Nightsolo's The Witcher Walkthrough

Chapter V

After the cutscenes and a conversation with the King, your task is to talk to Triss, De Wett, and Velerad. But first, pick up a side quest by speaking with Antoinette. After all the conversations are complete, you'll speak with Foltest again. Note that he's the final Dice Player. It's a good idea to save just before this conversation. When you're ready, tak to the Chaimberlain in order to go to Old Vizima.

Here, you'll meet up with someone. Whom you meet depends on your chosen Path. Help them in their task as you fight your way to the Field Hospital. Upon entering, you'll have a brief conversation with Shani, and then a Militiaman takes you to kill a monster. After a conversation with Kalkstein, go back to the Hospital to fight more Scoia'tael and/or Order troops. After another conversation with Shani, leave the Hospital to meet up with the Someone, fighting some more bad guys. You may follow that Someone to a headquarters of sorts to have sex with her.

Afterwards, exit and kill some bad guys. When the coast is clear, you can now pick up some side quests from the Notice Board outside the Hospital and the Raven's Armor quest from your faction's Armorer. When ready, follow the path, destroying barricades (the ones not on fire) with Aard in order to reach the end. After a cutscene, you'll exit to the Swamp.

Immediately upon entering, you'll be attacked by monsters. Kill them, and the Grand Master will arrive to help After a conversation with him, it's time to clear up all of your remaining side quests.

Zahin Schmartz is in the basement of Old Vizima's Executioner's Tower, if you have Teeth to turn in.

When you're ready to face Adda, meet Velerad outside the Chapel in the Swamp Cemetary. He'll lock you in. Find a fireplace to meditate until 2100. When she appears, you can either kill the striga or lift the curse. To lift the curse, stay in the room with the sarcophagus and just run around in circles until the quest updates. There are 5 candles on the lid of the sarcophagus, and you'll get a cutscene every time one goes out. Use Signs and a steel sword in fast mode to keep both of you alive. It may also be possible to position yourself on the opposite side of the sarcophagus from her, and she'll just be stuck there. When the last candle extinguishes, she'll be cured.

However that turned out, loot the sarcophagus then go outside for a conversation with Velerad. If you have Raven's Armor stuff to turn in, do so now. When you're ready, go to the Old Manor. Shortly after entering the area, De Witt needs to be killed. Advance to the Manor on the hill and find the path up, which starts to the right. Azar Javed greets you, then sends his forces after you as you make your way up the hill.

As you arrive at the top of the hill, forces from your chosen Side will join you. Talk to their leader, then follow them to an alternate entrance. Regardless of how you get through the caves, before you go through the Bars, I recommend taking a potin and buffing your silver sword, because you're about to fight a big monster.

When it's dead, go out through the other Bars and follow the cave. At a branch, if you go west you'll find a fireplace at the dead end. At the other end, Azar will summon two mutants. Immediately upon killing them you'll be teleported to his lab. If you spared Berengar in Chapter IV, he'll show up and get killed right away. Kill Azar, then loot his corpse. Examine the Mirror for a cutscene.

You'll then find yourself outside talking to the leader of your chosen Side. Inform them of the situation, then follow them to the dock and talk to them again to be transported to the Epilogue.

last modified 19 July 2017