Nightsolo's Chapter V Walkthrough

Chapter V

After the cutscenes and a conversation with the King, your task is to talk to Triss, De Wett, and Velerad. But first, pick up the side quest Mud and Velvet by speaking with Antoinette. After all the conversations are complete, you'll speak with Foltest again. Note that he's the final Dice Player. It's a good idea to save just before this conversation. When you're ready, tak to the Chaimberlain in order to go to Old Vizima.

Here, you'll meet up with Zoltan / White Rayla / Nurses. Make the associated quest active and follow the quest pointer. Fight your way to the Field Hospital. Endless enemies will spawn, so just go in when the game thinks you're out of combat. Upon entering, you'll have a brief conversation with Shani, and then a Militiaman asks you to kill a monster.

Make "Her Highness the Striga" active, leave the Hospital, and just run past the fighters to the quest marker. Kill the Mutant, and then you'll get a brief scene with Kalkstein. Go back into the Field Hospital to fight more enemy troops. After another conversation with Shani, leave the Hospital to meet up with Toruviel/Rayla, fighting some more bad guys. You may follow her to a headquarters of sorts to have sex with her (if you're Neutral, return later and find the Nurses).

Afterwards, exit and kill some bad guys. When the coast is clear, you can now pick up some Contract quests from the Notice Board outside the Hospital (Bloedzuiger, Bruxa, Cemetaur, Garkain, and Wraith), You can also learn what's needed for the "Raven's Armor" quest from your faction's Armorer, or Kalkstein if you're neutral. There are some Cemetaurs near Kalkstein's Lab for that contract. When ready, follow the path, destroying barricades (the ones not on fire) with Aard in order to reach the end. If you're Neutral, you'll be escorting Shani and fighting monsters instead of people. After a cutscene, you'll exit to the Swamp.

Immediately upon entering, you'll be attacked by monsters. Kill them, and the Grand Master of the Flamng Rose will arrive to help. After a conversation with him, it's time to clear up all of your remaining side quests.

The mod No Cemetery Drowners in Chapter V can be really nice here. Straight ahead is the Druid's Cave, where you'll find the Eldest Druid for the The Bloedzuiger Contract, the Royal Huntsman for the Trophy quests, and Cousin Corbin for the Mud and Velvet side quest. Some of the druids will also exchange items for potions. Back outisde to the west is a Mine, where you'll find plenty of creatures for your Contracts, as well as the a Wayfarer's Stone. If you cast Igni, Igni, Aard on it, you'll be taken to a place where you can loot the item needed for the Scoia'tael version of Raven Armor.

East of the Druid Cave is one of the Refugee's caves, inside of which is a cousin for Mud and Velvet. East of that and a bit south is Raven's Crypt, where you'll find a bunch of monsters for your Contracts, as well as a two of the items for the Raven's Armor. There is a Treasure Seeker in here, but he has nothing to do with anything. There are a lot of wraiths in here, thus the Pouch of Salt comes in handy, if you still have it.

There is a big island in the southeast, on which you can see the Chapel. The two Trophy monsters are on the western side, only at night. Remember to only kill one at a time, as you can only carry one trophy at a time. Talk to the Desperate Father for The Cemetaur Contract, and to update the main quest. If you sided with the Order, their version of the Armor quest is here. On the eastern side, find the Wayfarer's Stone and cast Aard, Aard, Igni on it. Inside is the item you need.

South of the Island is another Refugee's Cave. Inside this one is another Cousin for Mud and Velvet, as well as Zdenek, who's the final boxer in the "Fistfighting" side quest. To fight him the second time, exit and re-enter the cave. You also need his Boxer's Tooth for Won't Hurt a Bit. If you're on the Neutral path, the Wayfinder's Stone can be hit with Aard, Igni, Aard, and you'll be taken to the item needed for the Neutral version of Raven's Armor.

When you're ready to face Adda, meet Velerad outside the Chapel in the Swamp Cemetary. He'll lock you in. Down one corridor is the Notes for the Raven's Armor. Find a fireplace to meditate until 2100. When she appears, you can either kill the striga or lift the curse. [The consequences are minimal.]
A) If you want to kill her, then you'll need to so so before the candles go out.
B) To lift the curse, stay in the room with the sarcophagus and just run around in circles until the quest updates. There are 5 candles on the lid of the sarcophagus, and you'll get a cutscene every time one goes out. You can run up the shallow stairs on the side and on to one of the ledges, and she'll just stand there and growl at you. When the last candle extinguishes, she'll be cured.

However that turned out, loot the sarcophagus and read the book, then go outside for a conversation with Velerad. By now, you should have all the items needed for your Contracts and any other Side quests, so turn those in. Zahin Schmartz is in the basement of Old Vizima's Executioner's Tower, just north of the exit to the swamps, when you have Teeth to turn in.

When you're ready, go to the Old Manor, through the Swamp, north of the Chapel Island. Shortly after entering the area, De Witt needs to be killed. Advance to the Manor on the hill and find the path up on the south side. Azar Javed greets you, then sends his forces after you as you make your way up the hill.

As you arrive at the top of the hill, forces from your chosen Side will join you. Talk to their leader, then follow them back downhill to an alternate entrance on the front near the pier. Regardless of how you get through the caves, before you go through the Bars, I recommend taking a potion and buffing your silver sword, because you're about to fight a big monster.

When it's dead, go out through the other Bars and follow the cave. At a branch, if you go west you'll find a fireplace at the dead end. At the other end, Azar will summon two mutants. Immediately upon killing them you'll be teleported to his lab. If you spared Berengar in Chapter IV, he'll show up and get killed right away. If you have his Amulet, it just stays in your quest items inventory and somehow helps you. Kill Azar, then loot his corpse. Examine the Mirror for a cutscene.

You'll then find yourself outside talking to the leader of your chosen Side. Inform them of the situation, then follow them up and over the hill. Talk to them again to be transported to the Epilogue.

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