort. You'll fight some Salamandra downstairs, then head up and Triss will teleport you to a cave. Use Aard to break down some vines, then kill the bad guys in the room beyond. Continue on a bit and meet up with Siegfried/Yaevin.

Kill the mage off to the side (to the right, as your partner says). Grab the Stone off the pedestal, then go to the opposite side of the cave to activate a portal, which will bring in more forces from your chosen side.

Kill all of the Salamander forces, then approach the Professor and Azar Javed for a conversation. (I've found a crash bug that occurs if you wait too long and/or instead attack the salamanders who later appear from the part of the cave you came from, so skip your instict to loot.) After another cutscene, chase the Professor down the tunnel and attack him.

Eventually he ports you to another cave, where the kikimore queen kills him. If you approach her, or she reaches you, you'll die instantly. Instead, run away from her, and arm the Aard Sign. Geralt will say something about the supports, so run past them and fire at the supports with Aard to slow the queen. Run past all the other kikimores, as you don't have time to fight them. Every time you pass some supports, blast Aard at them. When you get to a large chamber, run mostly through it before blasting Aard at one of the supports. As soon as you do, run to the open end of the cave, and the roof will collapse on the queen as she comes through.

Loot the queen for some quest items, and a previously blocked section of tunnel will open up. Be sure to read the two letters, as they'll make sense of the next conversation. Go out for a scene with Adda, and you'll wind up in Chapter IV.

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